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Before sub prime mortgages there was Dovid Rogatsky and Samuel Cohen. Samuel Cohen?

May 25, 2008

According to the City of New York Register, a one David Rogatsky residing at 710 Crown Street sold a property to a Samuel Cohen residing at 858 Eastern Parkway. Who is this Samuel Cohen? According to New York City Department of health a Samuel Cohen was not born yet. So, one might ask himself then how would he own a home? Well, if you look at the address 858 Eastern Parkway you will find a Yaakov Prager resides there. Yes my dear friends everything in life comes full circle.

In 2001 David Rogatsky sold his Condo at 762 Empire Blvd. to Samuel Cohen for $251,100. Samuel Cohen AKA Yanky Prager then collected rent for the apartment all the while not paying a mortgage or maintenance. Over the years Prager re mortgaged the property milking every penny. City record show that on 4/14/2008 there was foreclosure on the Condo in the sum of $414,055.00. Yes Prager, after milking the Condo dry for so many years the system finally caught up with you. How many more crimes do they have to commit before the community stands up and says enough is enough.


What’s stopping shmira from expanding? Why did they say that they are willing to shut down if Shomrim shuts down with them? Why is their whole existence based on Shomrims non-existence?

May 25, 2008

The Haftorah of Parshas Miketz reveals to us the extent one can be driven when plagued with jealousy. The Haftorah relates the first court decision the wise Shlomo Hamelech rendered after assuming the mantle of leadership. It tells of two women who shared an apartment and both had given birth at the same time. Unfortunately, misfortune struck one of them and her child died in his sleep. One of the women claimed that her child was actually kidnapped by the other woman and replaced by the woman’s dead child and the other totally denied the accusation. Shlomo Hamelech immediately ordered for a sword to be brought and that the live child be divided equally amongst the two women. The true mother cried out and pleaded with the king that the child be spared and given to the other mother. But the latter calmly accepted the judgment and agreed to the slicing of the child. Shlomo immediately ruled that the woman who frantically expressed her compassion was the child’s true mother.

This incident exposes the true ugly character of jealousy and demonstrates how corrupt it can be. It is most amazing to think that Shlomo Hamelech would actually rely upon this scheme and be confident that the truth would result from it. One could question, “After all, even if it were not her child, where is human compassion?” In addition, wouldn’t one expect the imposter to act out her role to perfection? Obviously, no true mother would ever permit her own child to be sliced in front of her very own eyes. Didn’t the kidnapper realize that she was revealing her true identity through this absolutely inexcusable behavior?

We must conclude from this that we totally underestimate the savage feeling of jealousy. Firstly, our understanding of this horrible drive is that one merely wants something belonging to another. In truth it is much greater than that and is rooted in an inner need for absolute equality with another. A jealous person can not tolerate the fact that someone else has more than him and is compelled, at all costs, to be on par with that other person. In his mind it doesn’t really matter whether they both possess the article or neither, what really counts is that they are equal! The Malbim highlights this thought through the analysis of the exact wording in each woman’s claim. The Scriptures state, “One woman said, ‘No, my son is the live one and yours is dead’ and the other said, ‘No, your son is dead and mine is alive.'” (M’lochim I, 3:22) The Malbim notes the different priorities in the two women’s statements. The first woman prioritized the live being of her son and the other prioritized the death of her friend’s son. This subtlety revealed the true intention of the imposter. What disturbed her was that the live child belonged to someone else while her own child had died. What she couldn’t tolerate was the fact that her friend would enjoy her own child and she could not. Therefore it didn’t really matter whether she would receive the live child or not; as long as he wouldn’t be given to her friend she would be content. Shlomo Hamelech listened carefully to her words and discovered her true focus and concern. He therefore put her through this test and anticipated with confidence that her true motivation and interest would surface. And so it was. In effect she was caught off guard and without even contemplating the consequences of her statement she told it how it was. Once she heard the soothing words of equality, “Both or neither” she was perfectly content and, without thinking, agreed to Shlomo Hamelech’s horrifying verdict.

The upshot of this is that jealousy means one’s inability to accept that fact that one can possess that which he doesn’t. Although it translates into a “sincere” interest in obtaining that very same article this interest is actually rooted in a base desire for absolute equality. This hidden reality exposes itself when one finds himself mysteriously calmed after his friend has unfortunately lost the coveted article. Suddenly the drive is gone and one no longer seems to need the article his friend once possessed. The imposter in today’s Haftorah lived with this real feeling of jealousy and saw things in their true perspective. When presented with a “fair” solution to her problem, she forgot to translate her jealousy into a positive interest, the well being of the baby, and left it as a savage need for equality. Shlomo Hamelech made contact with her true inner drive and when she was caught off guard she fell right into the trap.

This fundamental understanding of jealousy opens our eyes to the painful national experience of Yosef and the Ten Tribes. In Parshas Vayeishev theTorah reveals the underlying cause for the sale of Yosef. “And the brothers were jealous of Him.” (Breishis 37:11) Yosef was the privileged character in the household of Yaakov rapidly establishing superiority and the brothers resented this. They actually felt physically threatened by Yosef’s rise to power and sought ample protection from him. Although they felt justified in what they had done (see comments of Sforno to verse37:18 ) they did not realize that, in truth, they were being driven to their conclusion by base jealousy. However, jealousy should motivate one to attempt to obtain the same item or in this case to rise to a similar position of power. Yet, we discover that their response to this jealousy was quite the contrary. Instead of attempting to perfect themselves and be deemed worthy of a similar status to that of Yosef, the brothers were compelled to remove Yosef from the scene. Was this jealousy or basic beast-like hatred?

In light of this week’s Haftorah we gain a glimpse into the brother’s behavior. As proven above, jealousy means a non-compromising stand for absolute equality without tolerating anyone to possess that which I don’t have. It really doesn’t matter if I achieve an equal status or if he is demoted from his superior position, all that counts is that we’re equal and he’s not ahead. The brothers, although not realizing it, could not tolerate their younger brother as a superior over them. There was therefore no drive for the position of superiority because their true desire wasn’t status but rather equality that no one should be ahead of them. This unfortunately slanted their perception about Yosef and ultimately justified them in their position of removing him from his superiority over them. The results of this ugly trait were devastating to the morale of the Jewish people and could not be rectified until the martyrdom of the righteous ten holy martyrs during and after the era of the Second Temple. May we merit the speedy arrival of Mashiach and the day when this and all other character flaws will be removed from the world, forever.

You see people this never had any thing to do with your safety; it was always about them selves. There is no הסגת גבול to doing חסד, why not build their organization instead of focusing on trying to destroy Shomrim?

Crown Heights Shmira Co-ordinator Convicted of Bias Attack

May 23, 2008

Lieb Skoblo, a Coordinator in Crown Heights Shmira was convicted of beating a black youth while yelling racial slurs at him.

The newyork Amsterdam News reported; “Reports that Lieb Skoblo, a Jewish youth residing in Brooklyn, New York City, has been found guilty of a racially motivated bias crime…”

Part of his conviction was that a judge banned him from participating in any type of volunteer patrol, yet he is still a member in shmira as well as in the Auxiliary police.

WhoIsShmira? Gets another nod from NY POST

May 23, 2008

The Post is calling shmira a gang which uses “soviet style tactics” and operates outside the “boundries of the law”. The article quoted the Hatzolah member who was thretaned by shmira;

“My father was jailed in Russia by people like [Shmira] . . . and I am not afraid of you, not now and not ever,” read one message. A police official who did not want to be identified said there were concerns that Shmira was “operating outside the boundaries of the law.” he even added (to their credit)  “Sometimes, they are helpful,” the official said. “Most times, not.”

Here is the whole article: Linkback




May 23, 2008 — An Orthodox Jewish vigilante group, under fire in Brooklyn after one of its members attacked a black man, uses “Soviet-style tactics” and continues to operate “outside the boundaries of the law,” critics said yesterday.

Shmira – which in Hebrew means “to protect” – has about 100 members who ride around Crown Heights in white and blue patrol cars that resemble NYPD vehicles.

The group, founded in 1968, has increasingly come under attack the last few weeks after one of its members, Yitzhak Shuchat, 25, allegedly attacked a 20-year-old black man with a stick on April 14.

Cops said Andrew Charles, the son of a police sergeant, was the victim of a bias attack.

Shuchat remains at large.

In a case some in the Jewish community claim was retaliation for the Charles assault, two black teens were busted yesterday for the brutal attack last Friday on Alon Sherman, 16.

Basean Parker, 14, was charged with assault and robbery for allegedly beating Sherman, then swiping his wallet, cellphone and bicycle. Cops said the attack was not a bias crime.

Namor Clarke, 16, was charged with robbery.

Investigators traced the stolen phone to Erickson Castillo, 29, who told cops he’d bought it from Parker.

Meanwhile, critics argue that Shmira is nothing but a gang.

In a recent interview with New York Jewish Week, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes compared the group to the Bloods and Crips.

The blog “Who is Shmira” has put up postings from other Jews who claim the group uses “Soviet-style tactics.”

“My father was jailed in Russia by people like [Shmira] . . . and I am not afraid of you, not now and not ever,” read one message.

A police official who did not want to be identified said there were concerns that Shmira was “operating outside the boundaries of the law.”

“Sometimes, they are helpful,” the official said. “Most times, not.”


Shmira threatens Messira on Hatzalah member

May 21, 2008

Late Thursday at empire kosher supermarket, a member of Hatzalah was approached by two members of the Messira patrol, the Hatzalah member was asked by the Messira members why he did does not call shmira in emergencies, the Hatzalah member responded that “in times of emergencies the first number on my mind is Shomrim”.

The Messira members persisted in stating that shmira should be the number that Hatzalah should call in times when Hatzalah need emergency backup, the Hatzalah member answered that “he is personal friends with members of Shomrim”, he will always call Shomrim and will not now and not ever call the shmira in emergencies, the Messira members in front of eyewitnesses declared that “they will lock him up just like they locked up the Hershkops” the brave Hatzalah member replied that “my father was jailed in Russia by people like the Messira patrol, my grandfather was jailed in Russia by people like the Messira patrol and I am not afraid of you not now and, not ever.

These are the tactics shimira uses to intimidate members of the Shechuna to get what they want, what they want is legitimacy something they will never get and never have, they were born from lies and deceit and they will disappear from the same.

(To give credit: the owner on the store seeing what happened kindly asked the shmira Messira members to leave his store- so too we ask leave our community alone)

Did everyone see the fox exclusive?

May 20, 2008

Why was Rogatsky hiding behind a woman? Why is he just of a sudden afraid of a little black kid with a rock? Isn’t he the same guy who beats people up for no reason on Simchas Torah ? Isn’t he the guy who stole the safe? I think he just didn’t want anyone seeing his face because he is a wanted man. Maybe someone would recognize him as a perp that committed a crime against them. I think he was just trying to score some points with another propaganda story for shmira/mesira. Stern you looked tired. I think you need some rest. Why don’t you crewel back into your rat hole and sleep for a while?



May 19, 2008

Paul Hubner the Moser with Hikind


It all comes to an end after years of shmira member’s harassing, threatening, robbing, rating and stealing from the Crown Heights community. It’s a shame it took so long, It’s a shame it took a incident like Charles’s assault. Why didn’t community leaders who were aware of there criminal activities for years put their foot down and shut them down?

What people don’t seem to get is that for years now they have been masering on other Yidden. This is not something that started 3 weeks ago. They go around trying to gain support from community members by telling them Shomrim masered them. All that is propaganda.

Proof is what I have yet to see. Several copies of recent police reports showing shmira members masering on Shomrim member were emailed to me. I have yet to see one report showing the opposite. When in fact before the Charles story broke news it was Stern, Prager, Skoblo and the shmira gang that went to 749 after it was all over and demanded from the bochurim to go to the hospital and follow thru with mesira that lead to the arrest of 7 Shomrim members.

Do you think that Shomrim were not able to make reports against the bochurim, they thought it was all going to be ok until 3 weeks later when detectives from the 77 pct called them in to be arrested. Not just arrested but the mesira was made by Hubner the mamzer ben nidah with a goy for a father, with such rishus that they made the Shomrim members look like career criminals.

The detective said to them you all going thru the system and that is coming from the chief. Only after intense negotiation with the detective did he agree to give them a Desk appearance ticket.

Once again “when the ship sinks the rat’s come out”. Hubner was hard at work. For three weeks he set the Shomrim members up. Shuttled the 749 bochurim in and out of the precinct acting as a friend, lawyer and a translator for the police.

Hubner ben nideh you have the din of a moser and a rodef. YOU SHOULD BE DROWND IN THE MIKVA!

When one asks the shmira why did you maser shomrim at 749 they say that they had permission from a rov. Since when does stern ask a rov permission. He is seen in public by several who gave testimony that he eats chaser and milk together all the while making a brocha with hashems name.

Stern you ben nidah. what people don’t realize is that he doesn’t need a reason to screw you, all he has to be is jealous of you and your done, and that is why the community leader are afraid of them.

And to Dov Hikind, we don’t need you to come to Crown Heights to parade around with mosrim like Chanina, Hubner and the shmira gang. I didn’t see your name on the ballet in our community elections. We have our leaders. Go back to your business and don’t try to legitimize mesira. Practice what you preach!!

The problem with Crown Heights is EMES if there was EMES there would be peace. But a person like Chanina who himself had the Hershkop’s locked up for the box should crawl into his rat cage and not parade in the streets.

Shmira Memeber sought for questioning in alleged bias attack

May 16, 2008

City police are seeking a Jewish man for questioning in an alleged bias attack on a black man in Crown Heights.

Yitzhak Shuchat, 25, is “a person of interest,” in the April 14 beating that left the victim hospitalized in stable condition, the NYPD said in an alert Friday morning asking the public’s help locating Shuchat.

Police want to talk to Shuchat about the incident, which took place around 6:30 p.m. on Carroll Street between Kingston and Albany.

A 20-year-old black man told the police that while he was walking on Carroll Street “a black SUV pulled up along side him and a [white man] asked ‘What are you looking at!’ The victim responded ‘What are you looking at!’ The victim reported that several [white men] exited the vehicle and he was struck with a wooden object and Maced,” a city police report said.

Anyone with information on the man’s whereabouts is urged to make a confidential call to CrimeStoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

As reported in the Newsday, ABC7 and the Daily News

Shmira you guys are criminals and your days are numbered!


May 15, 2008

If you have dirt on the Shmira dont hesitate to send it in!

Hell, send your hate mail too, its quite comical!


May 15, 2008