Much About Nothing


The “figures” as in the many shapes of the people all being “key figured” some fat on bottom some fat on top, some are truly well rounded.

Collive posted this  article. What exactly was the point of it?

To inform us about the “threat” we all know about?

Nothing has changed, that couldn’t be the point of the article.

Well over Shabbos, members of the Cholent team asked around upstate and in 770 this is what we heard.

Peter Simonetti is trying to get some positive media, after the negative feedback he received for letting a sicko go“.

We also heard many negative thoughts that Cholent doesn’t want to dwell on, but one reasoning we found to be most accurate is…

“To help collive establish themselves as a “key official” and the police wanted to help  show CH.Info that negative talk about the police is not accepted. And to such meetings your not welcome.”

We immediately emailed CH.Info to get his take on it and this is what he said…

“When you wake up in the morning and go to work, at the end of the day you get your paycheck, the paycheck is your thank you for your job. At we don’t pat people on their back for doing what they are supposed to do, we promote people when they go beyond the call of duty. When it comes to the negative side of things don’t think for a
second I won’t be told about it, and don’t think for a second that I won’t report on it, and guess what you think collive won’t either, all they want is a scoop, its fine, push comes to shove, when theirs controversy and they figure out a “clean”, no sided way to write about it they will.”

Asked for it:

“770 is a number one target and we are focused on making sure nothing happens,” Inspector Peter Simonetti, Commanding Officer for the 71st Precinct, told a Wednesday meeting with key officials.”

One of the things that was discussed at this meeting was how the original target for the September 11th attacks was really intended to be “the number one target, 770 Eastern Pkway”, but the dumb terrorist missed and hit the twin towers instead.

Maybe Simonetti should send out a memo to the terrorist, “hay, look over here, I got the number one target”.

“He said police were still taking Yousef Al-Khattab seriously. The Jewish-born, Jersey-raised convert to Islam has shown the 770 building as the source for Israel’s actions in Gaza.”

Really, they taking this guy seriously? Why the hell is he still walking around making threats?

How  exactly can anybody who attended this photo-op of a meeting help protect us from g-d forbid an attack?

Unless they have something like this there is nothing anybody can do.

What experience if any does Binyomin Klein, the Rebbe’s secretary; Zaki Tamir and Batya Breindel of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council; businessman and donor Yossi Popack; community activist Chanina Sperlin; Rabbi Sholom Ber Baumgarten of the Jewish Children’s Museum; Rabbi Avrohom Leider of Ahavas Chesed, Mica Soffer, Publisher of; and Yaakov Behrman of and members of Shmira – C.O.P. (Civilian Observation Patrol) Yanki Preger, Leib Skoblo and Dovid Leib Wolosow,
have with dealing with terrorist or security in general?

How come many of the “terrorism experts” mentioned above are not in the photo-op.

How is the shmira – C.O.P. planing to protect us from an attack, will they be putting up signs in more then one location this year?

When taking this shoot did the  photographer tell everyone to “say CH.Info”?

Shmira/COP Together With Collive Ruin A Jewish Life

Shmira/Cop goes out of the way to obtained video evidence incriminating the Yid

Who are they working for anyway? WIS EXCLUSIVE:


3 Responses to “Much About Nothing”

  1. Prager the Chicken Says:

    why would they write that prager was there when he wasn’t?

    why wasn’t Hackner and Brownstein there?

    how come they don’t give details about how we can help “prevent an attack”?

    why would 770 be the number one target?

  2. Im really fooled by this Says:

    who is Simonetti and col think they are fooling,
    shmira is dead,
    when was the last time they help another Jew,
    when was the last time they patrolled -some times before the summer,
    they disappear in the summer months when CH need security most and then they show up on Tishray as if they did something.

    This whole thing was just revenge on CH.INFO, to bad that collive is in bed with a goy just to screw another Jew.

  3. 770 Target #1 Says:

    Isn’t 770 the HEADQUARTERS of the world?
    Of course its the number one target, why would any terrorist even think of hitting anything else, what would be the point. If they really want to make the world shake, 770 is the number one target.

    I just hope the shmira-cop has enough sign power to defeat any threat

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