The Law Is The Law, Right???

The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council (387 Kingston Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11225-3125 (718) 771-6000) illegally ran under the Mossrim/Rats Chanina Sperlin and Elie Poltorak plaster our neighborhood with garbage. This post will be the most attention this “look at me, I exist” event will get. I hope the city will take the proper measures against these litterers. Every poster a $75 fine.

UPDATE: Chanina Sperlin Says: “who cares about the law?”

Disregarding the Law, as always Chanina Sperlin illegally plasters our neighborhood with more garbage. Is he above the law?



The New York City Sanitation Department, DSNY was seen today, Monday collecting signs posted on public property and ticketing the offenders.

Finally, the law catches up to the Mossrim. So now we know that they got fined $75 a poster $150 for each (being two together). But driving around the neighborhood today and seeing that there are still many posters hanging (all over), makes me wounder, are they, the Mossrim not worried to get future tickets, are they not going to pay enough already?.

The answer to this is that they are not, and let me explain why. Whats going to happen now, after Chanina Sperlin makes some phone calls,  the summons/fines they have rightfully and lawfully received will mysteriously disappear, puff, just like that.

If anybody knows of any way we can track the tickets they received, please inform us, so we may be on top of this.

New York City – Thompson Fined $126K for Putting Up Campaign Posters (NY Post)

New York City – It looks like Bill Thompson is going to easily win the write-in vote over Mayor Bloomberg — unfortunately for him, the people doing the writing are city Sanitation agents.

The Sanitation Department reported yesterday that Thompson’s campaign is facing a hefty $125,775 bill for plastering city property with 1,677 illegal campaign posters.

Thompson spokesman Mike Murphy charged that City Hall was pulling the strings of ticket writers.

“Is anyone really surprised by the power of the incumbent to fine his opponent?” Murphy asked.

Not true, insisted Sanitation spokesman Vito Turso.

He said the agency’s enforcement agents are assigned to rip down unauthorized posters without consideration of who or what is being publicized.

To prove it, Turso produced a list of more than two dozen politicians in similar straits.

In contrast to Thompson, Bloomberg’s campaign has been cited for 70 violations.

“The campaign has made a concerted effort [not to repeat 2005],” said Howard Wolfson, the mayor’s campaign spokesman. “In fact, those 70 were from overzealous supporters.”

Four years ago, The Post found Bloomberg topping the list of poster pests with 4,218 summonses. At $75 a pop, the fines came to $307,725.

Rather than fight them at an administrative hearing, the mayor simply paid in full.

Meanwhile, in an apparent attempt to irritate the mayor, the Thompson campaign keeps projecting Bloomberg’s eventual spending for his third-term run at $200 million.

In truth, the mayor seems certain to surpass $100 million, which in itself would easily qualify as the all-time record for a local race.

Bloomberg reported tearing through an extra $18.7 million since the last filing period on Oct. 2 to bring his total to $83.4 million as of last Monday.

All the money comes from his astoundingly deep pockets.

Yesterday, the mayor added another $1.7 million, mostly for TV ads, to hit the $85.2 million mark.

That’s more than the record $85 million it cost Bloomberg for his entire 2005 campaign — and that’s before he revs up a get-out-the-vote effort that’s shaping up as the most extensive ever undertaken by a mayor.

Scratching for every buck, Thompson reported raising $270,000 from 3,000 donors.

Aides said with public matching funds he should collect more than $1 million this round.

That would get him within $800,000 of the $10 million spent by Freddy Ferrer, Bloomberg’s 2005 Democratic challenger, who ended up losing by 20 points.

Money isn’t Thompson’s only problem. Yesterday — two days after President Obama had his picture taken with the comptroller — the White House allowed Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to join Bloomberg at the Manhattan Children’s Museum to promote a program to combat childhood obesity.

“Mayor Bloomberg has distinguished himself not only in New York but across this country as one of the great public-health advocates in America,” said Sebelius.


7 Responses to “The Law Is The Law, Right???”

  1. shmuly Says:

    האם ה”צמח צדק” הורה להטביע “החוטפים” במקווה?

    העיתונאי אראל סג”ל, בעל טור קבוע בסופשבוע של ‘מעריב’ חושף היום סיפור מעניין על כ”ק אדמו”ר הצמח צדק נ”ע והקנטוניסטים ● סג”ל מספר כי אדמו”ר הצמח-צדק הקים ועד מיוחד לטיפול בילדים החטופים, והקים ארגון סתר בשם “חברה תחיית המתים”, שמטרתו הייתה לשחרר את הילדים בכל צורה שהיא, משיחוד השומרים ועד היתר הריגת חאפרים מדין רודף, או “מוייסר”. חאפרים נודעים לשמצה מצאו את מותם בטביעה במקווה. אחרים, בדרכם מתחום מושב אחד למשנהו… לסיפור המלא ולתגובות שלכם

    הסיפור מוכר לכם, יש לך מה לחדש עליו? בואו והגיבו באמצעות מערכת התגובות. (תגובות נבחרות יפורסמו בנפרד) Full Story

    תבדוק את col זה העלו היום

  2. way2go Says:

    aren’t you giving them advertisement by posting this?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      No I’m not and I’ll explain why.

      How many people are going to show up, how many people support these mossrim?
      [For argument sake, I’m going to give the mossrim the 900 people they claim voted for them]
      The mossrim claimed that 900 people voted for them, that means that they should have 900 die hard supporters showing up to the parties meeting.
      The reason I use the words die hard is because the fact is this election was [dirty] political, so if anybody went out of their way to vote it was only because of their cause/agenda. In other words, they had a cause/Agenda and therefore made in a point to vote.
      OK, OK, some people could not make it, so let’s say 857 people will be there, how could they not.
      So if even a hundred or two hundred people show up, thats a big loss for them. That would mean that they lost most of their vote. That the other 600 people that voted for them, lost faith in them and wont bother going out of the way for them.

      We all know that burly 300 people actually went out to vote for them, lets see if they will even have half of those 300 hundred.
      Even if I’m wrong and they have half of the 300 that actually voted for them, the joke is still on them.

      The pictures will speak for themselves. If they post them of-course.

      Update: Tuesday, February 23 2010 7:31am
      CHJCC Report to Residents on Progress

  3. Choliros On Line Says:

    you guys did not get it yet ?
    YES dov heikind is the Boss of brooklyn and if you are his friend like chanina and co.
    you are above the law.
    all it takes is to pay and be DOV HEIKIND ‘s Friend and you are above the law
    law dose not apply to dov heikind and friends.
    shomrim six was his work with the brooklyn da


    I Think !
    realy moshe rubashkin was on the vaad hakohol when
    this mesira started and what did he do ????????
    but remember than on may 11 huebner the nazi was in 71 pct
    with gurfinkel the nazi to do yet another mesira and where was moshe rubashkin ?
    but next day rubashkin started crying on may 12 because that was a mesira on rubashkin ?
    the raid on the rubashkins came after moshe and his vaad did not do what thy have to do .
    and may 12 came and a big raid came .
    remember rubashkin mesira is not a good way.

  5. WhoIsShmira? Says: uses a picture from WIS

    This is the second picture from the top right.

    [if you click on picture it will enlarge, enabling you to crop it to make a picture for itself].

    Notice the ‘g’ on the left side.
    and on the right more to the middle you will see the same crease (it was cut a little on the left side).
    How hard really is it to go out side or maybe even scan one of those small versions and post it on line. Can’t believe that a so called “official” wed site has to come here to obtain a simple picture.

  6. Post Signs? Expect Fines! Says:

    Brooklyn, NY – Council Member Simcha Felder launched an outreach campaign this week to raise awareness of the City’s strictly enforced ban on placing fliers or posters on telephone and utility poles and other public property. On Monday, Felder mailed hundreds of letters to community based organizations and yeshivas informing them of the details of these rules.

    “Individuals, community based organizations and businesses need to better understand this law and the fines they face for violating it,” says Felder. “I strongly discourage anyone from posting signs on public property for any purpose, including charitable events and religious meetings.”

    Felder added that his office has received numerous calls from individuals and organizations who have received thousands of dollars in fines from the Department of Sanitation for violating this law by posting illegal signs. He noted that the Environmental Control Board is the only body with the power to reduce these fines.

    City law prohibits any person from posting, painting or affixing any type of handbill, poster, sign or sticker upon any public property including telephone and utility poles, parking meters, trees, and traffic signs. Violations carry a hefty penalty of $75 to $150 per violation for a first offense and up to $250 for repeat offenses. There is a rebuttable presumption that any person whose name, telephone number, or other identifying information appears on any sign is in violation and subject to these fines.

    Felder encouraged those with questions to call 311 or to attend one of the Community Board meetings listed below where he, along with Department of Sanitation representatives, will be present to discuss this law and respond to questions.

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