Yanky Prager 'The Exterminator' Coming After You (Jew And Non-Jew Alike)

COP Shmira: The official racist gang running the 71st precinct

Pictures Left to Right: Racist Prager with Ray Kelly. Racist Prager with Racist Skoblo. Skoblo with Ray Kelly. COP-NYPD car official racist

Shimra members accused of attacks involved with NYPD-backed Crown Heights neighborhood patrol

Jewish leader of Crown Heights patrol group has criminal record



4 Responses to “Yanky Prager 'The Exterminator' Coming After You (Jew And Non-Jew Alike)”

  1. john doe Says:

    Quote from moiser pragers own fat lips..
    “5 of them could have just taken the deal and walked away, all we wanted was Gadi”

  2. the Says:

    prager never got up for a day of work in his life

  3. Phil Says:

    The only work Yanky Preger has ever done in his life was to supervise his chaver Yossi Stern’s pilegesh Leah Kleim getting pregnant from her step brother Avrohom Yisroel Oren (a/k/a Frum Luby Bochur from all the blogs). He was the pig who videotaped the whole thing and the one who sent her off to live in Monsey while she gives birth to her brothers baby. He’s the reason ACS took her kids away and sent them to Illinois to live with her shaygitz ex husband b/c he paid her money so that her kids could play with his klaina shmekel like theyd play with a draidel. Yanky Preger is a pedophile and an animal who gets off on watching a brother inpregnate his own sister. Sad for us he isnt alone, his chaver Yossi Stern is just as bad. The only difference is that Stern refused to molest the little girls. We can give him credit for that, at least. This entire sick story was told to me by Kleims step father and the father of Avrohom Yisroel Oren, Reuvain Russell Oren. He invites any and all to contact him to discuss this as he is freely speaking about this sick story in order to warn others of the sick behavior of your friendly neighborhood shmira, Preger, Stern, Kleim, etc. Its funny how only a few of us are sickened by this story and the rest just walk around like none of this is happening. Sad, sad, sad.

  4. racist Says:

    notice how the black guy is already down, there are more people standing around, which would mean the situation was under control, yet the coward prager is seen hold an already knocked out person.

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