Efraim Setton Steals Matzohs From Bakery


Posted: August 25, 2010

Anyone who may have purchased or recieved Shmurah Matzoh from Efraim Setton, residing at 836 Montgomery St, Bklyn, between March 22nd and April 7th 2009, Should please call 1-718-773-6154. All information is important for an ongoing Din Torah,and will be kept confidential.
Thank You
Crown Heights Matzoh Bakery .

Matzoh Bakery              718-773-6154                    Send Email

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One Response to “Efraim Setton Steals Matzohs From Bakery”

  1. Effy Soton Says:

    I sell matzos at below wholesale because I never pay for them to begin with.

    My prices on Judaica weren’t too bad either until I was caught. Oh, well, see my new website at lulavhagazul.com for the best deals on lulavim and esroigim that are just the same as the ones everyone else is selling because they’re missing from everyone else’s stock.

    And if you report me I’ll have my shver sue you and we’ll lose big because Paul Huebner never wins a single case!

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