Overview Of 'The Meet Candidates' Meeting

WIS has put together, thanks to your e-mails and comments an overview of what basically took place at the meeting. Thank you all for sharing.

* The people that bought us the ‘NO DIRT’ policy were the dirtiest of them all.  We saw a lot of hate and propaganda coming from Michoel Chazan, Elie Poltorak and Yosef Boruch Spielman.

Mosrim policy “The rules are for thy not for me.”

* Both Crownheights.info and Collive recorded the event. It’s safe to assume we will all have the privilege of viewing the video and see everything for our-selfs. [Unless… “Following the suggestion of a lawyer the video will be presented in court, and will not be released to the public”.]

* The crowd that showed up did not belong to the Mosrim. The people that showed up, showed up in protest.
Mendle Hendel walked out after 10 minutes. The Mosrim burly had 10 supporters.

* The Moser Paul Huebner was walking around nervously like a chicken without a head. Ironically Moser Huebner was one out of two people which whom applauded Moser Poltorak.

* Yechi was said twice with no responds, not even the few with Yechi Kippas responded (this is great progress).

*All in all the meeting was relatively calm , except for some interruption here and there. With a room full with almost 300 people, that could have been expected.  Last “Town Hall meeting” the people were very respectful and quit, might be the fact that only 25 people showed up, whom most were falling asleep.

*Jihad.info the site that justifies and excuses violence and Mesira is trying to blame any and all interruptions on the ‘Shomrim Group’ (what happened to ‘Gang’,?). In two of their post regarding last nights meeting they attempt to throw ‘dir’t on two of the new candidates (no bias  there, no no no). They manage each time to stick this in…

“His response was received with many shout, curses and jeering from the Shomrim group and their supporters.” < Shomrim must have many supporters then, because when there was ‘jeering’ it was load.

Ironically, his condemnation for needless hate-spewing and violence was jeered by members of the Shomrim group in Crown Heights.” < Watching the video [4:00] you will find this to be an out right lie, what is one to expect from Jihad.info.

1. While Shea Hecht was talking we had Yitzi Vail interrupting  and attempting to filibuster.
2. While one Uri Niasoff (running for Gabbi) spoke, he was  interrupted by an unknown individual.
3. While Spielman spud his vile hate against Shea Hecht, the whole crowd united as one, shouted him down.
4. At about 11pm, at the last question, asked by Shomrim volunteer Chaim Hershkop (one of the Shomrim Six, who stood trial for six weeks, facing 15 years prison) to the Moser Elie Poltorak did the Shomrim “group” and many others interrupted the Moser as he was justifying and excusing Mesira. A Mesira which Poltorak was very much involved in orchestrating.

The act of Mesira pales into insignificance when compared to some 'jeering' of Mosrim. 'Jeering is not a crime, Mesira is!

What we have is a desperate group of Mosrim who are imagining or better yet trying to create a villains/scape goat.
Once they create this imaginary “villain”, we would (naturally) need heroes to save the day and who do you think will show up and be our night in shining armer? You guessed it, the Mosrim. This is getting very old, very fast. It reminds me of how our current president, after being in office for over a year, is still blaming all his failures  on Bush. This is a tactic to take all or any responsibility for wrongful and failing actions. [for more read THIS].

Who Is Shmira gets positive recognition as an official site of information that for some odd reasons the Mosrim don’t like, Zol Zyan, WIS must be doing something right.

Who Is Shmira receives a  trophy  for annoying/exposing/pissing off/angering and ‘jeering’ the Mosrim. I’m flattered and will gladly except this reward.

In the last two years many site/blogs inspired by Who Is  Shmira have come and gone, Who Is Shmira  is here to stay. As long as there is wrong and injustice  taking place, Who Is Shmira will be here to expose it.

More to come….


2 Responses to “Overview Of 'The Meet Candidates' Meeting”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Vote ‘Shomrim Group’
    Vote ‘Shomrim Group’
    Vote ‘Shomrim Group’
    Vote ‘Shomrim Group’

    The way ‘Shomrim group’ is being presented by chabad.info, one would conclude that ‘Shomrim group’ is running as a Candidate in this race.

    Ironically, Chabad.info posted this message on its post attempting to assassinate Shea Hecht

    “Due to the sensitivity of this subject, no comments will be accepted.”

    Yet hypocritically and with out shame , when six innocent Jews were facing a 15 years prison because of a Mesira/Blood libel Chabad.info had obsoletely no problem posting this and the comments that followed…
    BTW, WIS can’t stress enough how important it is to read the above Mesira and all it’s comments, don’t just read it, study it, internalize it.
    When the Mosrim will soon come crying that this and this happened etc…Vda’l…You will know what to answer the Moser.

    Those responsible will pay the price. Jewish blood is not cheap!

  2. CH Porn Says:

    WIS is shmira is like the porn of Crown Heights, everybody looks at this site, enjoys and appreciates this site, but nobody will talk about it.

    Keep up the good work, you obviously have plenty fans.

    also tell, the mosrim they should worry about their mesiras then worry about web sites.
    Stop giving WIS what to report.

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