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Quote of the day!!

September 22, 2009

Every day my enemy teaches me new things, things that one day I will use against them.


EZAGUI Gets $95 G's Of Blood Money, Yitzy Shuchat Still In Hiding In Israel

September 21, 2009

from the NEW YORK POST;

City to give family 95G for ‘hate’ raid

By Kati Cornell

The city has agreed to pay $95,000 to a Hasidic family whose Crown Heights home was raided by the NYPD after a racially charged attack on a cop’s son.

Jacob and Leah Ezagui say cops kicked in their door at 1:45 a.m. on April 15, 2008, rousted them and their five kids from bed, and busted one son despite not having a warrant.

Hours earlier, two young Hasidic men in the neighborhood had attacked black college student Andrew Charles in what cops called a hate crime.

Cops grabbed Aron Ezagui, 22, and demanded to speak to his brother, Menachum, saying one attacker had jumped into Menachum’s car, according to a suit filed in Brooklyn federal court. Aron was arrested but released without charges.

The prime suspect, Yitzhak Shuchat, is believed to have fled to Israel, cops said.

this is the EZAGUI family that lives in 706 EASTERN PARKWAY APARTMENT 6A. thier children count for 3 or more SHMIRA MESIRA members, and two of them are part of SIMONETTI’s COP program.

Yossi YM”S Chazzer Belly Pig Stern Goes to UMAN for R”H, Whats In Uman For Stern?

September 18, 2009
Yossi Stern is not just a מוסר anymore, now he's a מ מו מוס מוסר

Yossi Stern is not just a מוסר anymore, now he's a מ מו מוס מוסר

WIS has gotten several e-mails notifying us that the chazer and Mossier Yossi Stern is going yet again to Uman for Rosh Hashona. Uman is a place were lots of people go to, to reflect on holiness. why would Yossi Stern go, what does he know about holiness?

You know, sometimes when you want to leave the house to hang with friends you look for an excuse ,that’s understandable (to come extent). What was Sterns excuse for going? Well, Uman is also known for its fine hookers/prostitutes, those who know Yossi Stern, know that he is no stranger to hookers . Don’t get fooled he doesn’t Daven all year why would he on R”H?

Before we start to pray on Yom Kipper we start off…

על דעת המקום ועל דעת הקהל בישיבה של מעלה ובישיבה של מטה אנו מתירין להתפלל עם העברינים

Why doesn’t the Rosh Hashona Prayer start that way?
Answer: Because all the העברינים are in Uman for Rosh Hashona.

העברינים: Delinquent,   Felon, Offender, Criminal, Delinquent, Perpetrator, Lawbreaker, Lawbreaking, Malefactor, Malfeasant, Misfeasor, Sinner.

No matter what you do, you will never be able to Kosher a Pig!!!

No matter what you do, you will never be able to Kosher a Pig!!!

Dovid Leib Wolosow, Another Shmira Mesira Zero

September 14, 2009

Dovid Leib Wolosow gathers evidence seeking to incriminate members of Shomrim. Missianist Jew arrested and charged instead.

Dovid Leib Wolosow gathers evidence seeking to incriminate members of Shomrim. Missianist Jew arrested and charged instead.

It happened a little while ago, but the memory is still fresh in our minds, a missianist Jew is arrested after coming to the defense of a Lubavitcher Yid in Crown Heights Brooklyn one evening in the early summer months. A Lubavitcher Yid is walking down Albany ave minding his business, when a young African American male punk began harassing him.  A missianic Jew fearing for another Yids safety, came to his aid.  After the missianic Jew  was himself attacked by the young African American male punk, A chase ensued, which ended on the corner of Empire & Albany, Where the victims and the perpetrator were met by Shomrim and police.

Since taking over the 71st precinct, inspector Peter Simonetti has shown a deep seated hatred, [sown by the shmira mossrims propaganda] for any and all Shomrim members (and other prominent families of Anash), even threatening the overtime of officers who were to even talk to a Shomrim member. After getting a description of the story by a biased African American School crossing guard, who obviously had seen only the last part of the incident, Inspector Peter Simonetti decided that the Yidden were in the wrong, and he would to go after the Jews.

Dovid Leib Wolosow, hearing that this incident had possibly involved members of Shomrim, and looking to score points with his thug leaders, Stern, Prager, and Skoblo, three gangsters who worked tirelessly with their infamous shmira lawyer Paul Huebner to have six Shomrim members arrested, and prosecuted through a vicious concocted Messira, and also trying to impress the Inspector, sought out one of the store owners on Albany avenue, and obtained video evidence, which viewed  from that particular episode in the entire incident, incriminates the missianic Jew. The video was handed over to the police. The missianic Jew was arrested and charged.

Dovid Leib Wolosow  is a Jewish anti-Semite, and is entered into the halls of shame on Whoisshmira.  He is just another shmira mosser who thinks only about himself, and how to achieve his hateful goals, no matter who falls because of it, and who loses part of their lives from it.  This time they even took down one of “their own”.

D.L. Wolosow works for Chanina Sperlin, another Crown Heights Mossier.

With “friends” like these, who needs enemies?

Who are they working for anyway? WIS EXCLUSIVE:

September 9, 2009
Liberals allow personality and emotions and feelings to take precedence over right and wrong. Zalman Lezzel, what you are doing is Wrong!!!

Liberals allow personality and emotions and feelings to take precedence over right and wrong. Zalman Lezzel, what you are doing is Wrong!!!

From the moment Whoisshmira learned that inspector Peter Simonetti was creating a Community Observation Patrol (cop)  which would involve the criminals gangsters, and convicted criminals of the shmira, Whoisshmira knew that this was a mitigated disaster in the making. The Cop was created with the goal of disintegrating  Jewish run patrols in Crown Heights. Thank you Shomrim for not taking the bait and  not falling  into the trap.

Whoisshmira has learned that Zalman Lezell who is described as a super nice guy, and is a member of the Cop, and is involved with shmira for many years, called a Crown Heights mother who’s daughter was the victim of a terrible beating by 10 young African American criminal punks, in an effort to persuade her to make the case disappear like it never happened.

On an evening about two weeks ago a 12 year old girl was viciously attacked by a group of young punks, and when her mother later tried to make a police report she was brushed off by police (read story here)

When the police failed to pay proper attention to this horrible incident, the media was notified, and  the story was featured in the daily news, getting the police a little more interested, and  also interesting a group working with/for the police department, the Cop.

After the story was featured in the daily news the mother of the victim received a call from Zalman Lezell, who using a super nice tone of voice attempted persuade the mother  not to go onto a TV news channel which was to air the story that day, using the veiled threat, that if she was to go on TV, there was a black group that was going to hold a press conference with the goal of stating that the girl who was attacked was indeed the one to blame, blame the victim (1 Jewish girl vs. 10 black kids (?)).shmira cop-convicted criminals gangsters- Mesira

Now Whoisshmira has nothing against those that go out patrolling our streets, helping the needy, and generally doing good for the community, but where does it come into play for Zalman Lezell “the nice guy” to  try to get a distraught woman to have to tell her daughter that after she was beaten (the daughter) she (the mother) did nothing? and for Zalmen Lezell who is involved in a group with the likes of Yossi Stern, Leib Skoblo, Yanki Prager, and Paul Huebner, and their minions, who actively and persistently worked hard to get other Jews arrested and prosecuted through a vicious Messira, what made him take it  personally upon himself to assist the perpetrators of this crime?

It’s all in the friends you keep.  Zalman Lezell owes the family of the victim, and the community an apology.

If g-d forbid you are a victim of a crime, be very wary of people like Zalman Lezzel. Zalman may be a nice guy ( I truly believe that he is and I truly believe that he means well), but nice doesn’t mean right.  Zalman Lezzel and the likes of him do not put the Jewish community first. His priority is the NYPD, even if it means an innocent victim losses out.

What WIS is working on…Our next story (In Progress).

September 7, 2009

I will share with you an e-mail I just received and probably our next post.

[so and so] mentioned over Shabbos that Zalman Lezell called [so and so] wife and tried to convince her to drop the case involving her daughter being beat up. [Racially Motivated Gang Assault by 10-year-olds, Police Brush it off.]
Do you have any info on Lezell? part of cop/shmira?
I want to do an article with this info, let me know.
what I know so far…
1) the cops tried to ignore it.
2) the media got it attention.
3) Lezell tried to get the mother to lose the case (for the cops).
4) Some black group wanted to hold a press conference to blame the girl (saying she started with the blacks) Lezzel used this to try and convice (blackmail) the mother telling her not to go on tv.
5) She davka went on tv (because of and despite the pressure)
what I need….
1) info on Lezzel, whos he connected to…

Psak for Mesira Is Granted to Shmira and Mishichistim From over a Hundred Rabonim and Many Community Members

September 6, 2009
If you consider yourslve a true beleaver/mishichist you must sign this Psak of Mesira

If you consider yourself a true believer, you must sign this Psak of Mesira. Yechi Hamelech!!! Ad Mosai? Kill Shomrim and all "Anti's"! We want Moshiach Now!!!

Quote of the Day:

September 6, 2009

They say you can judge someone by the friends they keep. That may be true, but I think you can also judge someone by their enemies.

Glenn Beck

Evidence of Messira! Efraim Okunov Massers Shomrim!

September 5, 2009

This is the chicken coward that sat in his car for a week straight jamming shomrim radio, playing with your lifes like the chicken he holds in his hand

The following is the first in a series of many police reports that whoisshimra has obtained thanks to Inspector Peter Simonetti depicting the vile and vicious messiros shmira has been perpetrating against shomirm.

In this MESSIRA Efraim Okonov claims that Benjamin Lifshtiz, Shneur (Gadi) Hershkop, and Aron Hershkop “3 perps that are known to him thretaned him by posting threatening messaging on Internet, threatening his life his parents and his business, and he is alarmed and is leaving town because of this”.

Readers this is the first of a series of 48 police reports which we will start posting one at a time, proofing a systematic messira against nearly every singe shomrim member and shomirim supporter by Yossi Chazzer Belly Stern yimach shemo and Yanky moslim rat Prager yimach shemo. Stay tuned for much more.

Note: This Messira took place mare days after  Efraim Okonov was busted jamming Shomrim radios.

You can click on each image to make it bigger Or click this> PDF of Efraim Okunov Massers Shomrim!

Page 1
Page 2

Page 2

Page 3

Page 3