Did everyone see the fox exclusive?

Why was Rogatsky hiding behind a woman? Why is he just of a sudden afraid of a little black kid with a rock? Isn’t he the same guy who beats people up for no reason on Simchas Torah ? Isn’t he the guy who stole the safe? I think he just didn’t want anyone seeing his face because he is a wanted man. Maybe someone would recognize him as a perp that committed a crime against them. I think he was just trying to score some points with another propaganda story for shmira/mesira. Stern you looked tired. I think you need some rest. Why don’t you crewel back into your rat hole and sleep for a while?



11 Responses to “Did everyone see the fox exclusive?”

  1. post it Says:

    post the video with a ass on the guys face.

  2. some one who cares Says:

    if it walk like a duck talks like a duck then it got to be a rat

  3. Mendy W. Says:

    I didnt see the report can you post a link

  4. your jelous Says:

    it looks like shomrim can only get on ch12 which is a nothing station shmira seems to know how to get on the real stuf ch5 a national chanel
    lets face it shmira is going up

  5. your jelous Says:

    and about the simchas torah fight the shomrim losers showed up an 1:30 min later in there cars just showing that they are even less frum then they claim stern is

  6. Mendy W. Says:

    ok I watched the report. rogatsky is full of shit. if he wanted to protect his kids then he should leave the kids with his wife and run away. he is the biggest danger to his kids, not the black people of crown heights.
    i bet rogatsky did not show his face in this report because he knows there are warrants for his arrest for stealing safes and beating women.

  7. Mendy W. Says:

    rogatsky is a thug criminal safe robber and wife beater. he should be hung from a tree like haman harasha

  8. john doe Says:

    ha ha ha dovid rogatsky walks like he forgot to take pragers dick out of his ass, hahahaahah he was afraid of the black kids hahahah yossi stern finish chewing the chazzer before you talk ro uh uh roll around looking for fights, shuchat where are you? how much did they pay this reporter to pick up this stupid ass embarrasing piece , i think i just lost my respect for fox news. how low can you go? ask stern and rogatsky they’ll tell you, the homos have even lost respect for themselves.

  9. Elchonon Hellinger Says:

    Yet again, Mendy W spilling out complete crap.

    Mendy W, do you know what slander is ? in judaism we call it motzey shem rah.. one day someone is going to sue you for slander and your learn to watch what you spew.

    John Doe,
    Have balls like a man and use you real name..

    As for rogatsky being a coward.. why dont you all be men and use your real names eh ?

  10. Mendy W. Says:

    elchonon go to HELLinger you fucking retard. I am not spilling out crap.rogatsky is a convicted safe robber. scroll down the who is shmira page to read the article from a montreal newspaper with rogatsky photo in it.

    learn your facts before you open your dirty mouth you faggot ass bitch

  11. john doe Says:

    elchonon hellinger the big man way out there in wherever the fuck he is probably about 2000 miles away not afraid to write his name , but the point is elchanon hellinger you can write your name a thousand fuckin times and i still wont know who you are ill write my name once and everyone will know who i am we who are writing on this blog using diffrent names, and you are too fuckin stupid to realize, is the simple fact that we have friends and know family members and will walk into a store owned by or worked by the families of the moissrem stern prager skoblo huebener and the little retard mice they use, and we know the shame that these family members feel that g-d sent them these scum for children, brothers etc. and we will still remain friends with their family members for its not their fault that these scum are what they are, so elchonon hellinger do us all a favor and stay where you are or move even further away, and dont ever come to crown heights. we have more shit than we can handle.

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