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Quote of the day!!

April 30, 2009

It takes two to fight, stop fighting yourself!!



April 24, 2009

MESSIRAH is a double edged sword, the more you use the more you feel like its an easy thing and has no consequences. But today once again we see that there is a punishment for the evil time and time again.

MENDY KAKA CHEIN’S WIFEwas arrested after she ran over a cop on the corner of Kingston and Union. apparently the cop was trying to write her a ticket for standing in a bus stop and her husband came running out and told her to run, in the process of which she ran over the cop causing him injuries.

An arrest warrant was issued and the woman turned herself in to the precinct and is now sitting in central booking.

This comes just a day after the shmira gang was issued their officer COP id cards which MOSHE BETESH, who recently broke off his engagement, used to get out of a moving violation ticketwhen he was pulled over, and now this, another shmira member gets in trouble with the law


This is what happens when you associate yourself with criminals.

This very same story happened with IDII STERN, the chazzer bellys wife, who was arrested after punching and kicking a ‘browny’ for writing her a double parking ticket, she was arrested and put through the system just like CHEINS wife is too.

Stay tuned for detailed coverage of this developing story!


April 22, 2009

“Winning is never a complete blessing, and defeat is rarely a complete disaster.”

Now shmira is the police problem,
And shomrim is still for the community.

Thanks shomrim for putting us first!


April 20, 2009


While good law abiding contributing members of society rushed to get their taxes done YANKY ‘the Muslim rat’ PRAGER was busy thinking how he can screw another dollar out of the government and the banks.

Well my tax lawyer forwarded me this interesting document which tells a very special story, and sheds a new light on this RAT and CON ARTIST along with his group of CAPPOS called shmira, a light we have never ever ever ever seen before! Because everything we publish here is a lie… 🙂

Well basically the federal government went a placed a tax lien against PRAGER THE RAT for $345,876.23 and put it against his parents house (where he still free loads) 858 eastern parkway.

This is a very interesting fact, see every scam that someone runs eventually catches up to you… so Prager got locked up in Canada two months ago for all those cars he stole and forged the title documents, now the IRS is coming after him. WHAT A MODEL CITIZEN! A PROTECTOR OF OUR NABE! A TRUE MONEY FEARING MAN!

check out this document:


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The federal government-IRS has a tax lien against the Muslims rat Prager for $350,000.00 for money he stole from a mortgage company and someone he was selling a house too.

Yanky muslim rat Prager

once again caught with his pants down!


April 19, 2009

Lets take a look into the past, when I first started this blog the only readers were shmira, because it pertained to them, and slowly the word got out and people started seeing the truth. but back when it was only shmira leaving comments came across one of them that i think we should post now and analyze it:

Listen up editor, you think you will be able to bash shmira, (just because your a shomrim member) well listen Shmira doesn’t suck up to the f—– anti Semitic cops like you shomrim does, so Shmira cares for the yidden and they don’t care about publicizing every stupid incident like shomrim does, and last but not least shmira does not start fights with yidden like shomrim do

lets take this comment into 4 parts and understand each one:

first you say:

Shmira doesn’t suck up to the f—– anti Semitic cops like you shomrim does

That’s ironic, whose sucking up to who now? i didn’t see a single shomrim member run to become a CAPPO like the entire 20 members of shmira did. histories a bitch.

then you get off saying that shmira cares for other yidden, and not for the media publicity:

Shmira cares for the yidden and they don’t care about publicizing every stupid incident like shomrim does

just last week i saw one story on shmais and another on about the same incident where a car was broken into, besides the fact that shmira was never called, nor responded to the scene they went a fed their false story to shmais, just like they did when they edited the picture of the shomrim command post on Kingston. so you tell me, whose the real media whore? shomrim doesn’t need to lie to get press, you need to edit the shomrim ‘bread truck’ to appear legit.

And does shmira really care for yidden?

Shmira cares for the yidden

Lets ask YOSEF HELLENGER how much shmira cared for him when he got locked up because their own member beat up a nigger and got locked up. but he didn’t want to go down alone so he took an innocent bystander with him. $50,000 later in legal fees yosef got out of it, no thanks to shmira, who jammed him up in the first place.

And shmira doesn’t beat up yidden?

shmira does not start fights with yidden like shomrim do

oh, i find that really amusing, lets check out this article where shmira maced and beat an entire group of mishechistim in 770. i guess no one is a saint, but don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house, you never really know what led to the incident.

ironic isn’t it? all the things they claimed about shomrim all refers to themselves. sad. sad that we as a community don’t throw them out and disown them!


April 19, 2009
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A reader alerted me to two very interesting personal posts of craigslist. It’s of shmira member URIA KLIEN soliciting prostitution in craigslist personal section.

Another interesting thing to note it that if you take a close look at the date and time it was posted it was on Shabbos afternoon! Don’t you have any decency? Any shame?

Now I’m not one to judge this guy but he is a known shmira member and this is the scum and riffraff they accept into their sham of an organization? Just to bolster their ranks? With garbage like this?

Here is another of his postings:


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and here is the direct address to them:


April 18, 2009
chazzer belly and his wife - look at her, shes so sick of you she lost her appitite!

chazzer belly and his wife - look at her, shes so sick of you she lost her appetite!

So tell me something Mrs. Idii (sheril) Stern, you have already made 2 court appearances, one before judge zero and the other before judge Mitchell, and another one coming up in just under a month, can you share with us something?

We are all dyeing to know HOW DOES IT FEEL?

I mean give it another, hmmm, 15 appearances and you will know exactly how the seven Shomrim members do after what you and your CHAZZER FRESSING husband low life scumbag have done to them.

You deserve real sitting time after being convicted you disgusting human being. How can you sit idly by as you let your husband do this? YOU ARE JUST AS BAD AS HIM!

Public Anouncement

April 18, 2009

They say that I am a well-known purveyor of hate… with a history of false and defamatory statement…but they do not manage to quote any…this is a common tactic… instructive lesson in bully-boy tactics…that is, to accuse every critic of purveying hatred and bigotry… everyone, no matter what…

I am not intimidated… so I’m here to tell you about the Truth about shmira… The truth hurts.

This site is all about telling the truth to the world. It is not here to listen to your personal ideas and problems. Please stop commenting on what you think about me or other like me.

Truthfully W.I.S.

from our email: readers have more to share about the KLIME – PRAGER – STERN relationship

April 16, 2009
anti shomrim? -leah klime

anti shomrim? -leah klime

great job on the stern-pregar-kleim story.

ITS ABOUT TIME someone exposed those three.

here is another tip.

prager and kleim have been friends since there teens and are still VERY close. the two pull off scams together they even pulled one on stern on the same night that kleim made that phone call. prager was with her and put her up to pulling a scam on stern.

pregar is sleeping with kleim for the last few months. stern found out it was kleim behind the scam and tried to fight the insurance claim she made against him it was a car accident that kleim who has been through the defesive driver course over a dozen times caused but made it look like sterns fault.

and here are some pictures prager took of kleim.

she has also been seen in a CHSP COP car wearing one of there jackets. stern is out to get her but prager is the master forger and scamer and him and kleim were doing scams together since they were kids and know how to cover there tracks well.

keep up the great job you guys are doing and get these scum out of here


April 16, 2009
the face of the devil

the face of the devil

do you want to know who this is?