WhoIsShmira successfully managed to hack the known propaganda and hate site Chabad.info (a.k.a. Jihad.info- big brother to ColLive).

Chabad.info intimidation to WIS was to much  to handle and WIS fear that the freedom of speech and sharing of dissenting points of view is a danger to WIS belief and thought systems decided to invest thousands of dollars to hire a professional Internet hacker to go after (out of all the web sites out there) Chabad.info. which obviously was successful.

WIS could not stand the fact that their was another voice out there that stops crass talk and gossip which infests WIS  articles and comments and so WIS took action.

WIS has no regrets for its style and its goal. The only regrets WIS does have is the fact that after spending thousands of dollars to take down Chabad.info completely, WIS hacker was only able to disable them for nearly a few hours.

A few hours later, in an act of pure revenge Chabad.info managed to Hack A Chanik WIS data base. In fact they were so successful they managed to knock out all websites/blogs hosted by wordpress.

WhoIsShmira has received the message loud and clear…




  1. funny Says:

    good humor keep it up!

  2. desperate Says:

    now they are playing the sympathy card as if they were hacked. thw hack story was created by jihad.info!

  3. antimesira Says:

    I don’t know what Jihad.info attempted to do here.
    All this really comes to prove is that Misicihstim will never take personal responsibility for anything.

    Web site going down happen all the time. This happens to sits that have hundreds of thousands of views a day, its a usual occurrence, yet chabad.info for some stupid reason has to go and twist it and propagandize a system failure and claim that someone hacked them, for g-d sake how low can you go, what the point really?

    But again, these are the same people who always find a way to justify and excuse all wrong doing (all system failures), whether it be acts of violence or Mesira, they always find someone else to blame it on, they are always the poor “victim”.

    BTW, why in hell would somebody with the resource to hack a site would want out of all web sites to hack jihad.info, where is the logic and gain in that?

  4. Always hacked Says:

    Find it odd that its always the meshichist sites getting hacked.

    Check this out…

    They really like playing victim.

  5. the enemy within Says:

    The mishichist game is simple.

    In order for them to be the hero they need to create a villain.
    Another strategy is to play the “poor victim” who is always getting attacked by the big monster. The world loves vitims and they think if they can present themselfs as one, then they win the war.

    But wont work for them as long as there are those who expose them for the phonies they are. In fact what has been exposed is the fact that they are the aggressors and very far from being any type of victim.

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