Mosrim Attempting to Hijack This Election

A gang of criminal conspirators who have undertaken to indefinitely retain control of the governing bodies of the Jewish Community of Crown Heights. The facts alleged herein are reminiscent of Chicago circa 1920—complete with rigged elections, “judges” on the take, and a gang leader. (Left to Right) Gangsters: Mendy Hendel, Chanina Sperlin, Al Capone and Elie Poltorak PC.

Developing story:

Like they (the above)  did the first time, word on the street is that the gangsters and Mosrim are attempting to hijack our election once again.

Poltorak, Eli – 759 – 37%

Elie the gangster  Poltorak is a sore loser and can’t concede to defeat. The gangster Poltorak lost big time. The Crown Heights community voted the Mosser and gangster out, yet he is still making every effort to hijack OUR election.

After being defeated big time, gangster Poltorak is trying to push Rabbi Rosenberg to allow all 7 runner ups to be elected in the Vaad. This is contrary to what the people want and voted for. The gangster Poltrorak is trying to convince the Rabbi not to recount the votes this coming up Sunday and not to give the people an opportunity (democratic opportunity)  to vote for our next two (new) Vaad members.

If the Rabbi grants the gangster Poltoraks his way, the whole election would be a sham; a joke and would have wasted the communities time and effort. The community hopes to have another democratic opportunity to vote in a just and proper manner.

UPDATE: Gangster Poltorak is also asking the Rabbi to release the list of who voted. What Chutzpa this loser has. A little over a year ago, this gangster runs a questionable elections (which didn’t need a Din Torah to  come to this conclusion), and many, even on WIS demanded that the gangsters release the names of those who voted, so we all can clarify the legitimacy of those elections. Instead of handing the list over all we got was Mesira/Court.

Sorry, can’t have the cake and eat it. Besides, many voters would not appreciate a gangster like Poltorak having such a list. It is simply none of his business. This election was obviously more about voting people out then it was in. Poltorak was voted OUT!!!


Isn’t it odd that with all the controversy around the last fake elections that only four candidates out of ten were elected?

All 10 candidates* knew about the controversies behind the election. It’s no secret that last election was another attempt to oust Rabbi Osdoba out. The people running were all Schwei people, we can safely say they all had the same agenda and where a team helping one another to do an Avara/sin. As the Rabbi wrote in our Psak Din, that the election was indeed questionable. The community claimed fraud then and the community still stands by that claim.
*Besides Zaki Tamer, which later dropped out.

Yet, with all the fraud only  Sperlin, Polrorak, Cadaner and Brownstein were elected
Why not Seven?
Imagine a team of ten plan to rob a bank, they all know it is wrong and illegal and don’t care. They all sit and plan together how they will carry out the hist (the agenda). But four out of the ten have a different plan, a plan that will (after the job is done) secure them all the money and leave the others with nothing. Thats what happened there.

And here after an open democratic election with a turn out like none other, these same thugs and gangsters whom stole an election and even stole an opportunity from their own people (the other people running with them), are now coming and demanding that 7 people be allowed to be in the Vaad?

It doesn’t get any more hypercritical then this!

Another question:

Even if the Rabbi would allow seven, the gangster Polrorak is NOT on that list of seven, so what his deal, why is he mixing in, either way, the gangster was voted out, this obsoletely as nothing nothing to so with him.

Tell the gangster Polrorak to mind his own business, he never did and defiantly now represent the people of the community!

The message was load and clear…Mosser go out!!! Mosser go Home!!!

WIS has been told that Chanina Sperlin has long conceded, WIS hopes this is true and stays that way.


2 Responses to “Mosrim Attempting to Hijack This Election”

  1. john doe Says:

    poltorak, prager, mendel hendel just don’t get it! They can read this loud and clear, ‘NOBODY WANTS YOU! NOBODY LIKES YOU! YOUR A BUNCH OF RATS! WE VOTED YOU OUT! GO HOME!’

  2. Resident Says:

    Ironically: Some fact you should know

    1. Mendy Hendel and Gang bring Schwei in as “a Rav” for the sole purpose of causing Machlokes/fighting Rabbi Osdoba. Then the gang pretends to be righteous by trying to make “peace”. Kind of like creating a crises in-order to be the hero who fixes it.

    2. Schwei election was just as much a sham as the gangs fake elections that took place about a little over a year.

    For one thing, there was no other Rov running against him. It was labeled the “Saddam” elections and nothing has changed.

    The gang of Mosrim claimed in the Din Torah that an overwhelming amount of residents came out to vote for Rabbi Schwei and thats why he should not be challenged.

    Did you all know that more people voted for the relievedly young and unknown Hackner then did Rabbi Schwei?

    If you did not know this, now you do.

    And here we are again, these gangsters are trying to steal another free democratic election from us, what a sham; what a fraud!!!

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