In The News – A Rundown Part Two

Oh, Poor Victims- Mishichist Cry Foul- Again

Here we go again. The poor Mishichist victims. What do we want from those poor innocent “believers”. All they want is to take over and destroy, destroy, destroy. Why do we keep resisting, it would be much easier to just give in and let them rule?

Those poor things, what are they already asking for, all they want to do is say Yechi, nothing more, I double promise.

And because we resist their idle worship we must now apologies. Here are the conditions, as they have laid out in the past

1. A written apology to each of the Victims.

2. Remove their hate filled websites from the internet.

3.  Issue a letter to the community in which they promise to cease from any further fighting, refrain from contact with any of the Bochurim and to abide by the above mentioned conditions.

4. Pay to hang Yechi signs and Moshiach flags all over Brooklyn (just for starters).

5. Leave 770, give over all your Mosdos, give over all your personal property

(to WIS fans: feel free, by using the comments to add more conditions)

On a serious note: If they have to defend themselves first (offense) somethings wrong. They are trying to prepare for next round. They are attempting to justify and excuse what they are going to do next, before they do it.

[I know there is video out there of the fight and I will do all I can to bring it on-line for you].

Moving on to other great News: reported that: Final 56 Bochurim to return to Israel. Thats great, but we have to make sure they can’t come here in the first place. We have to cut of the head. During the Shomrim Six trial The Mosrim that came to testify, were still staying at 749, which is owned by the Yeshiva. After the Court case, the Bochrim were still staying at 749 which is owned by the Yeshiva and only a few days ago, two of the Mosrim (Rotem and Gur) were spotted entering and exiting 749. For years The Yeshiva has been  harboring these Mishichist terrorist (who have been been embarrassing the Rebbe and beating and harassing Chabad Chassdim). When they did acts of violence, the Yeshiva (Hanhala) stood silence. By the recent Shomrim Six Mesira, the Yeshiva stood silence on Jewish Blood. Now, when these Mosrim return, the Yeshiva stands silance on my brothers blood.

Silence no more!!! Talking no more!!! It’s time for action!!!

The above brings us right to our next story (again with the Mishichistim, no wounder they are crying).

CH.Info Posted: Agitating for Change over Yeshivah Censorship. This is like the 8th story about this issue, every time we debate the same crap, over and over. This is what we should do.
Just throw those Mishichistim out, with their Rabbi. Let’s stop pretending we are dealing with civil like people.
The Mishichist would never give you the pleasure/opportunity of a honest, civil and democratic debate. Don’t fall in to the trap of letting them set up the rules of engagement. Ye, they will act like animal (attacking you even physically), and when you want to hit or fire back, they will put up their hands and say something like “you can’t do that, your better then that”.

As one commenter wrote:

This past Shabbos a mishichist mosser with a pin came to read the Torah for us. He was kindly asked in the back of Shul to take off his pin or he wont be allowed to Lain the Torah, The Jihadist refused and he was denied reading our holy Torah and was asked to leave the Shul which he did.

He did have the Chutzpa to ask for payment, he was told to fly a kit.

I implore the individual who took this stand and stood his ground not allowing this heretic to read our Torah.

It’s about time we all follow this lead and throw them all out. Mishichistim/hertics/idol worshipers and Mossrim don’t belong in our Shuls, schools and our neighborhoods.

[Disclaimer: WIS is in no way encouraging or promoting acts of violence. There are many other ways of doing what needs to be done. After witnessing the trial that took place at 320 Jay Street, there are no limits to what can and must be done. If you think they are crying now…]

_________________________________________ Reported: Swastikas in… A 770 Siddur!
Is this really  [still] a big deal or a surprise for anyone. Have we not seen worse things happen in 770? Something like THIS and THIS, just to mention two. Who could still be shocked of seeing some scribble in a holy book, after having a holy book fly in your face, as a result of “a Jew” throwing that holy book?


The spring is here and  summer is on the way, which means camp is around the corner. Let’s talk about camp.
I did a search and the only camp I see so desperately advertising, is Spritzers camp, going by the name Chayolei Hamelech.

Doing another search I come across another site going by, and there I read about some of the losers that are going to spending their summer mouths at the Ganev and Moser Yankle Spritzer camp.

I also read this….

Spritzer must return $1.3 million that he stole from  Machne Menachem (-$76,000).

BTW: What happened with the machne Menachem Case/Mesira is a great example of why we can not take things sitting. Had the Machne Menachem Directors done what they had to (after Judge Glassers Ruling), and go on the offense, after Spritzer, they would have had the camp today and Crown Height speared from a lot of Mochlokes, with Spritzer being behind bars.

With the murder that took place in Spritzer camp. It just downed on me, if the employee that was killed did not have any insurance, ummm. I’ll stop here,  got to get to work. No more talking, only doing.


With G.H. becoming the driver of a new School Bus. Yossi Stern, Yanky Prager and Laib Skoblo were seen at the sign place, having a new sign designed with a picture of a School bus, to be hung on the corner of Crown and Kingston. All the Children in shmira can’t wait till it hung up.
The shmire children will have to wait till the mouth of Tishrei.

I’m told that this will be a sign that has never been seen before. Just as years past you felt safe by just knowing there is a shmira/cop sign hanging somewhere. So to, by just looking at this sign, you will go wherever your imagination takes you.





[Disclaimer: When I write “our Friend”, does not mean I know who the operator of the site is and neither does he know who WIS is. It is besides the point to start looking in to who runs what site. You either like the site and so you return or you either believe what is being said is true or not. Who the person behind the information, wont change the facts.]



4 Responses to “In The News – A Rundown Part Two”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    First of all it not Mouth its month

    and to the “disclaimer” from what i see from your site you are
    encouraging acts of violence

    and just 4 more side things i will like to shere
    1. dont be surprise when you find out your website is being closed down becouse it is a hate site

    2. My school Our Menachem is in full sweeng even after you maserd on it (we have evidence that you shomrim did it) B”H the hous is opened now for school to learn there

    3. we know vary well that you cut 770live wires (we even have an video of it and of shomrim planeng it, yes we have our speis)

    4. me and my freind lagh at how crazy uo are

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      I’m glad you like the site and check it out every opportunity you have. It’s nice to live rent free in your mind.

      If you have prove for something, please send it, I’ll post it.
      And its not, “me and my friends’, its, My friends and I.
      If your going to correct someones spelling, make sure you got yours right.

  2. disinformation Says:

    “With iPods and iPads and Xboxes and PlayStations … information becomes a distraction, a diversion.”

  3. Mishichist Says:

    It seems the “Antis” are taking over the Mishichistim.

    Who do these antis think they are, there are clear Sichos or the MH”M that support the ‘no fasting mishichistim. In fact these ‘no fasting mishichistim’ are the real deal, they are the real mishichistim. If only everybody would believe like them, then moshiach who is already here would be more here.

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