Another Blood Libel In The Making

Change We Can Believe In

Almost the one year anniversary since the beginning of the Shomrim Six trial and another Blood libel by the Nazi Paul Huebner, gangster Elie Poltorak, Efrim Setton on Jews is in the works.

From the information forwarded to WIS (a few weeks ago), Paul Huebners $144 million dollar lawsuit is not going well at all. Huebner and his Mossrim friends  are very big losers and Huebner is in a very desperate position. Huebner will do all he can to try and turn the tied. First Huebner and his Mossrim gang got to play the victims who were beaten up by the “Shomrim aggressors”, but the outcome of a Six week trial said a different story. As it turned out to be that the so called “victims” were the aggressors and the so called aggressors were the actual victims of a blood libel.


Huebners plan is to do all he can to initiate a fight so he may make some arrest and claim victim one again, he will then run to the courts screaming “you see, you see”.

It started Motzi Shabbos Shlichus, 25 of Elul (Saturday night, September 4th at about 1:am), Paul Huebner, his son in-law Efraim Setton and a younger Setton approached the Shomrim Command post, parked on the corner of Crown St. and Kinston Ave. (as reported here) and proceeded to tear down signs in support of Rabbi Bogomilsky that were hung on the Shomrim Command post.

This violation was done in front of four Shomrim volunteers who were present at the time. Huebners evil plan was to have these four call for backup, and  hopefully a fight would start and then another blood libel can start to go in effect.

Huebners  plan failed, the Shomrim volunteers were told to stand down and to document the incident instead, which they did.

What takes place the next day (Sunday, September 5th) is sick, disgusting, gangster like, and pure Nazism. Only a evil soulless person (s) could do such a thing.

The Scene – 10:30pm: Rabbi Bogomilsky is standing outside the polling area on the corner of Kingston Ave. having conversations with the many residents gathered there. Pual the Nazi Huebner, Efraim Setton and his younger brother approach the Rabbi and start to spit and curse at him. Many of those gathered there protected the Rabbi an managed to get the Huebner Spitting gang away.

Aron Hershkop a Shomrim coordinator who was on that block at the time was made aware of what was taking place, preceded to Rabbi Bogomilskys location with a video camera in hand.

As Mr. Hershkop approached the scene  Efriam Setton and younger brother suddenly without provocation attacked Mr. Hershkop. On the video (which WIS has yet to receive and post here), you can see Efriam Setton throw a punch towards Aron Hershkop.

Many of the bystanders got involved and came to Mr. Hershkops defense and a big fight broke out. Mr. Hershkop sustained a few minor injuries to his head and legs. As in any confrontation both side get hurt [if you going to start a fight, don’t cry when you do get hurt. If you hit expect to get hit back]. In the mayhem the younger Setton somehow ends up on the floor “screaming in pain”.

And out of nowhere as if to have suddenly fall from the sky (puff) the Shmira Mesira Gang and Elie Poltorak show up

click image to enlarge

at the scene. The police are called,  Huebner, the Shmira Mesira and Gangster Eli Poltorak attempt to (out of everybody involved) get Aron Hershkop arrested and locked up.

The police refuse to make an arrest, claiming there are no injuries. This is not good enough for Huebner, so he starts to yell at the police that they are internal injuries. [WIS must take note at this point, that emergency services were not called for the “very injured young man”].

When the police state that if they arrest Hershkop they will have to arrest the Setton brothers, Huebner sacrifices “his own” and agrees that both parties should get arrested, a real act of Jihad. (Here we clearly see how  the rat  Paul Huebner will do anything  at this point to get Shomrim volunteers arrested. Just like in any blood libel, you would have to kill one of your own to frame the innocent).

Gangster Elie Poltorak then informs his Mosser friend Paul Huebner that he should go down to the hospital and make a report there. Haaa the memories.

The gangster Elie Poltorak then proceeds and approaches the Mishichist bystanders and asked them if they witnessed the incident they should step forward. Of course all of a sudden they (the mishichist mossrim) were all there and all saw what happened, 17 Mossrim step up.

Mr. Hershkop has many witnesses as well.

When one “witness” was asked about what had taken place, he stated that indeed Efriam Setton approached Aron Hershkop and attacked him first, but (get this) “who gave him the right to hit back” (to defend himself)?

[WIS would love to see that testimony go down in the court of law. It worked for the Mishichist Mossrim in the Shomrim six trial, right?].

Aron Hershkop still at the scene sends someone to inform the police that he is still here and would like to make his case in defense.  Hershkop informed the police as to what had taken place, he told the officer that he had come from a wedding and was wearing his best suit and was not looking for a fight. Hershkop then proceeded to show the officer the recording. After viewing the evidence the officer tells Hershkop that if he wants to make an arrest they will arrest the Setton brothers. Hershkop refused.

Did the Nazi Paul Huebner just walk away with another failed blood libel? Hells no! It took the Mossrim three weeks to have the Shomrim Six arrested. Huebner is determined to get Shomrim locked up, one way or the other.

Shomrim must learn from past mistakes and take proper legal action to protect themselves. There is a Jewish law that states: “if you know that someone is coming to kill you, you MUST wake up earlier and kill him first”.

What Huebner did with the command post is no different then any theft walking up your porch or entering your home and stealing.



4 Responses to “Another Blood Libel In The Making”

  1. resident Says:

    when will this messira end?

  2. yechi monster Says:

    Aron should of gotten them arrested that way “they” wont be able to do more damage to the community

  3. infestation Says:

    crown heights is so f****d up,supposedly chabad works so hard to bring yidishkeit to all those remote places where you hardly find any jews and in the same time in the heart of your own hood you guys are eating each other up!sad and pathetic…

  4. john doe Says:

    Instead of crying to huebner like a bunch of pussies the cops should have arrested and summonsed huebner for disorderly conduct and inciting a riot. The piece of garbage edp huebner is getting so brazen in thinking that the law doesn’t apply to him that its only a matter of time before he f-ks up big time and we’ll be attending his trial and sitting on the left side aisle.

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