Help WIS Help You

Reports are coming in of the shmira mesira zero making threats to anyone whom supports the Shomrim six in anyway.

Supporters are being told by the likes of Yossi Stern, Yanky Prager, Laib Skoblo, Chanina Sperlin and Elie Poltorak that  if they continue to support  the six members of our community standing trial they will be subject to Mesira as well.

Sources tell WIS that one prominent Rabbi in our community whom came out in support of shomrim has received threating phone calls from a pay phone in New Jersey, this is besides the threating calls his children are getting on a daily basis.

If you or anybody you know is being threatened in any way (for supporting Shomrim in this hard time), We would like to hear from you.  Please contact WIS and tell us your story WIS will keep your information anonymous.

“They [Stern, Prager, Chanina and co.] the shmira gang, thugs and bullies] may succeed in taking [by force] our hearts  and soul but never will they succeed in winning [over] our hearts and souls”

Remember, the finger of Mesira can easily be pointing at you. Whats happening with the Shomrim Six is only a test for the Mossrim.


13 Responses to “Help WIS Help You”

  1. Collive & Shturem Says:

    Both the editors of of COL and Shturem have been threatened by the shmira (stern, prager etc…). Every time they posted anything positive on Shomrim they got numerous phone calls of threats.
    They are to scared to put anything now on the court preceding becuase of these threats.

    Don’t believe?
    Go ask them (either in person or e-mail).
    What other excuse can they have in not reporting a terrible situation with six members of our community.

    • SHMULY Says:

      that’s so ridiculous.
      How do you know this?

      • antimesira Says:

        this that WIS writes about how A rabbi and his family is getting threating phone calls from a pay phone in N.J. is no problem by you, yet when someone writes a comment about how some web sit owners are getting harassed and threatened you are at a lost, thats just to much to handle?

        Why don’t you give the editors (of COL and Shturem) a call and ask them why they won’t report this story?

        They won’t admit the truth, but it would be interesting what excuse they will give.

      • SHMULY Says:

        You don’t have to be rude.

        I just find it funny that websites like COL and Shturem are afraid to voice anything cuz of Shmira mesira.
        I don’t understand how a news site can be afraid and not stand up to the truth.

  2. john doe Says:

    I heard over shabbos that the ada’s david weiss and david weingart built their case using “facts” from the hate site,and the moisser attorney paul huebner. I heard that they even went so far as to present a picture into evidence that claimes that a shomrims members arm and shoulder that displayes a shomrim patch is another shomrims members 5 foot leg, that was kicking a missianist, is this true? If was were the prosecutors I would be embarrased to even show up in court after something like that.

  3. Shuky Gur Says:

    the ada david and david are realy not smart

  4. zall Says:

    “Remember, the finger of Mesira can easily be pointing at you”.

    As a former “friend” of stern, I know this first hand.
    With friends like Stern who needs enemies?

  5. the feigeles on Shomrim blog Says:

    the fags on the opposite site copied word for word of this article and switched it to be of their own favor.

  6. a true jew (SG) Says:


  7. M.B. Says:

    “Sources tell WIS that one prominent Rabbi in our community whom came out in support of shomrim has received threating phone calls from a pay phone in New Jersey, this is besides the threating calls his children are getting on a daily basis”.

    Is Efraim Okonov the mossier really that bored that he drove all the way to N.J. to threaten a Rov who has hundreds of people calling him weekly to ask important questions.
    How low can they go?

    This is sick, sick, sick!

    How come not one mishichist person has come out against this mesira, is there no right and wrong by them?

  8. Kol Tov Says:

    The are threating story’s to take their Pushkas and put the shmira stickers on their door.
    A simple go to hell will make them go away.
    bullies only pick on weak targets, if they precede you as weak they will take advantage. The shmira people are losers and cowards, just say bo and they run.

  9. Its gona get REAL UGLY… « Pollplace's Blog Says:

    […] according to varios bloggers seem to me that if these guys dont get there way they will SCREAM or THREATEN or worst case scenario like a drunkard ask ANOTHER ROV. and will Shway finally sway and write a […]

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