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The Young Generation Is Sick And Tired Of The Chaninas And Spritzers Of The World Bulling, Threating And Intimidating Us

December 30, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009-

5 Arrested at New Square Protest

NEW SQUARE – Police say five men were arrested and charged with trespassing Monday after refusing to leave a Washington Avenue synagogue and yeshiva. The men, along with hundreds of other residents, had gathered outside the synagogue to protest some leaders of the Hasidic community in New Square.

A few protesters who did not reveal their identities before speaking to News 12 say the demonstrations are against the alleged “terror” they face from so-called extremist leaders. The protesters say leaders have restricted who can worship with them and other aspects of daily life.

One man says the leaders impress upon residents who to vote for and watch people behind the curtain in the voting booth.

Click here to view the video mentioned in the news cast.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Battle Continues in New Square

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From the author: “In an attempt to silence the opponents, the security personal came 45 minutes earlier than scheduled, when the yeshiva was full with students some of them still learning. Right behind them was the police. They hand-picked 8 yeshiva boys between ages of 17-20 from the crowd while leaving the building. Some of them weren’t even told to leave. This was a shameful act of the so-called community leaders in new square, playing the legal system for their own personal gain. And the police department should have known better. Shame on you! When you decide you are stupidly chasing the FBI out, and when it’s for your own personal gain you call the cops to arrest innocent yeshiva boys for no good reason! Do you know there are plenty of reasons to lock some of you people behind bars for years?”

We here in Crown Heights are also sick and tired of people like Chanina Sperlin, Yankle Spritzer, Yossi Stern and the whole gang of thugs terrorizing, intimidating and in many cases having us arrested for simply not complying to your rule of law. We never choose you as our leaders, STOP telling us who and how we must vote. STOP representing yourself as our leaders to politicians and STOP using this self made leadership to have us good, family, hard working residents arrested and prosecuted.  The people have spoken, your not wanted and your not loved. Why are you still trying to impose yourself on us?


UPDATE: Shmira/COP Together With Collive Ruin A Jewish Life

December 28, 2009

Whatever happened to this Guy?

The incident: June 17, 2009
Black Teen Assaults Jew, Jew Arrested

The aftermath that got this guy in trouble:
Shmira/Cop goes out of the way to obtained video evidence incriminating the Yid

Disgraceful and shameful “article” on COLLIVE, feeding a fellow Yid to the dogs:
Man Caught Harassing

[Just in case Collive tries to pull another stunt heres a PDF of the above page Man Caught Harassing witness (collive)]

Feeling that the community is not behind him. After Shmira/Cop helped incriminate him and COL backing the Shmira Mesira/Cop, this poor Jew, who to me is a true hero, felt cornered and was forced (in his mind at-least) to take a plea deal.

So whats the big deal, how does this ruin his life you ask? This young man, a husband and father, was studying to be a nurse and recently finished school. Being that now hes a “criminal” with a record, nobody will take him to work. His applications are automatically denied.


Bribery and Corruption(collive)

The Mossrim Then And Now

December 27, 2009

Curiosity of

Spritzer- Sandhaus-Herzog- Speilman-Mesira

On May 6, 1997, the plaintiffs, a not-for-profit Corporation and Yaakov Spritzer, filed a complaint against seven named defendants consisting of 167 paragraphs extending over 50 pages and asserting eleven claims as follows:

Yaakov Spritzer – First Amended Verified Complaint a.k.a. Mesira (167 Paragraphs over 50 pages)

Yaakov Herzog Mesira

Yisroel Sandhaus Mesira

Joseph Spielman Mesira

This went on for several years until the judge dismissed the suit and had this to say in the verdict:

“To characterize the complaint as prolix, replete with hearsay and irrelevancies, would be charitable.

(Judge Glasser- Final Ruling Against Yankel Spritzer)

History Repeats- Fast Forward 2009:

The Hundred forty four million dollars Lawsuit against Shomrim By Paul Levi Huebner and Associates (Click Here to View)

Update: It has come WIS  attention (again curiosity of MM) that the Bais Din, Bais Yosef whom are supposed to be arbitrating the Din Torah between the directors if Machne Menachem (mainly Mendle & Meir Hershkop, S. Heber and Yosef Goldman) and Yankle the Ganev Spritzer have been delaying the process for a good couple of mouth now. A day after the Shomrim Six verdict the Bais Din informed the Directors of MM the reason for the delay. The reason they stated was that various parties (including of course Yankle Spritzer himself) had pumped the B.D. up with propaganda about the Hershkops. Pointing to the Shomrim Six case and stating “how can you have a Din Torah with these people, look there will be a trial and you will see that the Hershkops are a violent gang”.

The Bais Din waited to see the results of the case and only now are ready to proceed.  This case/Mesira/blood libel had nothing to do with what happened on December 29, 2007 in 749 Eastern Parkway. There were and still is many of an agenda. It’s what we will label (for the future post), as the ‘Bigger Picture‘.

Update Shomrim Six case: The prosecuting and Mesira of Shomrim is still going strong. This Mesira  and the people behind it are far from done. Until blood flows in our streets these Mossrim won’t stop.

May G-d protect his children from all evil.

WIS message to all those that volunteer in Shomrim or any other Chesed organization that are being prosecuted and Harassed by these same Mossrim. Continue doing good things and pay to heed to these stumbling blocks and G-d has he has always will watch over you. The community of Israel is behind you. The Mossrim may be winning (what they are winning they themselves don’t know, as long as your losings/suffering they are happy, that just how evil is) many battles but they will loss the war, for good will always prevail. A little light pushes away a lot of darkness.


December 26, 2009

We have just received word that the mosser Paul Levi Huebner is going from school to school in Boro-Park in search of a new school for his 14 year old daughter that is rumored to be pregnant!

Sources in Bnos Menachem told us that they were scared to throw Huebners kid out of their school because of what he would do, massering on the school and holding them ransom, so they were relived when they young girl started showing signs of a baby belly and choose it to be the excuse to throw her out.

We were told that the girl was in her fourth month and has recently gone for an abortion and is now searching for a school in Boro-Park where they don’t know the Huebner family, but when asked about her past schools they were warned what kind of family they are and not to take her.

So far we were told that other schools in the community are being pressured to throw out the Huebner kids from Crown Heights Mosdos for fear that the Huebner kids will infect their children with the hate and low moral values that family stands for.

update: so it seems that there is some proof to this, EVERYONE has been talking about it, and EVERYONE knows that its true! a new low for the huebner family! Gets A Facelift

December 21, 2009

"Kish Mier En Toochas" – Those Four Words the Bases Of Case Against Shomrim Six

December 20, 2009

Pual Levi Huebner

Kish Mier En Toochas!!! (Click)

Yossi Stern…

Kish Mier En Toochas!!!

Yanky Prager…

Kish Mier En Toochas!!!

Leib Skoblo…

Kish Mier En Toochas!!!

Chanina Sperlin…

Kish Mier En Toochas!!!

Dov Hikind…

Kish Mier En Toochas!!!

All those who were happy, justifying, excusing and rooting together with the Mossrim…

Kish Mier En Toochas!!!

All those [same Mossrim] that were upset that the Shomrim Six were acquitted…

Kish Mier En Toochas!!!


December 18, 2009

'I AM SO HIGH...' David Huebner on the far right.

fatherly pride, his son is running a big business in florida, he is making tons of money, Levi Paul Huebner is so proud of his son David. only what he doesnt want people to know is the nature of his sons enterprise, drugs.

a number of summers ago David Huebner was arrested for ‘Endangering the Welfare of Minors’ ‘Providing Drugs and Drug Paraphanilia to Minors’ ‘Creating an Unsafe Environment for Minors’ and ‘Possession of Illegal Narcotics’ and he was 19 at the time.

David admitted guilt in court and took a plea which got him probation and many hours of community service.

today he is back at it, cruising the club scenes picking up on weak girls and feeding their habit, along with his own. what pride and joy.

Paul, why dont you go blame and beat on your little wifey now that your offspring turned out like you!


December 16, 2009

the following was posted on a rating site for lawyers, i found it by accident when searching for Paul Levi Huebner’s name:

I hired Mr. Levi Huebner after I was arrested for driving with a suspended license. Mr. Huebner just amazingly showed up at the precinct where I was being held and offered his services, after accepting, Mr. Huebner immediately started acting extremely rude to the police officers demanding answers and threatening lawsuits, the attitudes of the police toward me immediately changed and where I was promised to be sent him from the straight from the precinct the police told me “now your goin to central booking for the night”. After I got home from the horrible experience I called Mr. Huebner and told him that I would no longer require his service, he started yelling that I wasted his time, and that I better pay the bill he would send. a couple of days later I got a bill for an outrageous sum, I tried calling him to discuss the bill but when he answered he would just yell irrationally and threaten to sue me. I do not recommend anyone getting involved with this attorney.

sounds like ‘Mr’ Huebner uses shmira information (like when they hear a jew was arrested) and pass it along to their ‘lawyer’ who swoops in (these poor ‘clients’ have no idea how he showed up or how he found out) and then sends them a fat bill for bullshit services that he never was asked to give.

anyone rember what huebner did to POOR DOVI BEST?

Rating Sheet


December 15, 2009

First a free advertisement from the Shmira Mesira Zero

After a six week B.S. case all based on lies brought to you by the city of N.Y. against six of our heroes  the Shomrim Six, the NYPD has decided to reopen the case and actually do an investigation this time around. The evidence they found will shock you and disgust you. If you are sensitive and can’t stomach violence and blood this is not for you.

We now have Photo evidence of who or what threw the fire extinguisher and ripped out a tooth of one of the alleged “victims” on the night of December 29, 2007 at 749 Eastern Pkwy.

Warning: viewers discretion advised!

Surveillance snap shots: To your Left you will notice a mysterious SAP Glove gripping a Fire Extinguisher in preparation to crack a skoal open.

On your right you will actually see (cooper) claws extending from the glove, on end of claw you will actually see a tooth.

The SAP Glove will be facing 17 counts of assault and felony. The Fire Extinguisher will be charged as-well with aiding the glove with intent to cause physical injury, by means of a dangerous instrument.

So there you have it, we now know that it was the SAP gloves which throw the fire extinguisher.

The trial date is yet to be set.

WIS will keep you posted.

Meanwhile go get those FREE deals the shmira in giving out. I hear they are also very good at arranging Mesiras.

Quote Of The Day:

December 11, 2009

“We were here yesterday, we are here today, and we will be here tomorrow for anyone who calls on us for assistance.”

Wednesday December, 9th 2009 (22 Kislev) the day of the verdict:
Shomrim purchases two more scooters.