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A Vote For One Moser Is A Vote For All Mosrim

June 29, 2010

Let's Complete The Job We started and get Rid Of ALL Mosrim

Vote One and get 5 free

Fishel Brownstein presents the lineup of his team when (not if) he is elected (or if Rabbi Rosenberg changes his mind and just lets me in because so demanded Poltorak. Rabbi Rosenberg, are you really ready to stand up to Poltorak, who with my help finished off Rubashkin, Lang, Plotkin, Rabbis Zirkind, Segal & Reitport plus Rav Osdoba and his 3 sons, is it it worth risking it all just so Katzman is happy? You have till 6pm to give me your final answer.

Yanky Herzog: First line of defense.
Yanky is great at sniffing out the enemy. If you have evil thoughts about Fishel (or anything that he represents, or anyone that he represents) Yanky will smell it a mile away (regardless of whether it’s true or just imaginative) and he will make sure that you know that he knows and that now you both know. Yanky will make sure to alert all the necessary powers to be, of your evil thoughts.

Yitzchock Holzman: Great inventor. He will make up any story and testify to its accuracy. He’ll get it tailor made to fit the crime. His specialty is being an escort and in that way he can get close enough to look over your shoulder and the job is done. And don’t forget, he’s also Harav Hagaon.

Chanina Sperlin: Best connections. That’s why he has the most pictures of anyone with all kinds of politicians. They all know that with a good photo-up they can get rid of him for a free lunch or a good juicy fatty steak in a fancy restaurant (guaranteed no CHK Hechsher), no sweat. Oh, and lets not forget, Eli Slavin owes him his job. Oops, there are about another 3 guys who got jobs thanks to Chanina over the last 10 years.

Eli Poltorak: A super doper lawyer that stops at anything to further his agenda. If he thinks that Krinsky is on top, he’ll run with him, and then when he figures out that Groner is next in line, he’ll run with him. Then today it’s Rav Osdoba (and I’ll delete all the adjectives that he employed about Rav Schwei) and the next day it’s Rabbi Schwei. But most importantly he’ll lock up anybody and everybody that doesn’t dance to his tune.

Mendy Hendel: King of Lubavitch. Head of the worldwide MERKOS of Lubavitch. The one and only knower of what people REALLY want since they are too confused to say what they really want; he’ll say it for them. Just let him take over. He’s ready to fill-in as a standby homeless shelter for the Tzfati brigade so he can collect all the grants which are destined for CH destitute families. No locksmiths are necessary within a million mile radius of his reach. Midnight break-ins our specialty. The list is too long to publish, just trust us, Fishel is my man, even when he doesn’t run he still runs if I so command.

Rabbi Mangel: My Mashpia and Rav. I’ll keep Rav Osdoba in check in consultation with Rabbi Mangel (at least I can blame him, since everybody knows that I Daven in his Shul and I seek his counsel all the time). I have no idea what (or if) Rabbi Mangel was against Rav Osdoba but I know that he means well and I must obey his wishes that are in concert with the Russian Gezhe Zkeinim. Ah, do I feel proud to be welcomed by these holy Russian men, the REAL Lubavitchers.

Rabbi Paltiel: My mentor in Ahavas Yisroel, he did me well in showing all the fools who voted for Zaki Tamir how low they can sink if they don’t elect me and my fellow Mossrim.

Never mind, I said get 5 free, who cares, so you’ll vote one and get 7 free.

Vote Fishel, Get Seven.

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Mishichist Pride! One Sin Leads to Another Sin! How it Came Down To This. Chain Reaction! (2)

June 27, 2010

Yoel Kraus main man: He was a Mishichist Hero until he “crossed the line”, and my friends, he still is a hero by them. This is Mendle Hendel in a few years.  Mendy Hendel is playing the hat and jacket shtick for now, its only a matter of time till his true colors are revealed. <<<Check out Comment 23 <<<Check out Comment 9

(WIS saved the above post on PDF. will remove those comments and WIS will repost them)

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Exclusive: Video of Meshichistim preparing for the day, which is G-d willing coming very soon, which they will be thrown out of 770 . An inside man  was able to obtain some footage of Meshicihst planing for that day. Coming soon, only on WIS.


June 25, 2010

WhoIsShmira successfully managed to hack the known propaganda and hate site (a.k.a. big brother to ColLive). intimidation to WIS was to much  to handle and WIS fear that the freedom of speech and sharing of dissenting points of view is a danger to WIS belief and thought systems decided to invest thousands of dollars to hire a professional Internet hacker to go after (out of all the web sites out there) which obviously was successful.

WIS could not stand the fact that their was another voice out there that stops crass talk and gossip which infests WIS  articles and comments and so WIS took action.

WIS has no regrets for its style and its goal. The only regrets WIS does have is the fact that after spending thousands of dollars to take down completely, WIS hacker was only able to disable them for nearly a few hours.

A few hours later, in an act of pure revenge managed to Hack A Chanik WIS data base. In fact they were so successful they managed to knock out all websites/blogs hosted by wordpress.

WhoIsShmira has received the message loud and clear…


Fencing: A Massage To Zaki And All

June 23, 2010

"How long will you waver between two opinions?" - Fencing is dangerous to the person doing it and to everybody else.

What is being written bellow applies to everybody.

It is the communities hope that you chose right over wrong. Do  not play a politician and make everything about right and left (this side or that). Must impotently use common sense and you will be all right.

In truth/Emes there is only one side.

Some facts that must be considered and detrimental if ignored. Sticking your head in the ground and ignoring certain facts of wrong doing will only prove detrimental to true peace.

What the people want, what the people voted for. The people voted against Mesira and those who carry them out. There is no need to hang out with these Mosrim. If they are flat-lining, then so be it, no need for you to give them CPR and bring them back to life. That would be contrary to what the people voted for.

If you hang out with these Mosrim your end will be as theirs was.

When the people saw this post on Collive (sister site to the following thoughts crossed our minds.

It seems Zaki has no back bone to stand up for what is right, he’s appearing to be a “want to get along kinda guy” and this worrisome.

Zaki seems to be a bit too inexperienced and soft, Lets hope  he isn’t getting cooped; He didn’t need Sperlin to hold his hand and take him to the politicians.

Zaki Tamir made a bad move by allowing Sperlin to take him around to the politicians. It made him look weak and inexperienced. There is also the fact that the community voted the Moser Chanina Sperlin out, this means we don’t want to see his face representing us in any way or form.

Zaki may be getting intimidated behind the scenes, these Mosrim play hardball and they will use every dirty trick in the book to wear Zaki down.

For these very reasons you must stay away from them and let them fade away. Focus on doing what needs to be done and ignore them. By trying to pander to them, you will only keep them leaching to you and you will never get anything done. They will suck your blood (life line) dry.

You need to know the history of this Machlokes and who the players are (whos who). You also need to make alliance with people that get things done and have money asap,  get their backing quietly and immediately and behind the scenes so when these Mosrim try to stop donors you will have your back covered.  One good example would be a guy like Dovid Fisher, who has done so much  for Crown Heights -past, present and future. There are also many private  good organizations that have been doing just fine without help from politicians, meet with them, see how they click.

The likes of Abba Paltial: Having good friends and even better enemies.

“They say if you want to know who a person is, just look at who his friends are, I say you can also look at who his enemies are” (Glenn Beck)

WIS have lived in Crown Heights all his life. The only time WIS has heard or seen the name Abba Paltial is on propaganda promoting more Machlokes and strife. In  fact the first time WIS has seen how Mr. Paltial looks is in the recent post on Colive (sister site to Mr. Paltial is a hate monger and a trouble rouser, not someone you want on your side.

The fact is, the bad guys will always hate those that do good. Well, to bad on them. Who cares what they think, they are and should be irrelevant. If the Mosrim hate you, then you must be doing something right. If someone like Mr. Paltial is talking slake about you, then your in good standing. Look at it this way and you”l strive. Don’t let these Mosrim distract you with stupidity/propaganda. Three years will past in no time, so don’t waste it.

Best of luck!

Tzfati Bocher Injured, Where is Paul (Levi) Huebner YM"S?

June 22, 2010


The Moser and Nazi Paul Huebner is the orchestrator of a vicious blood libel/Mesira against 6 Jews in the Crown Heights community.

On December 29-30, 2007 Paul Huebner together with his fellow mobster Elie Poltorak went down to Kings County Hospital to “help” the so called victims of an attack we will later learn never happened.


[June 20, 2010] ‘Tzfati’ Bochur Seriously Injured and rushed to Kings County Hospital, were he had to have major surgery to his leg.

The ‘Tzfati’ spent almost a full week at the hospital recuperating. Many friends and relatives came to visit, besides one noticeable figure, by the names of Paul (Levi) Huebner. Where was “the protector”  of the Bochrim this past week?

Did Huebner visit this young man? NO!
Did Huebner send some food? NO!
Did Huebner/Poltrorak offer to translate for this young man? NO!
Did Pual the Nazi Huebner together with his “caring” friend gangster Poltorak do anything to help this young man?  The answer again, NO!!


As someone wrote in an e-mail conversation about the Moser Paul Huebner…

You live in the same community as Huebner.  I don’t.  You should pressure the Rabbaim to place Huebner in Cherem for what he has done.  This would include a prohibition from him getting an aliyah, from his wife using the mikva, and from his children attending school.  There are very few things worse than Mesira.  If the Rabbaim refuse to do so, you perhaps should reconsider the community in which you live.

It’s time this community starts giving Mosrim Like Huebner, Polorak, Stern, Prager, Skoblo, Spritzer, Mendle Hendel and Co.  a reason to consider leaving. Hopefully when Crown Heights has a strong complete Beth Din, we can start finally dealing with these Mosrim.  But that again will be up to the community, come election day, hopefully the community will finish what it started.

A Matter Of Keeping Jews Out Of Prison

June 22, 2010

This is taking place right in our front yard.

This past week I purchased a newspaper. Not just any newspaper, I purchased the “Yated Ne’eman”. This newspaper is about 140 pages with additional 30 pages inset. The newspaper is written by heavy “Misnaged”, a Misnaged who is not too fond of Lubavitch.

Reading the newspaper from side to side, I have not seen one mention of Gimmel Tammuz nor the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Yet, there were five pages dedicated to a Lubavitcher named Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin, plus a full page advertisement for an event dedicated to him, to be held in Monsey. Where the keynote speaker was the Satmer Dayanin Monroe.

After seeing the article and advertisement, a question arose in my mind. Why would a newspaper who gives Lubavitch no recognition and makes no mention of Gimmel Tammuz give so much attention to a Lubavither who is standing trial and can C”V sit many years in prison? I quickly came to the conclusion the reason is simply, he is a Jew who might end up going to prison and it bothers them. It bothers them to the extent that the event in Monsey had 3000 attendees (consisting of Litvaks, Satmar and many other Chassidic groups).

These candidates engaged in having others arrested, subpoenaed Gemachim, and institutions. These actions can result in numerous Jews going to prison. Did they stop for one minute to think of the harm they can cause the people that benefit from the Gemach in many ways, and all the people we couldn’t help this year because of the damage these Mosrim caused the Gemach?.

The matter isn’t about who can get a dollar more or a dollar less for the community. This is a matter of keeping Jews out of prison. They will go to no end to get what they want and they will have as many Jews put away to achieve their goal.

I have never spoken about this issue as much as now. It is an obligation to go out on Sunday and vote, to Vote these Mossrim out. As a community we have to stop the Messiros. There is no need for government grants, and programs, if members of the community are in prison.

(Rabbi Bogomilsky speech in his Shul – Parshash Korach)


Paul Huebners And The shmira Failed Messira/Blood

The Mossrim Then And Now

The Shomrim ‘Bed Case’ Gets Into The Papers! And They Got The Facts Right!

Call for Pidyon Shevuyim as Criminal Case against Shomrim Goes to Trial

You Can Do Something To Help!

Scene From Court Today

More To Come….

Sore Losers Go Out!!!

June 20, 2010

“They may succeed in TAKING our hearts and minds by FORCE, but never will they willingly WIN over our hearts and minds!”

[CH.INFO] In the first post election meeting members of each side sat down with Rabbi Avrohom Rosenberg in the offices of the Vaad Hakohol to discuss the elections and its outcome. Members of the ‘Achdus Team’, who were the ones to call for the meeting, gave various suggestions from remaining in office throughout the summer, to calling for new elections, and even refusing to work with individual Vaad members.

The ‘Achdus Team’ was ousted in last weeks elections by a resounding vote from a record turnout, but has since remained in office and showed no signs of willing to move out and move on.

Before the meeting began a number of residents and activists turned up for the meeting, but the Poltorak group refused to come in to the meeting if it was open to the public, and even attempted to cancel it just hours before. Rabbi Rosenberg would not hear of it and ordered that the meeting go on as scheduled.

After arguing back and forth both sides agreed to close the meeting and have only a number of representatives from each side attend along with the candidates.

Rabbi Abba Paltiel, a Mashpia sided with the Poltorak group, was the first to speak and raised a number of issues, first calling the Zabl”o Beis Din’s jurisdiction into question on the matter of them being allowed to call for elections. He also called the Beis Din’s authority to override the bylaws into question, and accused them of bowing to pressure from Rabbi Osdoba who he claimed threatened to boycott the elections if he did not get his way. He concluded with taking issue with Zaki Tamir’s statement regarding woman being allowed to vote. Paltiel concluded with saying that the entire elections need to be voided and the Poltorak Vaad should remain.

Rabbi Rosenberg responded and refuted each one of his claims, saying that the Beis Din did in fact have the necessary jurisdiction to call for the elections, and that according to the psak they identified issues with the bylaws that need to be addressed, and that there was never any such pressure from Rabbi Osdoba.

Each side then suggested ideas what to do for the interim until the newly elected Vaad can be established by a runoff elections. One of the fantastic suggestions came from Elie Poltorak who said that his Vaad should remain until after the summer, when the runoff will take place. And he added that they would be willing to include Tamir in their Vaad.

Tamir said that it did not make sense to work with a Vaad that has an open challenge to working with him, and it would render him useless and unproductive.

Another idea was raised recommending that Tamir along with all three runner-up’s, Yossi Hackner, Fishel Brownstein and Shea Hecht, all take office immediately and once there is runoffs the looser will just drop out of office.

Speaking for Brownstein, Poltorak said that he will not sit in any interim vaad alongside Shea Hecht, nor will he take part in any runoff alongside him. Brownstein then stood up and walked out. Mendy Hendel followed Brownstein, and returned a short while later with him and informed Rabbi Rosenberg that he actually didn’t make up his mind yet. He was given till 6:00pm today to make up his mind.

The issue of the recount was raised again with the Osdoba side demanding a recount of the ballots, stating that there is no harm in recounting, and if not for the late hour Monday morning when the first tally was completed they would have recounted on the spot. Poltorak argued that the bylaws are not clear who can demand a recount, and objected.

Poltorak raised another claim stating that the elections were unfair to him and his running mates and they were at a disadvantage because the Beis Din did not vindicate them, and allowed for a campaign calling him and Chanina Sperlin Mossrim. Rabbi Rosenberg responded in saying that the matter was not part of the Din Torah, and it was not their job to vindicated him or not, and that alone would take weeks and months to determine if they are Mosrim or not.

One of those who was present at the meeting told “it is obvious what Poltorak’s tactics are, they want to stall and try to remain in office as long as possible.” Adding that he hopes Rabbi Rosenberg sees through it and will finally seal this chapter for good.

(For More Visit

It seems the gangster and Mosser Poltorak is afraid to get back in to the real world, one where he must get up before 12pm to begin his day. Somebody please offer this guy a job and let him get on with his life and out of ours.

Maybe he can help his Mosser friend Paul  Huebner with the  Hundred forty four million dollars lawsuit against the Shomrim Six. Or maybe Poltrorak can do the clown thing at birthday parties. Whatever it is just get this loser out of here!

Meshichistim Mosrim: Drowning and Desprate

June 20, 2010 getting really desperate.

Family Tree Of Mesira- Click Image To Enlarge

Check out 1bigcholent’s “bigot!”.

WIS has received many e-mails about some of the facts surrounding this incident, Stay tuned for updates.

Losers All Around….Loss For Mesira…Loss For Meshichistim

June 18, 2010

Wow, what a great week for the good guys; what a great week for the community of Crown Heights and for the Chabad Lubavitch Community at large.

The week started with a smashing election which bought out almost all those  eligible to vote (2,064). The message was clear…”NO more MESIRA…NO more MACHLOKES….MOSRIM GO OUT!!!”

We must however complete the job we started. If we want to start over clean we must get ride of all the dirt.

The week ended off with another great victory. After 16 years of terror from the Meshichistim Mosrim and hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted for lawyers, finally a clear ruling is delivered….GO OUT!!!!

It is the communities hope that those in charge will do what is necessary to finally clean up our home base.

We are not out of the dirt yet, we are only half way through, we still have a way to go, G-d willing we will get there.



The Matador is the Mosser.
The Muleta (rad cloth) would be the Mesira.
The above [Picture] depicts the results of ones [own] Mesira.

When one sees a scene like this (ouch), should he/she feel bad? If you are going to put yourself in a dangerous position, don’t cry when you get it up the @$$. Thats the risk that one takes when entering the ring. If you play with fire, don’t cry when you get burnt.  The very same factors apply to a Mosser.

2.The Gabboim

(L-R) Ex-Gabboim: Zalman Lipsker, Avrohom Holzberg, Yosef Losh, Menachem Gerlitsky

If one wanted to express how the Gabboim gave it to themselves up the @$$, the above picture would be enough.

After a record number of voters whom never voted before, specifically show up to the polls to vote for change in 770, the three elected Gabboim (as a result of these votes), stab the community in the back.

The community came out to vote for these guys because of this…

Click image to enlarge or just click link above

A day before a major court preceding regarding 770, Rabbi  Osdoba sends a letter to the  Gaboim, basically stating the obvious “You Were Elected Under the Campaign of No More Court”.

The reply from the Gabyiom was simply put, a stab [a betrayal] in the back for all those whom came out especially for them and especially for the purpose of NO more Mesira.

Back stabber Yosef Losh: Worse then Sperlin and Polrorak

When COLlive contacted Losh at 1:48 PM he said he had not seen the letter (it was sent to his home). But after hearing of its contents, he immediately asked to respond.

“Is this a joke?” he wondered. “We never made such promises. All we said was that we will work to make 770 a welcoming place for everybody. Nothing about the court case.”

Asked for a response, Yosef Katzman, Rabbi Osdoba’s representative who campaigned for Gerlitzky, Holtzberg and Losh, told COLlive: “It was written on, and based on that, the community voted.”

Losh, who said he speaks on behalf of his colleagues (besides for Lipsker), said: “We had nothing to do with that website. Our only election literature was the printed booklet by the election committee and it’s not mentioned there.”

The very next day….

Breaking: Judge Rules, Gaboim must Return 770

Aguch Wins 770 Shul

Thank G-d Mr. Losh expressed his true colors when he did, good riddance, 27 days and counting…See Ya!!!

Mosrim Attempting to Hijack This Election

June 17, 2010

A gang of criminal conspirators who have undertaken to indefinitely retain control of the governing bodies of the Jewish Community of Crown Heights. The facts alleged herein are reminiscent of Chicago circa 1920—complete with rigged elections, “judges” on the take, and a gang leader. (Left to Right) Gangsters: Mendy Hendel, Chanina Sperlin, Al Capone and Elie Poltorak PC.

Developing story:

Like they (the above)  did the first time, word on the street is that the gangsters and Mosrim are attempting to hijack our election once again.

Poltorak, Eli – 759 – 37%

Elie the gangster  Poltorak is a sore loser and can’t concede to defeat. The gangster Poltorak lost big time. The Crown Heights community voted the Mosser and gangster out, yet he is still making every effort to hijack OUR election.

After being defeated big time, gangster Poltorak is trying to push Rabbi Rosenberg to allow all 7 runner ups to be elected in the Vaad. This is contrary to what the people want and voted for. The gangster Poltrorak is trying to convince the Rabbi not to recount the votes this coming up Sunday and not to give the people an opportunity (democratic opportunity)  to vote for our next two (new) Vaad members.

If the Rabbi grants the gangster Poltoraks his way, the whole election would be a sham; a joke and would have wasted the communities time and effort. The community hopes to have another democratic opportunity to vote in a just and proper manner.

UPDATE: Gangster Poltorak is also asking the Rabbi to release the list of who voted. What Chutzpa this loser has. A little over a year ago, this gangster runs a questionable elections (which didn’t need a Din Torah to  come to this conclusion), and many, even on WIS demanded that the gangsters release the names of those who voted, so we all can clarify the legitimacy of those elections. Instead of handing the list over all we got was Mesira/Court.

Sorry, can’t have the cake and eat it. Besides, many voters would not appreciate a gangster like Poltorak having such a list. It is simply none of his business. This election was obviously more about voting people out then it was in. Poltorak was voted OUT!!!


Isn’t it odd that with all the controversy around the last fake elections that only four candidates out of ten were elected?

All 10 candidates* knew about the controversies behind the election. It’s no secret that last election was another attempt to oust Rabbi Osdoba out. The people running were all Schwei people, we can safely say they all had the same agenda and where a team helping one another to do an Avara/sin. As the Rabbi wrote in our Psak Din, that the election was indeed questionable. The community claimed fraud then and the community still stands by that claim.
*Besides Zaki Tamer, which later dropped out.

Yet, with all the fraud only  Sperlin, Polrorak, Cadaner and Brownstein were elected
Why not Seven?
Imagine a team of ten plan to rob a bank, they all know it is wrong and illegal and don’t care. They all sit and plan together how they will carry out the hist (the agenda). But four out of the ten have a different plan, a plan that will (after the job is done) secure them all the money and leave the others with nothing. Thats what happened there.

And here after an open democratic election with a turn out like none other, these same thugs and gangsters whom stole an election and even stole an opportunity from their own people (the other people running with them), are now coming and demanding that 7 people be allowed to be in the Vaad?

It doesn’t get any more hypercritical then this!

Another question:

Even if the Rabbi would allow seven, the gangster Polrorak is NOT on that list of seven, so what his deal, why is he mixing in, either way, the gangster was voted out, this obsoletely as nothing nothing to so with him.

Tell the gangster Polrorak to mind his own business, he never did and defiantly now represent the people of the community!

The message was load and clear…Mosser go out!!! Mosser go Home!!!

WIS has been told that Chanina Sperlin has long conceded, WIS hopes this is true and stays that way.