Rabbi Bogomilsky Endorsed By Many Rabbis – Haters Can't Hold In The Rage

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One of our favorites bus drivers Chaim Hershkop endorses Rabbi Bogomilsky  for Rov.

From an e-mail forwarded to the 1bigcholent inbox….


To my dear friends and acquaintances:

I would like to request each and every one of you to please take the time to go out and vote for Rabbi Bogomilsky this Sunday!!!

Rabbi Bogomilsky is a loving, caring individual and one whom we can trust!!!

Rabbi Bogomilsky is the only candidate who has been a Rov in our Schuna!!!

Rabbi Bogomilsky was the only Rov to speak up against Mesira!!!

Personally, I go to Rabbi Bogomilsky for any Shaalos or advice, whether big or small, regarding myself or my family.  Although outcomes of Din Torahs or answers to my questions have not always turned out in my favor, I always felt that I had been heard and trusted that each time answers were given Al Pi Torah.

Rabbi Bogomilsky was very much involved in every aspect of the Shomrim Six case.  At each stage, he was consulted and gave his advice on how we should continue.  But it was more than that; he would wait for updates on how each trial day went.  If even just one day passed and he hadn’t heard from us, Rabbi Bogomilsky would call to inquire about what transpired that day in court.  We knew Rabbi Bogomilsky was there, not only as someone who will answer our Shaalos, but as someone who was concerned with every aspect of our lives.

This is the feeling you get from Rabbi Bogomilsky, that you are a somebody, that you have value!

With Rabbi Bogomilsky, you will always be a winner!

A Gut Gebentched Yor,
May Hashem bless you all with
health, wealth and happiness.

Chaim Hershkop

Other important Rabonim have given their endorsement as well…

A number of noted Rabonim along with Mashpiim and Askonim came out in support of Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky, a candidate for the position of the third Rov in Crown Heights. Among the endorsements are Rabbi Gavriel Tzinner, Rabbi Moshe Landa, Rabbi Leibel Schapiro and Rabbi Dovid Sochet.

Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky Preface

Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky Smicha

Recommendation: Rabbi Gavriel Tzinner

Endorsement: Rabbi Moshe Landa (Hebrew)

Endorsement: Rabbi Leibel Schapiro (Hebrew)

Endorsement: Rabbi Dovid Shochet

Endorsement: Community Members, including Reb Yoel Kahan, Harav S. Segal, Harav Yisroel Friedman, Harav Avrohom Gerlitzky, Harav Efraim Piekarski, Harav Dovid Feldman, Harav Yisroel Shimon Kalmenson, Harav Michoel Seligson, Harav Nochem Kaplan, Harav Shmuel Plotkin, Harav Gedalya Korf, Harav Sholom Ber Futerfas, Rabbi Yankel Goldstein, Boruch Brikman, Mendel Bartfield, Yosef Zakon (Hebrew)

UPDATE: Shluchim Come Out in Support of Rabbi Bogomilsky

UPDATE: Chaver Habadatz of Crown Heights Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba Responds to Rabbi Yossi Marlow

WIS would like to note that the very same people behind the campaign of propaganda and supporters of Broan are the very same people who would have danced in the streets if Chaim Hershkop and the other Shomrim volunteers (known as the Shomrim Six) would have sat in jail, what’s Rabbi Bruan going to do about these people (who are involved in Mesira or justify and excuse Mesira)?

Source of Photo above….Chabad.Info – Propaganda <Click Here


Special Interest Group Turn Elections Dirty, Deceitful


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