This just in…


Aron Hershkop (36) from Everything Automotive and long time Shomrim Coordinator is running for Vaad.

More details will follow.

We wish him much success and hope that finally somebody with some actual experience in business and leadership can have the opportunity to lead the Vaad and our community in the right direction.

UPDATE: Good News!!! Hecht and Wilhelm Reinstated as Candidates for Vaad.
Due to this new development Aron Hershkop has decided not no run after all. In an e-mail conversation Aron stated…

“I saw that there was a void and the community had nobody to vote for, all people were talking about was who they would vote against, I wanted to make a difference, now that two solid people are back in the race, we now have who to vote for, I will continue doing good  without winning an election.” <Although Aron Hershkop did not in fact make these statements, they still hold truth nonetheless.

Which clown actually fell for this post, which clown could not sleep all night because of this post?


Meet one of WIS biggest fans...our favored clown Elie C. Poltorak

Who in his right mind could actually think that if Aron Hershkop would indeed announce his candidacy  he would do it by announcing it on WIS, especially when he owens  CH.Info?

Until know we knew that Poltorak was crazy, now its confirmed, Poltorak is  stupid as he is crazy.

P.S. It was about 11pm last night (May 30th), when this idea came to me, I thought, what can I post that will make these Mosrim loss sleep, this post came to mind. Did it work? HELLS YE, it worked!!

View some of Poltorak’s more famous writings…

Subpoena-Gemach -Rabbi Bogomilsky

Subpoena against Rabboni Haschuna

Verified Complaint/Mesira against the Rabbonim

The Shomrim Six Lawsuit- Verified Complaint- by Paul Huebner and Eli Poltorak < Just imagine all the good Poltorak can do for the community with Hundred forty four million dollars.



  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    If you received a BOOST from Aron in the past, now would be a good time to return the favor/BOOST.

  2. who cares Says:

    Finally the time has come !!!!

  3. antimesira Says:

    Now he will be a target for Mesira, oh wait he already is, might as well.

  4. antimesira Says:

    It’s to bad Aron (aka Leli) is not Takka running.

    We could use some real people with real experience running things around here.

  5. C.H. Says:

    “Which clown actually fell for this post, which clown could not sleep all night because of this post?”
    Must have been his eagerness no pin WIS on the Hershkops.

    It’s funny to watch them come up everyday with ne ideas as to who runs WIS. Sometimes they even contradict themselves in one sentence. They can’t make up their mind, they are going crazy.

    I do however fail to understand what they will expose if we do find out who WIS is, so what, does it matter?

    We know whos doing Mesira, does anybody seem to care about that?
    No, so why would anybody care who running something they can actually enjoy?

  6. Polto DREK Says:

    Chalila the MAMZER said
    its time to get this poltrack back to russia.
    who need such a stupid lawyes in the chjcc ?
    he takes away all the money and give some to CACA daner.
    and some to Mandy The mamzer hendel .
    so s p c b
    should say Stupid People Could Belive.

    the S P C B go away

  7. EXCLUSIVE: Poltroraks True Colors Of Peace « Who Is Shmira? Says:

    […] man who promised us “peace and transparency”, could not sleep all night when WIS posted THIS and at 5am wrote to the Zabla Rabonim the following […]

  8. antimesira Says:

    Almost a year since the last elections for Vaad and i cant help but think of what a loser Poltorak ended up being.

    He did all the hard work, the Mesira and lawsuit, invested all that time in the “Achduse” campaign, got to see all the money (millions) that was in the CHJCC but was not there long enough to enjoy it/steal it.

    Elie Poltrorak – NOT WINNING!!! LOSER!!!

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