Who are they working for anyway? WIS EXCLUSIVE:

Liberals allow personality and emotions and feelings to take precedence over right and wrong. Zalman Lezzel, what you are doing is Wrong!!!

Liberals allow personality and emotions and feelings to take precedence over right and wrong. Zalman Lezzel, what you are doing is Wrong!!!

From the moment Whoisshmira learned that inspector Peter Simonetti was creating a Community Observation Patrol (cop)  which would involve the criminals gangsters, and convicted criminals of the shmira, Whoisshmira knew that this was a mitigated disaster in the making. The Cop was created with the goal of disintegrating  Jewish run patrols in Crown Heights. Thank you Shomrim for not taking the bait and  not falling  into the trap.

Whoisshmira has learned that Zalman Lezell who is described as a super nice guy, and is a member of the Cop, and is involved with shmira for many years, called a Crown Heights mother who’s daughter was the victim of a terrible beating by 10 young African American criminal punks, in an effort to persuade her to make the case disappear like it never happened.

On an evening about two weeks ago a 12 year old girl was viciously attacked by a group of young punks, and when her mother later tried to make a police report she was brushed off by police (read story here)

When the police failed to pay proper attention to this horrible incident, the media was notified, and  the story was featured in the daily news, getting the police a little more interested, and  also interesting a group working with/for the police department, the Cop.

After the story was featured in the daily news the mother of the victim received a call from Zalman Lezell, who using a super nice tone of voice attempted persuade the mother  not to go onto a TV news channel which was to air the story that day, using the veiled threat, that if she was to go on TV, there was a black group that was going to hold a press conference with the goal of stating that the girl who was attacked was indeed the one to blame, blame the victim (1 Jewish girl vs. 10 black kids (?)).shmira cop-convicted criminals gangsters- Mesira

Now Whoisshmira has nothing against those that go out patrolling our streets, helping the needy, and generally doing good for the community, but where does it come into play for Zalman Lezell “the nice guy” to  try to get a distraught woman to have to tell her daughter that after she was beaten (the daughter) she (the mother) did nothing? and for Zalmen Lezell who is involved in a group with the likes of Yossi Stern, Leib Skoblo, Yanki Prager, and Paul Huebner, and their minions, who actively and persistently worked hard to get other Jews arrested and prosecuted through a vicious Messira, what made him take it  personally upon himself to assist the perpetrators of this crime?

It’s all in the friends you keep.  Zalman Lezell owes the family of the victim, and the community an apology.

If g-d forbid you are a victim of a crime, be very wary of people like Zalman Lezzel. Zalman may be a nice guy ( I truly believe that he is and I truly believe that he means well), but nice doesn’t mean right.  Zalman Lezzel and the likes of him do not put the Jewish community first. His priority is the NYPD, even if it means an innocent victim losses out.


13 Responses to “Who are they working for anyway? WIS EXCLUSIVE:”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    “Right or wrong, you’re passionate. You care.” If that doesn’t sum up current liberal attitudes in the face of facts, I don’t know what does. Caring means more to them than actually knowing the difference between something that’s false and something that’s true.”

  2. john doe Says:

    Is that chaim deutsch way in the backround to the right of paul the mosser goy greedy bastard huebner in one of the pictures behind the mossrim and convicts? Why would he involve himself with that kind of trash?

  3. joe Says:

    maybe he was pressured by certain black leaders to make the phone call in return the next time there’s an incident in which jews are accused of starting up they would convince the black party to lay off it has happened in the past so don’t rush to say that he’s pressuring the mother for no reason

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Before I give a responds to your stupidity I will ask you this, is what your saying a ‘Maybe’ or a fact (where do you get your information)? (not that it really makes much of a difference to the result).

    • antimesira Says:

      Are you playing politics with our lives?
      Is this a big game to you?

      G-d forbid one of our Jewish sisters gets raped, shall we ignore that too, because maybe a shmira-cop member will rape a black girl and it would be better if the blacks kept quit.

      Is this a deal commonly made amongst criminals (guilty people) “I won’t tell on you, if you won’t tell on me”?

      In the long run, who wins from this deal?

      By the way, you wrote…

      “an incident in which jews are accused of starting up they would convince the black party to lay off it has happened in the past”

      What do you mean? When has this happened in the past?

  4. a proud shmira member Says:

    maybe your just jelouse that you cant suck up to the cops and only shmira can. maybe your worried that now shmira has more of an oppertunity to get you guys locked up.

  5. john doe Says:

    To joe:

    “Mabey” the sky is really pink, it doesn’t change the facts
    How many incidents are there involving jews targeting black ‘oh! I FORGET SHUCHAT.
    Your comment just does more to show how low these terrorist mossrim gangsters are, and how self serving these gangsters are. At the end of the day it’s always just about them, and about them thinking ONLY about THEIR OWN ASSES.
    And lastly… So what your saying is that if your mother got smashed up by… it doesn’t even matter by who …. then she should just go home and cry herself to sleep… just because one day in the far future…….
    P.S. Stupid ass liberals/mishichist/shmira/cop make me sick to my stomach….they don’t even try to deny their stupidity anymore…

  6. Rush Says:

    “maybe he was pressured by certain black leaders”

    Then these black groups are racist. Their goal is not true justice.

    Your whole comment in itself is racist.
    But justice aside to appease this group or that?

    Do you agree with the precincts policy of always arresting both sides when it comes to Black on Jew, just to appease the black groups?
    Do you agree that the shmiras goal is to help the NYPD do just that (get Jews locked up so it looks “fair” and balanced?

    To what extent are you ready to go? How far are you mossrim going to take this? Do we (the Jewish community) now have to watch our backs, not only from outside criminal or like you assume in your racist comment (when a back does something), but now we have to worry about the Jewish Gangster, the shmira mesira?
    Despicable, I hope joe writes more comments, so we may have more of the truth.
    Come out joe where ever you are?

  7. They mean Well Says:

    Here are more mean-welling people “who really care and want to help”.


    And this…


    and like the shmira and the mishichistim they don’t take any responsibility and think by disowning the people that were (just) busted
    (b/c otherwise they would not have a problem with them), they solved all problems.


  8. Velvel Says:

    Please explain to me how Levi Liberow gets excluded. He’s a Yanky Preger, Yossi Stern, tuches lecker. When is he isnt taking pictures, he spends plenty of time putting his shmekel in hookers but he runs around screaming yechi with his long beard. Why isnt that hypocrite called out?

  9. zion Says:

    this is insane zalman is a nice guy, yes he works for a slum-landlord yossi popack who plays santa claus in crown heights and many love him for that, but zal is a nice guy, but he has to stop doing ilegal conversions in popack basement buildings, because that is unsafe for the rest of us folks.

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