On March 8th, 2010 a WIS loyal reader sent us the following photos. The WIS fan observed how Paul Huebner the Moser got off the train with two Mishichist Mosrim, at the Borough Hall station. Borough Hall  is where you will find the court building and the District Attorneys office.

WIS needs your Help

Help by identifying who the two Mishichistim with the Moser Paul Huebner are.

What are these Mosrim up to now, whos their next victim? Are these Mosrim still part of the Yeshiva, if yes, then why?


6 Responses to “IS A NEW MESIRA ON THE WAY?”

  1. Napar Says:

    one of ths pig faces there is zushe Posners grand son from the naparstek family in israel.
    he was born as a regect and is a real bulvan but a BIGGGG machchis pig

  2. 320 Jay Says:

    Out of the six week trial, their were only two days that friends of the Mosrim came in support to court. They came, they say for a few minutes and got the hell out. After seeing such testimony who wouldnt walk out. Even if it was in chinas I could have picked up that things are not going well.

    Anyways, one of those days, those two Bochrim showed up to court.

  3. Crown Heights Says:

    the moser huebner is sick

  4. eli Says:

    is this the big news you were going to put up? are you kdding me?

    where is the big super scoop?

    blah blah blah

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      This reaction of yours is exactly what I want.
      How many times a day do you and many others check out WIS.
      You know that if I say I have something then I have it.

      This anxiousness of yours is exactly what I want.

      Like they say…
      “you got to keep them coming back for more”.

  5. antimesihichist Says:

    its about time we stood up against all Mosrim and throw out all mishichistim.

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