Wow the DA really wants blood!

Our wonderful double standard DA Hynes really wants blood! G-d Speed!

DA: No deal for Jews accused in attack on black man in Crown Heights

The Brooklyn district attorney’s office refused to accept the surrender of two Jewish men accused of beating an unarmed black man in Crown Heights in exchange for more lenient charges, sources told the Daily News.

A lawyer with more than 30 years’ experience dealing with the Hasidic community tried to broker the deal, sources said Wednesday.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes turned the lawyer away, electing to have a grand jury continue to probe the April 14 attack on Andrew Charles, a 20-year-old college student.

“This kid was first Maced and then hit by someone with a nightstick,” a source said. “It is not a misdemeanor assault no matter how you cut it.”

Charles, a sophomore at Kingsborough Community College, was walking along Albany Ave. when a white attacker on a bicycle sprayed him with Mace, police sources said.

A GMC Envoy then pulled up and a second man got out and hit Charles, the son of city cop, in the back and arm with a nightstick, police said.

An adviser to the Charles family said both attackers were wearing yarmulkes.

George Farkas, the lawyer who attempted to cut the deal with the DA’s office, said he was trying to defuse the situation.

“I don’t know who did it, and I didn’t represent to anyone that I have the power to surrender anyone,” Farkas said. “What I did do is point out the perception in the community of special treatment in this case.

“Would there be a grand jury if the kid’s father was not a cop? I think we know what the answer is,” he said.

A spokesman for Hynes declined to comment.

Hynes impaneled the grand jury after community sources said Charles’ attackers were part of Shmira, an anti-crime Crown Heights neighborhood patrol. The patrol was allegedly in the area the night of the attack answering complaints from Jewish residents that black youths, ages 11 to 13, had been hurling rocks into their yards.

Witnesses to the assault have not cooperated.

The investigative grand jury can bring perjury charges against witnesses who refuse to reveal what they saw.


6 Responses to “Wow the DA really wants blood!”

  1. Dov Says:

    Have you Massered on a fellow Jew Yet???
    If not, then go try it, it’s easy, just rip out your heart and get ride of your jewish soul and your good to go.

    It’s sad, truly sad.

    I don’t understand why people are getting all excited about what Mr. Charles Hynes is doing when on a daily basis we have our own “fellow Jews” (who Davven with us, who use our Mikvas, some even scream different slogans etc… some hide behind a mask of “protecting” the community) Massering on us (making false allegations on there “fellow Jews”).

    What is done to them?
    Why is there not an out cry to stop them?
    Why are these Mossrim (takka) praying with us, using our mikvas and excepted in our community?

  2. CRAZY Says:

  3. john doe Says:

    to dov. its because our rabbeim in ch are scared of reprecussion from the moissrem patrol (smira) its a known fact that they are scared shitless any other community the moissrem would have been excommunicated the very same day as the messira, however there is a g-d in this world and g-d knows justice, a man named nachmanshon went to the police with bs accusations and the next day he was sought by police for bashing a relative in te head with a steel pipe there a nice reward out for his capture and conviction if anyone is intrested, and i dont think the laws of messira were intended for people wanted for attempted murder.

  4. Dov Says:

    In other communities a moshher only walks in to the Mikva and not out!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    To Dov, your writing enough Lashon Horah think about the Punishment that Hashem will give you in Shomayim/

  6. Dov Says:

    Were all going to hell, let’s Farbrang.

    I’m telling people about how other people are Massering on our fellow Jews (inaccint other Jews) and you have the courage to reply that I am speaking Loshon Horah, Now… would you my brave man (who has the power to condemn me) take that very same courage and go ask the people that are on a daily basis massering on your fellow citizens.

    But that you won’t do. It’s easy to hide behind a computer screen and control the would (heaven and earth).

    So my dear friend with my Loshon Haroh and you sitting around when Jewish blood flows in your street, See you in hell (I pray for you that you will merit to be in the same pot as me).

    P.S. At least I know now that what I have been writing has reached some ones heart.
    Another thing, Why do you KEEP COMING BACK???

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