Something Smells Here: UPDATE: Source Of Smell Exposed

Who is behind this?

There is something strange going on perhaps you readers can help me out.

These signs have been up since this morning, yet none of the sites have posted anything about it.

I would expect that would be the first to post about it.

Why the silence?

Whos behind these signs? Who arranged this meeting? Did all the Rabbies agree to attend?

Must impotently, is this a joke making fun of our potential Rov, since when in all of history has such a thing been done? Did Marlow have to do this, did Schwei do this?

If you have any incite please share with the rest of us.


WIS received an e-mail Wednesday morning (at 7:34am) with above photo attached, asking if WIS knows anything about it.

First thing WIS does is check regarding this (it was a gut feeling that this was something they would do), found nothing about “the meeting” there. Then WIS checked, 1bigcholent, oygevald and then Collive and found nothing there either about a meeting.

The day was passing by, it was already late in to the afternoon (4:18pm- WIS clock an hour back) and still nothing. In the meantime many more emails filled the in-box asking what WIS might know about “the meeting”, something as WIS pointed above smelled.  For one thing, WIS could not imagine any self respecting Rabbi going to such an event, in other words, it made no sense.

A few short hours after WIS posted about this, did go ahead an confirm (by posting it) that it is they (their people) who are behind this. Reports…
When a group within the elections committee decided to make decision on their own, the absurd idea of having a ‘Meet the Rabbonim’ meeting was hatched, thinking that this is some kind of political election in which you need to meet a candidate, similar to that of the Vaad Hakohol. A late night notice officially canceled the event.

The following is an official statement:

Meet the Rabbonim forum for Thursday night, is officially canceled

A poster was hung on all the polls and circulated all over the neighborhood announcing a public forum to “meet the Rabbonim.” The impression given is that this is a neutral event that is sponsored by the election committee which is responsible for all the public activities relating to the elections, similar to the previous two elections held for the Vaad Hakohol only two months ago.

We hereby declare that this event is officially canceled.

There was a meeting held by the election committee, and we voted this idea down for two reasons:

1) Such a forum for an election for a Rav in our Kehila degrades the honor of the position of a Rav, while it will serve no purpose in helping the voter decide on who to vote for. Rabbonim must come recommended by other Rabbonim and you decide whom you trust and vote accordingly.

2) There is a Sicha of the Rebbe where the Rebbe states clearly, that to decide who qualifies to be a candidate for Rabbonus belongs to Rabbonim Gedolei Torah only, and it is unheard of that Baalei Batim should mix into the process of selecting the candidates (Matos Masei, 5746).

To have Rabbonim paraded in a campaign similar to the town dog-catcher before an election is the antithesis to what Torah and respect for Talmidei Chachomim demands from us. Even the candidates who may end up losing the election, still remain to be Rabbonim and they are certainly Talmidei Chachomim who should be treated as such.

Therefore this whole idea of a public forum at which the candidates for Rabbonus should model themselves as beauty queens on stage asking for our vote, is in bad taste to put it mildly.

To add insult to injury, Rabbi Moishe Bogomilsky Shlita was called by Rabbi Eli Cohen, Executive Director of the CHJCC, to invite him in the name of the election committee, to attend this event. When rabbi Bogomilsky asked who is organizing this event, Eli told him it was the election committee headed by Yisruli Sandhaus. When asked by Rabbi Bogomilsky and what about the other members, do they agree? He replied, I’ll get back to you.

At which point Rabbi Bogomilsky said, that he feels that such an event Past Nisht and is not respectable for a Rabbonim election, and therefore he will not attend such an event.

So how are we to relate to posters announcing so innocently that this event is a “meet the Rabbonim” forum, which will include no less than Rabbi Bogomilsky who clearly said that he will not participate? And to rub the salt into the wound, his blaring picture adorns the poster!

This process smacks of total disrespect to Rabbonim. Period.

If any candidate or his supporters wish to sponsor an event to meet their candidate, good for them, just announce it as such. But if you plaster the neighborhood with posters, that all candidates will attend, while knowing that some will not, smacks of an evil plan.

Imagine the entire neighborhood coming to the event to meet all the candidates and one of them doesn’t show up? How will it reflect on that Rav? How will the innocent bystander judge this person unbeknown to him that the invitation was a fraud?

Therefore, we as members of the election committee declare that this event was advertised as a fraud, and is hereby officially canceled. We ask all G-d fearing Jews not to attend this event if the impostor sponsors don’t cancel this event on their own.

If you want to meet any candidate they are very accessible, and some of them have their supporters organize for them events on a daily basis and you can find them there as you wish. Rabbi Bogomilsky is always available to speak to in his office, and in Shul three times a day and you can talk to him in a respectful setting and dignified manner at your convenience.

Just don’t forget to vote this Sunday, 26th of Elul, 8:30 am – 10:00 pm in the basement of the Rebbe’s Shul – 770.

Avrohom Nochum Gross
Yaakov Tzvi Sufrin
Yosef Yitzchock Katzman
Members of the election committee


5 Responses to “Something Smells Here: UPDATE: Source Of Smell Exposed”


    start crying now if this broin will take over with his mosrim poltrack and co.

  2. cher Says:

    it,s on go check it out.

  3. antimesira Says:

    WIS has control of all the web sites.

    You post they respond.
    You ask they answer.

    Now that power.

    only minutes after the above post, jihadinfo goes ahead and post the poster about the meeting.

  4. Runaway Election Committee - 'Meet the Rov' Canceled Says: just posted about this.

    I agree with antimesira, WIS seems to push a lot of weight in Crown Heights, great job exposing the truth once again.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Thanks you for your comment but trust me WIS is on top of it all.
      The flow of information coming to WIS is unbelievable.
      WIS thanks all of you for helping and sharing your information with all of us.

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