Satan Caught Stealing

The Satan is all fired up.

Open Letter and Urgent Request from Judaica World

We regretfully have to inform the public that unfortunately over the past several months there has been a theft going on right under our noses. One of our employees has been selling seforim and other items from the basement and garage which we use for storage, requesting cash payments from our customers and pocketing the money. He intentionally misled customers to believe that by paying him cash they were paying for the purchase when in reality he was actually stealing the money.

We want to thank our many honorable customers who brought this to our attention & told us the amounts of money that were involved. As we are in the process of figuring out the extent of the loss, which is already a staggering amount, we’d like to ask our many customers who visited the store within the past few months and made purchases paying cash directly to Efraim Setton to kindly contact us with the amount. As we are presenting this case to Beis Din we need accurate numbers to be able to resolve this. Though Mr. Setton has admitted to a small portion of the theft it is nowhere near the true amount and we are therefore appealing to our dear customers who have this information to please contact us ASAP with the details.

Thanking you for your assistance & for your continued patronage.

We wish everyone a Happy Shavous & Kabolas HaTorah Besimcha Ubepnimious.

The Management of Judaica World

329 Kingston Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11213

718 604 1020 Fax 718 771 3449


Paul Huebner son in-law Ephraim Satan was fired from his job at Judaica World for stealing.

It is estimated that Thousands of dollars has been stolen over the last year.

Months ago Mr. Satan was busted stealing $800 from the cash registrar. Mr. Satan was also caught voiding many recites from the computer so the money missing would go unnoticed. In a stupid move the management decided to keep him around. Removing Mr. Satan from working the cash registrar, he found a new way to make a few extra bucks.

On Friday May 7th, 2010 it was discovered that Mr. Satan was selling sets of books and pocketing the money, unknown to his bosses.

Paul Huebner visited the store on Sunday (May 9th), and pleaded that they don’t let the story out to the public and that he would make arrangements to pay everything back. Huebner stated that if this story was to get out to the streets his name would be ruined*. So let’s keep this story just between us.

[* because as of now Huebner is known to be a solid person, a real mensch and when this story hits the street, we will all be shocked and we won’t believe it to be true, after all Paul Huebner is such an “important person in the community”.]

At one point in the discussion about what might be done, the Ganev (Theft) Mr. Satan asked the management with a Chutzpa, “are you going to Moser on me now?” He steals, his father in-law, Paul the Moser Huebner is the orchestrator of the whole Shomrim Six Mesira. The $144 million Dollar lawsuit is still pending and this piece of crap is worried about Mesira?

It was a big mistake of the people at Judaica to get in to a conversation with Huebner and now they will learn the hard way. They should have pressed charges and gave Huebner the number to their lawyers. It’s still not too late. Don’t think twice. Huebner has no problem putting your fellow community members in jail, tested and proven. Moser Mitzva L’Mosria.

Learn from the past, a Din Torah with Huebner will be a waste of time.

Prediction: If Judaica World didn’t file a claim Huebner will play along with them (by pretending to care about a Din Torah),  then in a few mounts file a lawsuit against them.


Mosrim and Ganovim one big happy family

Huebner and Satan by the Melech Hamoshiach, asking for blessing for success in all Mesira and stealing.


15 Responses to “Satan Caught Stealing”

  1. Devil Says:

    Ohhhhhh the satan

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  3. Sale Says:


    Half off sale at Judaica World.

    Just ask for Satan to get a great deal.

  4. Says:

    Of Deceit and Betrayal ● Open Letter

    An open letter addressed to Judaica World management was sent to Chabad Info, in which an employee who spent tens of hours helping to make the store the success it is, shares his thoughts of frustration at having been let down ● He notes that the blame can only be placed solely on his bosses and how he had the full right to take what was his all along●

    Chabad Info
    26 Iyar 5770 (04.10.2010)

    By Ephraim Satan

    This is my problem and this is why I am upset.

    I had an agreement with Judaica World that I would receive a raise every so often, when I saw that they are shamefully not keeping to their end of the agreement, I had no choice but to take what was mine all along. Now they have the Chutzpa to say I stole from them?

    Differences of opinion are allowed. Diversity of thought-patterns is what renders us human beings. But integrity and veracity are what define us as decent human beings.

    That was missing at Judaica World.

    And for that an apology is necessary.

    An apology to every worker who worked days and nights to ensure the stores mammoth success; an apology to all those who were forced to buy books from the basement and who had to sneak out with garbage bags; an apology to the tens of Shluchim who brought in groups of people who had to witness the sham of me not getting a raise; an apology to all who care about the name of Lubavitch and the Rebbe MH”M.

    With deepest respect for the good items you sell and with strong hope and trust that you will right the wrong and ensure that such a situation never repeats itself.


    If you don’t apologies I will be justified in serving you a lawsuit.

    Yechi HaMelech!!!

    • antimesira Says:

      You know whats sad?

      Whats sad is that what your posted above could absolutely be true.
      Depicting like that is not so far fetched..
      Did they really post this.

      I’m still in doubt 😉

    • Nobody Says:

      Confessing your guilt. Not smart, but I guess you aren’t very smart. See, here is the thing – if you felt they owed you money, you can ask for it, even take them to a Din-Torah. You can’t steal it.

      Of course, since you are such an upstanding person you have records of all the money you made so you can compare that to what you would have gotten in your raise.

      And I’m sure you reported taxes on all the cash.

      Do you think the Rebbe would approve of what you did? You say “Yechi HaMelech” but you don’t believe it. You think you can get away with whatever you want because in your heart you don’t think the Rebbe is looking.

  5. antimesira Says:

    Watch how Huebner Ym”s turns the table on them.
    we should not be surprised if the lawsuit against Judacia is already written up. Lets remember that they (mishichistim) are always the victims.

    Get ready to fight for your life.

    Nothing is beyond the dog Huebner.
    A moser is a moser is a moser!!!

  6. NO DIN TORAH!!! Says:

    Din Torah, ye right!!!

    Huebner is not showing up to no Din Torah.

    Look at what he did with the Shomrim case]

    The next day the DA asked to possibly arrest the bais din for interfering with the witnesses.

    Then we have the case with LAPIN. Mr. Lapin is still waiting for his Din Torah.

    The only way is, learning from them, is to press charges. Let the law deal with him. After all these mosrim have such faith in the justice system, lets see how it works for them.

    Don’t kid yourself, do what needs to be done!!!

  7. concerned Says:

    why did and col take this post down, anybody know?

  8. Remember Remember and Don't Forget Says:

    Not so long ago…not so far away…in a little community named Crown Heights….

    Day 20: Final Day of the Shomrim Six Trial

    Rabbi Osdoba: “I Never Gave Permission for Messira C”V!”

    CH Beis Din Takes Initiative, Calls Bochurim to Din Torah and Issues Psak

    Op-Ed: I Was There… Then and Now

    Rabbi Hecht On The Crown Heights Shomrim Court Case: A Very Sad Day For Klal Yisroel, And Lubavitch

    Post, Daily News Report on Yesterdays Court Proceedings

    Day 3: Opening Arguments, Witness Testifies in Shomrim Trial

    Call for Pidyon Shevuyim as Criminal Case against Shomrim Goes to Trial

    Day 1: Jury Selection for the Shomrim Trial

    VICIOUS MESIRA: Blood Libel Lands Shomrim Member 12 Hours in Prison

  9. Huebner Says:

    so that’s how MR Huebner supports himself

  10. true justice Says:

    Judaica be strong.

    If they (those who complain) can’t help you, then their just in the way.

    Just ask them what they would do or better yet, ask them if they would lend you just $100, lets see how fast they give.

    your money they will tell you to just forget about, but when it hurts their pockets, now thats another story.

  11. Crown Heights Says:

    i am so sorry for you (not realy) mr Judaica
    i did not step foot in your store becouse of this mashchis
    with his big yechi on the head of the horse.
    Did you trust a meshichist in your bussiness ?
    ok now dont cry all mashchissim are like that

  12. Been There Says:

    As someone who has dealt with Huebner and many like him, I can’t stress enough, that if the people from Judaica World don’t press charges they will get it up the @$$ from Huebner. He will come after them full force, they are making a huge mistake not taking him down.

    Besides with all the Mesira Huebners involved in, let him be busy with this, with his own problems.

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