One of the first and simple questions WIS had amongst many (which will be addressed in this post), when the candidacy of  Yeshaya Braun was announced, was who is paying for his plane tickets here?

It has come to WIS attention that Mendle Hendel was the individual who paid for Yeshaya Bruans plane tickets to Crown Heights.

The following questions/concerns are based on, emails, letters, people chatting and comments (on WIS and all other web sites posting anything regarding the elections)….

As the elections day comes closer we the community of voters need clarification on a number of issues.

On Rabbi Bogomilsky a Lifelong member of this community we are more or less aware of his strengths and shortcomings. On Rabbi Braun a newcomer to our community we need clarification on the following questions.

1.         Who will be paying this Rabbi Braun? A man with a family and considerable expenses. We know it is not the council as they do not have the funds to undertake such an expense. If it is coming from individual(s) of our community, would this not put a question mark on his independence?

2.         If its indeed true that Rabbi Braun comes highly recommended by his community in Sydney Australia, Why would a successful man leave a successful shlichus?

A Rav has to come recommended by other Rabbonim, how come such a great beloved Rav has no recommendations from any Sydney Rabbonim who are the only ones who know him as a Rav?

Braun’s Kehila has fallen from a strong 60 families to 12, how does this reflect on his leadership?

Isn’t he coming because his Kehila is falling apart and he has nothing to do in Sydney because nobody wants such great talent there?

Wasn’t his job built on the blood of Rabbi Feldman, the Rebbe’s Shliach in Sydney? Now the tables turned and he’s out of a job he comes to Crown Heights?

Would the Rebbe  have agreed with this move? Has this ever happened before?  We all know this fact, that Rabbi Chanzin who actually won an election for a position as Rov, at the first Rabbi election, the Rebbe told him to stay home.

Historically the Rebbe NEVER allowed anyone to leave one position for another.

3.         What capabilities has he shown to be able to the bridge between the 2 feuding Rabbis?

4.         At the Chai Ellul Farbrengen in 770 Motzoai Shabbos Parshas Ki Savo, a community Yungerman,
R.Y.K., who was invited by the Gaboim to speak and was introduced by one of them as the speaker, was shouted down with a song     וכל קרני רשעים אגדע תרוממנה קרנות צדיק a bottle was thrown on him all in the presence of Rabbi Braun who did not say a word as a Jews blood   was spilled,   מבייש פני חבירו ברבים Erev Rosh Hashana,  in the month of Tshuva and Rachmim. Is there a reason for his non response, or is this an indication of the future??

UPDATE 8-31-20:

Who is behind the testimonial videos; who is taping them; who is the man is Sydney working with Mendle Hendel?

It is non-other then Yankle Koncepolski another extreme hate mongering Mishichist. (Click HERE, HERE, and HERE for a peek in to a man who justified and excused Mesira and acts of violence).

Many ignored Presidents Obama’s associations to radical extremist  and the results of that, as we all see, are devastating. Don’t deny whats right in front of your eyes. You want to know who a person is, check out his friends.

This post will be updates as more info/concerns come in….Stay Tuned

If you have any concerns regarding ANY of the candidates please voice them here.


12 Responses to “WHO IS YESHAYA- YOSSI- BRAUN?”

  1. oy gevald! Says:

    http://oygevald.com/ has the best choice for Rav, I’ll take three like those!

  2. Bruan Stepping Down Says:

    Breaking News:

    There are currently rumors that Bruan is stepping down as a candidate.

    I hope its true for the sake of Crown Heights.

    It would be the smartest thing the man did his whole life.

  3. Big Deal! Says:

    who thought for even a minute that its not Mendle Hendel, who else can it be?
    Hendel has been the second in command for years, if you ask me the real mafia boss is Yankle Spritzer.
    Spritzer doesn’t give a penny but he insights the hate.

  4. SHAYA Braun Says:

    he is a molester from back in the days

  5. Who is Behind Rabbi Broin Confirmed Says:

    A booklet about broin is being given out. Who wrote it, who paid for it?

    and WHY?

    while their is a lot of speculation on who is behind Rabbi Broin, here are the following rumors and you can use your wise judgement.

    Booklet – written and compiled by our 1 and only Eli Polterak.

    Booklet – Paid for by Our very own Chanina Sperlin.

    Website – theirs 2 the advertised one and another one.

    CrownHeightsRov.com site while registered private, but has videos under a youtube channel called “shragac“

  6. associations Says:

    One only has to look at who is behind Rabbi Braun’s candidacy to see that our fears are justified. 2 websites promoting Rabbi Braun were set up by the chabad.info gang. A nice glossy booklet was given out in 770 this morning (presumably they will be mailed to all the homes in CH), who printed it? Plotrack, Hendel etc…! And they didn’t have the courage of their convictions to print Yechi in their booklet, since when did these guys ever not put Yechi on their materials? Only in this case, when they are running a stealth candidate, so what will happen after the election?
    “Dont judge a book by its cover” may be true, but one should certainly judge who is behind it, and that scares me, a lot!

  7. be honest Says:

    It seems like when someone has nothing intelligent to say, the best way to attack a candidate is to state that he is being pushed by Hendel….

    What connection does Rabbi Braun have to Hendel? Is he a little child? Does he not have his own head? Is he a puppet? Is that what people that know him say about him?

    What a joke! If you have a problem with him then STATE IT CLEARLY!!! Don’t hide behind childish tricks saying he is “poltrak and hendel”… (soon you will also say that he is a ‘moiser’, eats on yom kippur, and all sorts of other shvartz yor. Please don’t fabricate anything. If you have a issue with him – state it clearly, without puling in hendel and poltrak…)

    • under the bus Says:

      why? is there now a problem with Hendel and Poltorak?

      Acc. to what you saying, if Braun is connected to them there is a problem and you wont vote for them.

      You i assume voted for Poltorak in the vaad election and are now throwing him under the bus, because you afraid to lose.


    Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya (Yossi) Braun refuses interview!

    With less than a week to go for the election of a 3rd Rov on the Badatz of Crown Heights, SHMAIS.com reached out to candidate Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya (Yossi) Braun of Sydney, Australia with a request to interview him.

    As shocking as it may sound, Rabbi Braun actually refused, saying “I’ve decided bli neder not to give any interview for any website, regardless of affiliation.”

    One would think, that a unknown candidate such as Rabbi Braun, a young Rov of a small Shul, would be agreeable to such an interview.

    Whomever the elected Rov will be, is being elected for life! That said, Rabbi Braun’s refusal to an interview is peculiar at the least. What does he have to hide?

  9. me Says:

    Bruan coming to Crown Heights with eleven kids, think about that, hows he going to do it?

    who going to pay his first months rent, whos going to pay the plane tickets for everybody?

  10. Questions you should ask Broin… Says:

    As he refuses to answer them to the media… or emails from private people.

    Why When Dudi Slavin was in coma did you refuse tehilim being said in your shul the tzemach tzedeck?

    Giving out Rabbi Feldmans number is nice, but isnt someone like Feldman a bit bios as you provided for the community that fraught him, and he has nothing to loose by trying to vouch for you and get rid of you?

    Whats your opinion when it comes to Loshon Hara, especially when it comes from your mouth against the head Shliach Rabbi Feldman?

    What is your connection and opinion of Rabbi Leshes from Mosey former colleague from Sydney? How will you and him work out Lubab shchita as he has just opened his own?

    Who paid your flight from Sydeny? Why?

    Who made all your websites and is behind your you tube interviews? Why did they make them?

    Who wrote the booklet on you, and paid for design, printing and postage? Why?

    Who is organizing the “Meet the Rabonim” Tommorow night? Why?

    If you find out that that meeting does not have the approval of all the candidates, and the current Rabonim will you be going? Why?

    You talk about the youth, are the Youth the biggest issue in Crown Heights? is this your main goal? is staying focused on doing positive really going to unite the Rabonim? or will we have instead of 2 groups 2 parties, 3?

    What will you do about all the people who tell Osdiba and Shwey What to do? especially when its against you?

    Do you feel you are coming into this position on strong grounds to help make sholom when 1 Rov wont endorse you while the other was only told by his people to endorse you but has already said will not vote for you?

    You say you have no affiliation with any groups….

    What is your Messianic beliefs?

    How many times have Chanina Sperlin, ELi Polterak, Mendel Hendel or their people spoken to you in the past 3 weeks?

    What were the contents of these talks, when you arrived in US how many meeting have you held with them, who else came to these meetings?

    Who is guaranteeing your salary, why is he not doing the same for the other 2 candidates, and how do you call yourself “unaffiliated” when your bread and butter comes from a 1 sided personality?

    A Question for Sydney Jewish Community…

    When Broin Wins, who will become Rov of Tzemach Tzedek? who is involved in replacing him?

    When Broin Looses, Will you except him back as a Rov?

    Question for Rabbi Chaim Fogelman…

    You said this interview is to help us decide, are you making it fair, are you making 2 more interviews?

    You work for the OK! The OK has a bad relationship with the Rabonim of Crown Heights? Why? isnt this strange that you held this interview?


  11. Anonymous Says:

    Zev Cadaner is being sued by members of Congregation Shaare Zedek in West New York, NJ. The suit alleges that he took advantage of the two elderly boardmembers and convinced them into signing over title to this multi million dollar synogogue to him and rabbi Schneur Zalman Hertzel

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