A Matter Of Keeping Jews Out Of Prison

This is taking place right in our front yard.

This past week I purchased a newspaper. Not just any newspaper, I purchased the “Yated Ne’eman”. This newspaper is about 140 pages with additional 30 pages inset. The newspaper is written by heavy “Misnaged”, a Misnaged who is not too fond of Lubavitch.

Reading the newspaper from side to side, I have not seen one mention of Gimmel Tammuz nor the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Yet, there were five pages dedicated to a Lubavitcher named Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin, plus a full page advertisement for an event dedicated to him, to be held in Monsey. Where the keynote speaker was the Satmer Dayanin Monroe.

After seeing the article and advertisement, a question arose in my mind. Why would a newspaper who gives Lubavitch no recognition and makes no mention of Gimmel Tammuz give so much attention to a Lubavither who is standing trial and can C”V sit many years in prison? I quickly came to the conclusion the reason is simply, he is a Jew who might end up going to prison and it bothers them. It bothers them to the extent that the event in Monsey had 3000 attendees (consisting of Litvaks, Satmar and many other Chassidic groups).

These candidates engaged in having others arrested, subpoenaed Gemachim, and institutions. These actions can result in numerous Jews going to prison. Did they stop for one minute to think of the harm they can cause the people that benefit from the Gemach in many ways, and all the people we couldn’t help this year because of the damage these Mosrim caused the Gemach?.

The matter isn’t about who can get a dollar more or a dollar less for the community. This is a matter of keeping Jews out of prison. They will go to no end to get what they want and they will have as many Jews put away to achieve their goal.

I have never spoken about this issue as much as now. It is an obligation to go out on Sunday and vote, to Vote these Mossrim out. As a community we have to stop the Messiros. There is no need for government grants, and programs, if members of the community are in prison.

(Rabbi Bogomilsky speech in his Shul – Parshash Korach)


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