ACC. To Mosrim Rabbi Schwei Not Kosher

It didn’t take long. WIS wrote about and it happened within two day. The Schwei camp throw Rabbi Schwei under the bus. First it was Rabbi Marlow ob”m, then Rabbi Osdoba and now that they have a “new and improved” Rov, they get rid of Rabbi  Schwei.

Anybody who sold his Chometz this past Pasach to Rabbi Schwei, his Chometz was NOT sold; it was not a proper sale.


WIS will give the Mosrim gang an opportunity to answer that for us.



One Response to “ACC. To Mosrim Rabbi Schwei Not Kosher”

  1. Chabad Says:

    Nice chap, by them bashing Rabbi Bogomilsky they are really bashing their own Rov. They don’t realize this because they are not thinking with their head but from emotions.

    Or perhaps they don’t really care for rabbi Schwei anymore because they have a new rabbi and they are willing to do what it takes to get him in.

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