Mishichistim and Mesira




Op-Ed: R. Shea Hecht on the Court Case of the Shomrim 6: A Very Sad Day for Klal Yisroel, and Lubavitch

Ladies and Gentlemen introducing the new and improved Mesira flag., custom made for Mishichistim


15 Responses to “Mishichistim and Mesira”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    What inspired the above?

    This and many other pathetic comments. The one here is from CH.info

    A Quiet One wrote:

    The nature of my kind is to be silent.

    Who am I?

    I am the silent majority. The “Quiet Meshichist”.

    Any self-respecting Lubavitcher who has listened to ANYTHING the Rebbe has said during his nesius, cannot deny certain facts and certain beliefs that are fundamental to Chabad philosophy – especially in Dor Hashvii.

    Yet because the louder voices in Chabad degrade and put down such beliefs in public, the rest of us keep quiet about what we know to be true.

    So why am I speaking up now?

    Because shtikah kehoda’ah. If I remain silent I am guilty of perpetuating the lies and the distortions.

    It’s one thing for random people to speak badly about Meshichists because of a few extreme individuals, but it’s altogether different for a respected askan like Rabbi Shea Hecht to make such denigrating remarks as he does in this letter. He pokes fun at the way the prosecuting witness is dressed, pointing at the telltale signs of his being a Meshichist – as if the very fact of his being a Meshichists explains how he could behave in such a way.

    In a totally non-faith related news item, this respected askan managed to sneak in the all-to-common agenda of putting down the vast majority of Lubavitchers, including the “Quiet Meshichists”.

    The commentators ask a very valid question: “Why don’t the Meshichists stand up and condemn the acts of the extremist troublemakers if they disapprove?”

    You want to know why?

    Because who would want to stand up do defend himself after being referred to in such a manner? Who would want to admit to being a Meshichist when they are portrayed in such a derogatory way by Chabad leaders who are too ashamed to stand up for their own beliefs in public?!

    And so, the vast majority of Lubavitchers, the “Quiet Meshichists”, remain silent.

    Really? Is that really going to be your excuse for not doing anything?
    What came first the chicken or the egg?
    Do you really think your going to get away with this sob story?
    And here I was thibking after going to court in support for the last 4 weeks that the shomrim six were in a bad situation, if I only knew how you and your kind felt…where can I come to give you a hug, is it 320 Jay street?

  2. antimesira Says:

    I wounder I wounder whos writing those few comments justifying and trying to excuse this Messira, could it be (just wondering) the actual people behind this messira?

  3. Shomrim member Says:

    Dear WIS:

    I know how you feel and in essence you are right, that just the way it is, to deny what your saying would be a lie.

    But right now what I see is Boroch Hashem a lot of positive energy and support for the Shomrim Six. Most comments on CH.INFO and even VIN are in support of Shomrim or against the Messira. Is there really a need to push this type of stuff in now?

    By the way, yes I have been going to court, when I can get off work.

  4. here come the excuses Says:

    To A Quiet One:
    Oh, poor you. Now your the poor little victim here, everybody’s making fun of you, how sad.
    Who cares about six members on our community facing trial and possible jail time, your mishichist feelings are hurt. How can you possibly stand up to what Right and speak and take action against wrong?

    I love how you and the likes of you always find away to excuse and justify inaction or bad/evil actions.

    Do us all a favor, and get out of the way.
    Live and let live!

  5. start with yourself Says:

    Dear Reb Quiet One,

    YOU are the problem. Why? Because you are QUIET. Why aren’t you going to the like-minded people who promote this meseira & object? Why aren’t you approaching Rabbi Schwei, Rav to the Tsafatim, & beg him to pasken that this meseira has to stop?

    So even though you seem like a really nice guy & respectful, you are just as responsible as the mosrim when YOU could make a difference…you & all the other decent, respectful Moshichisten who instead, hide under the bed & are moral cowards.

  6. to “Quiet Meshichist” Says:

    I love that. You’re speaking up now. Because ‘If I remain silent I am guilty of perpetuating the lies and the distortions.’ But what do you speak up against? Rabbi Hecht’s editorial.

    Hello? How about your not-so-quiet friends?? That, you remain silent about! You don’t stand up against them now because Rabbi Hecht embarrassed you…oh, poor baby. Where were you before. Cowering from your loud mouthed friends? They do the talking for all you “Quiet Meshichistim” who don’t open your mouths. We know where you stand. Together with them.

    And if you don’t??? Then open up your damn mouths and say so! Say it!

    Try this, “I am a quiet meshichist, and I’m not in love with how we are portrayed, but even worse than that I am horrified, aghast, disgusted and sickened by what my fellow meshichistim are doing to our fellow Lubavitchers. I beg the public to know, to believe, that we are not all like that. Most of us are cringing through every day of this trial. Please know that if we could, we would go back in time to prevent this chilul Hashem!”

    Ah, but no, the REALLY AWFUL part of all this is that Rabbi Hecht described a sick shlemazel instead of a classy mentch.

    Live with it. And be ashamed.

  7. to the Quiet Meshichist Says:

    To Mr Quiet Meshichist

    Maybe you are quiet but you hear the stories around
    And as this case have started in front of the jury.
    There is a website associated with the so cold meschichist
    And when Jewish blood is being spilled in court. thy found
    The time to write the “other side” of the “STORY” but I did not
    Find you or your friends doing nothing to alert the Quiet Meshichist
    That this is not an appropriate article at this time.
    Now you are accusing the people for calling it as thy see it ?
    Not only you and your friends the Quiet Meshichist publish the
    Blood libel on the web you went and printed it as a pashkville
    And distributed it in the streets of crown heights and now YOU
    Have anything to say why the majority of Jews will never look at
    Any Meshichist as a JEW ?
    The crime against the Jewish nation that is being perpetrated
    By the members of the Meschichist is unprecedented.
    Since the days of some capos acting in concert with the Nazi
    What have YOU and YOUR Meschichist friends did to stop this
    Nazi huebner ?
    But god always saved the Jews.
    And we will see in this chodesh hageula the DIDAN NOTZACH
    And we will see a complete DIDAN NOTZACH.
    And all the goyim will see how Meschichist are losers and liars
    And sonei yisroel.. In a way that the goy will say it without fear.

  8. Another quiet meshichist Says:

    As a quiet meshichist, I am very happy to hear that Rabbi Hecht denounced those who are not meshichisten, but meshugisten. These fringe people do not know a thing of the Rebbe or of Yiddishkeit. While not everyone who wears a Yechi yarmulke and flag lapel pin is a fringe meshugist, those who do are indeed discrediting all of Chabad.

  9. dont drag the rebbe into this Says:

    there are quite a few stories of lubavitchers sitting in jail so as not to “tell” on another Jew. how is it possible that people who call themselves lubavitchers and chassidim of the Rebbe go to such an opposite extreme?
    Noone can stop you from being who you are, except for yourself. But at least don’t drag the Rebbe into this.
    That is proof enough that you are not a true chossid.

  10. To quiet one Says:

    Just so I can understand, someone insulting you is sufficient reason not to protest mesirah and other objectionable actions? Every Lubavitcher is labeled as something derogatory by someone. By your logic no one should protest anything.

  11. Ashamed Says:

    Here i am a young Jewish man of 24 who 3 years ago spent thousands on lawyer fees a year and a half in and out of court and some time in jail because i would not rat on another Jew yet i see here a group of Jews “Religious Jews” Trying to put other Jews in Jail whatever the circumstances it make me sick to the stomach and ashamed

  12. quiet Says:

    theres a special place in hell for those who are quiet in times of strife

  13. confused Says:

    I always had this dilemma
    maybe you can help.

    Is the person crazy because hes a mishichist and wears the yechi and pin etc… OR is it that because he is crazy he is a mishichist and wears yechi etc…?

    Could it be both?

  14. Messira with an Emet Says:


    The Chidushei Harim who was the first Rebbe of the gerer chasidim once said concerning missionaries: ” if we were to work for the emet ( torah and yiddishkeit) like they work for the sheker with an emet, we would experience great success!

    A fundamental principle of Chabad philosophy is that the mind, which by its innate nature1 rules over the heart,2) must subordinate the heart to G-d’s service by utilizing the intellectualization,3 comprehension4 and profound contemplation5 of the greatness of the Creator of the universe.
    (Hyom Yom Kislev 16)

  15. machanemenachem Says:

    The following chat I had with a mishichist Bochur proves why there is no such thing as a “moderate” or “quite mishichist”. They are ALL the same, if they wear a Yechi or have a pin or just identify themselves as mishichist, they have no hope. Their minds are corrupt, that might be the reason they are mishichist to begin with.

    from: Dov Ber
    to: machnemenachem@gmail.com
    date: Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 11:06 PM
    subject: Chat with Dov Ber
    mailed-by: gmail.com

    hide details 11:06 PM (10 hours ago)

    10:57 PM
    me: Gut Voch!
    Dov: to you too
    gut yom tov
    me: and gut yom tov

    10:58 PM
    Monday, Chof Kislev is closing arguments in the Shomrim Six case. I will be there as many from the community, hope to see you there.
    320 Jay street
    Dov: you can pay for my ticket, I’ll surely come
    me: where are you?
    Dov: somewhere out there in the world…

    10:59 PM
    me: which one of you is in Sydney
    Dov: my brother menachem mendel
    me: ok
    you can still pray

    11:00 PM
    Dov: sure…
    i pray every day
    three times
    vlmashinim al thi sikva
    me: amen

    11:01 PM
    Dov: question is who are the v’lamshinim
    -just kidding

    11:02 PM
    me: if u were to come to 320 jay street it wouldn’t be a joke
    Dov: i know
    it’s a shame its taking a long time
    a big chillul hashem

    11:03 PM
    me: what does that mean any more to anybody?
    Chillul Hashem?
    Dov: i know

    11:05 PM
    me: to me it means….that whomever is testifying on whomever, doesnt matter, we are all (Yidden) looked at the same. When the Jew on the stand is caught lying, we are all caught lying etc…

    11:06 PM
    Dov: its a shud this whole thing had to happen
    me: it didn’t have to happen

    11:07 PM
    there are those that wanted it to happen
    this is nothing more then a modern day blood libel
    done by fellow yidden

    Dov: i disagree, but you’re entitled to say whatever you want

    11:08 PM
    me: explain
    i have no work tomorrow (Sunday)
    so lets do this
    Dov: no
    i have to go to sleep
    tomorrow is a big day
    a yom tov
    not a time to argue

    11:09 PM
    a gute yom tov
    blimd hachassidus
    me: thought so
    Dov: and bedarcha hachassidus

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