Finally Some Good New, I Hope! Merkos Officials: To Get Rid Of Mishichist Cult From 770

After hearing some rumors about this, we might just have some confirmation., a site which is known for it’s fabricating stories and it’s propaganda (of lies and deceit) to farther the agenda of the Mishichist cult,  reports that Merkoz is finally making a move to throw the Mishichistim cult out of 770, once and for all. I hope, that for once, they are reporting the truth (disregarding of course the propaganda and false information they mixed in the “exclusive report”).

This is great news, 15 years overdo, but nevertheless, better late then ever.

After 15 years of THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THISTHIS, AND THIS, you get the picture, I’m not going to go thorough 15 years of history. Those who have lived thorough this, already know. And those who do live here and have chosen not to see, are part of the problem. Like I have said in the past, “no such thing as a moderate Mishichist”. Now, if this will happen, we can finally have peace and quit.

Now for some fun: writes:
Over a year ago, on 11 Shvat 5769 the four judges on the Appeals Court ruled in favor of the community and that the synagogue would continue to be run by democratically elected Gaboim…

Again with the “Community”. Which “community” exactly are they talking about?

Is it THIS one,  the “community” event where only 28 people showed up?
Are these Mosrim really so disillusioned, do they really think they still (if ever) have the “community”?.

How many new Shuls have opened up in the last 15 years, how many just recently, why are old, young, middle age people leaving 770? Every group of ten friends opens a Shul, ask them all where they would pray before, they would will tell you 770. Ask them why they left, they will tell you, its too crazy for them, “it’s not a place to Pray” and “those crazy Mishichistim”.

A message to, The Mishichist Party and all the Mosrim (always the same people):

First off. I’m really glad to see you crying with these fake crocodile tears. If all was going your way in court, like you write (which would mean you have nothing to worry about), we would not be reading  about this at all.

[I can’t believe I had to get this news from Where is on this great news, Where is on this great news? ZZZZZZZZZZ. Let’s go wake up. Give us some news that actually effects our lives!!]

Second and must importantly. What is your point in crying to the public about this, do you really think anybody cares for you. Only weeks ago, you and your web sites were justifying and excusing Mesira. Six good Jews, with families and jobs where facing 15 years in prison, on a baseless blood libel. YOUR people orchestrated this viscous  Mesira. None of you tried to stop it, all of you were praying that there G-d forbid be a conviction.  Had there been a conviction, those flags would have been swinging for days after.

I will now reveal a little secret. Either way you, the Mosrim would have lost. There was thank g-d no conviction, you lost, you tried a Mesira and you failed, we all know you as the Mosrim. Had there G-d forbid been a conviction, do you really think the “community” would be celebrating, do you really think you would be heroes? Hells no!!!. We all witnessed how the real community, you know the community with actual breathing people, came out in support for those six Jews. All these Jews have held  local jobs in the community before this blood libel, and they still do (hold those same jobs) today. Not one parent demanded that any of the Hershkop brothers (the bus drives) get fired, not one parent took their child of the bus. In fact we saw the opposite (also Here and Here).

Now you have the Chutzpa to come to us (the community) and cry about being [rightfully]  evicted, you kidding me, are you trying to insult the publics intelligence?

You killed and now you demand the inheritance? You have blood on your hands! We say three times a day, six days a week, “For a Moser/informer there is no hope”.

Besides the mishichistim being immediately evacuated from 770, I hope and pray that very soon the building a cross the street, 749,  will be cleaned up as well from the Mishichist cult.

Exit Question: Will the community, all those that have found a new place, come back to 770, once the Chassidim with their Rebbe, get it back?

Tongue piercings?


13 Responses to “Finally Some Good New, I Hope! Merkos Officials: To Get Rid Of Mishichist Cult From 770”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    How could I forget about the Mesira that could put a hold on almost all Chesed in our community for the people of the community.

    Click Here for The Mesira Continues

    A lot of good and better things are ahead. Peace is coming to Crown Heights.

  2. antimesira Says:

    Person: Did you hear, six Jews are on trial facing up to 15 years in jail, what we going to do?

    Mishichist: Are they mishichist or Anti?

    Person: whats the difference, they are Jews and we must help.

    Mishichist: If their not mishichist, then I can’t help them. They must have done something wrong. Anyways there are much more pressing issues then six guilty Jews on trial.

    Person: What do you mean, what can be more impotent then Jews going to jail?

    Mishichist: (shotting) What do you mean, what do you mean?
    Do you know what those “antis” are planing to do, they are planing to throw the mishichistim of the MH”M out of 770!!!
    And then 770 is going to turn in to a museum.
    They will make it a place where people can come and see what went on back in the good old days…
    I hear they are going to put up all different types of signs,
    I also hear that they are going to make a Shivile at the times the Rebbe would come Daven. I also hear they will make a mock Farbrengen on Shabbos (and some times during the week were the Rebbe davvens) with the whole nine yard, saying l’chaim to a chair etc… I even hear that they might give out Dollars on Sundays.
    Anybody that does not like what they are doing will simply get beaten up or evicted from the shul.

    If they do these things it will be the biggest Chillul Lubavitch ever, how can we let them make a joke out of the Rebbe, WE MUST STOP THEM (before it really gets bad)!!!
    Where is the Ahavat Yisroel of those Antis, what would the Rebbe MH’M say? We must even strap ourself with explosive belts to protect the yechi!!! How can Jews do this to other fellow Jews? Don’t we all believe the Rebbes Moshiach?

    Nebach, Nebach, Nebach!!!

  3. 770bocher Says:

    Not once did these fake gobboyim make a Mecha against this Mesira.
    Those who who mossered feel good in 770, nobody say boo to them, they come and go as they wish.
    The same is true for 749, if they are not in the yeshiva, why are they still living there, how did the Yeshiva allow them to live there WHILE testifying in court.
    Now these idiots come crying about a power straggle? WTF!!!

  4. Teacher Says:

    “Not one parent demanded that any of the Hershkop brothers (the bus drives) get fired, not one parent took their child of the bus. In fact we saw the opposite”

    Even funnier is the fact that some of these people talking slack about Gadi, Chaim, the Hershkop or Shomrim, actually have their own children on the bus. So how much do they believe in what they are saying, zero!!

    They send others to fight the dirty fight, while they the cowards hide and call names.

    Baroch Hashem we have Gadi and chaim, my kids wont go on any other bus, with out THEIR Driver.

  5. Crazy Mishichistim Says:

    If we clean up 770, what will be with these guys?

  6. antimesira Says:

    Don’t you just love when the hijackers cry victim.

    About these crazies getting thrown out of 770, when i will see it (actual happening), Ill believe it.

    Besides this “playing victim” is a cheep tactical move. This is just so they can claim, when doing acts of violence and Mesira etc… “It’s both sides”, “it’s only because so and so” etc…

    Were on to this and we won’t let them get away with this.

    This is one of the reasons these mishichist mosrim hate the new media.
    This is why someone went out of his way to moser a web site (TMZ) whose purpose was just satire. The mosrim know that they are so easy to expose, even a small web site, having some fun, can expose them, with just a picture and a few words/a comment.

  7. so nice to see the mossrim cry Says:

    so nice to see the mossrim cry
    mr hikind you cant band the law for hendel ? what happend you didnt get enough money from them ?
    not to worry anything the mossrim do is without a permit.
    just the corrupt system is not going at it .
    Mr HIKIND is very well connected .
    hendel just afew more dollars and mr hikind is there to help.
    you didnt pay so you what happend ?
    you have to pay for the shomrim mesira job to hikind and he is still wauting for 80,000 more .
    a promise you have to keep.

  8. so nice to see the mossrim cry Says:

    i just was emailed a new maschchissim video .

  9. antimesira Says:

    Cry Cry Cry!!!
    Here we go again, the hijackers are crying victim!

    The Mosrim want to know why, why is someone doing this to them?

    Must be a very busy moser, first mosering on Aron Hershkop all day, then the shomrim six mesira and now this, when will it end?

  10. King David said: Says:

    (10) “For forty years I quarreled with that generation; and I said, “They are a people of erring hearts, they do not know my ways.” (11) So I vowed in my anger that they would not enter my resting place.

    ארבעים שנה אקוט בדוד ואמר עם תעי לבב הם והם לא ידעו דרכי : אשר נשבעתי באפי, אם יבאון אל מנוחתי :
    תהילים צ”ה

  11. AHY SIMON Says:

    read this link and understand what maschchissim are.,7340,L-3864485,00.html

    my dear friends its time to get real.
    maschchissim have nothing to do with the MOSHIACH.

  12. 770 Clean for Pesach Says:

    Hopefully soon it will be cleaned from the terrorist mishichist mosrim, then and only then will it be Chomatz free.

    I pray it happens soon!

  13. Hikind works against any organization that doesn’t jump after his bandwagon in the name of peace… | Votedoherty48's Blog Says:

    […] proves,  anybody who lines himself with these Mosrim, which includes Meshichistim, shmira, Chanina Sperlin and Co. is bound to loss and loss big […]

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