In The News – A Rundown Part One

A run down of the news from the last few weeks.

Before I begin (this is going to be a long post, hence the long wait)… Pounder this…

To those who are physically sick, the bitter tastes sweet and the sweet bitter. Some of the sick even desire and crave that which is not fit to eat, such as earth and charcoal, and hate healthful foods, such as bread and meat – all depending on how serious the sickness is.

Similarly, those who are morally ill desire and love bad traits, hate the good path, and are lazy to follow it. Depending on how sick they are, they find it exceedingly burdensome.

Isaiah 5:20 speaks of such people in a like manner: “Woe to those who call the bad good, and the good bad, who take darkness to be light and light to be darkness, who take bitter to be sweet and sweet to be bitter.” Concerning them, Proverbs 2:13 states: “Those who leave the upright paths to walk in the ways of darkness.” (Rambam Hilchot De’ot – Halacha 1).


Is peace coming to Crown Heights, will the Machlokes stop once and for all?

No chance in Hell, now let me explain why.
Although the Psak was very well written and covered a lot, it did not address the issue of Mesira and the Mosrim that carried them out.  After everything, all the time and money spent, the Mosrim are still amongst us.

The fact of the matter is, that Chanina Sperlin and Elie Poltorak are Mosrim. The fact is, that one Rov stood by and was silence while six innocent members of his “community” were being prosecuted in a vicious blood libel  by “other Jews” (who may I add are from “his faction”). Yes, he may have NOT given them permission, but standing idle as Jewish blood was being spilled, he might as-well have given them permission.

How, please explain, can there be “peace” with Mosrim, who are involved in Mesira with no limitations, no matter the consequence. How, please explain, can there be peace with people who justified (in print and on-line), a Mesira that could have G-d forbid  put six of our own people (Fathers, Husbands, Sons, Volunteers and hard working community people) in Jail for 15 years had their Mesira succeeded. How can there be “peace” with animals who tried to shut down Chesed (Kindness) organizations, that has (and thank G-d will) help countless people in our community?

When I read and finished THIS OP-ED [Yungelait: Don’t be Intimidated. It’s your Calling!], I still had the question, of why the hell would any self respecting successful person, who can actually run an operation (whether a Charity or business), want to make himself a target of Mesira? Just look at what has and is happening to the our volunteers in Shomrim, they are targeted by the Mosrim, for the mare fact that they exist and do good things. Look what the Mosrim tried to do to our Gemachyim and to the people that run it.   There is a huge history of Mesira on people who just wanted to help. As long as the Mosrim walk freely, we wont be allowed to be free. Free from Mesira and free to grow as a community. The Mosrim are fouled by baseless hate and anger and would rather see everything burn, then G-d forbid let something good actually happen.

By the way, you really want a hint of whats coming. Just take a look at the comments/reaction (on ColLive, a Mosrim supporter), from the Mosrim (or shall we say “the winning side”) immediately following  the Psak. Can’t you feel the love?

So what happens now?

One thing is for certain, Rabbi Rosenberg Shlita has  a job for life.
If and only if (a big IF), some good people do take the stand, don’t get intimidated and run to make our community a better place, the Machlokes will just take on a different face. Because, as I wrote above, as long as the Mosrim (Chanina Sperlin, Yankle Spritzer, Mendel Hendel and Co.,) are around, nothing constructive is going to happen.

As someone wrote in an e-mail conversation about the Moser Paul Huebner…

You live in the same community as Huebner.  I don’t.  You should pressure the Rabbaim to place Huebner in Cherem for what he has done.  This would include a prohibition from him getting an aliyah, from his wife using the mikva, and from his children attending school.  There are very few things worse than Mesira.  If the Rabbaim refuse to do so, you perhaps should reconsider the community in which you live.

This concludes my thoughts and opinion on the Psak and the future (if there might still be one) of Crown Heights. For the sake of our children, I hope I’m totally wrong. Follow up thoughts will come, in the comments.

Oh wait, How could I have forgotten. Here it is straight out, why the Machlokes can’t and will never end.

CH.Info reported THIS -15 Year Old Fight put to Rest with New Letter, which is great news. Ye, you would think. In a panic that perhaps the Machlokes will G-d Forbid die, (Mishichist web site), runs to make a disclaimer with THIS -P’sak from one rov has no Validity. Yechi HaMachlokes!!!


6 Responses to “In The News – A Rundown Part One”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Show us the good stuff blah blah blah

  2. Crown Heights Says:

    Mendy rosh haterorist hendel show everyone on sunday that he will hurt anyone and make chilul hashem for his Yechi

    • john doe Says:

      Why was hendel and his minions not arrested for disturbing the peace?
      why are people especially some of the hechts who witnessed these mosrim masser with thier own eyes still going soft on terrorist?

  3. The Mosrim Oppose Because They Are Afraid « Who Is Shmira? Says:

    […] and to the point.  Just like WIS reported before, the whole Din Torah was a waste, we are stuck with the same [group] Mosrim […]

  4. Your making the Machlokes Says:

    You don’t even realize that you are the problem. How sad…

    Stop koching in machlokes. They can only sell this stuff to people who lap it up.

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