Mishichist Tzvati Mosrim Beat Up Chabad Bocherim

Tuesday September 7th, 2010 Mishichist Mossrim beat up two Chabad Bochrim in 770 Eastern Parkway and broke their glasses.

Menachem M. Amita

Mosser Shnaur Rotem

The two Chabad Bochrim who were maliciously beaten are Lazer Klien and Shmulik Renitz, both who are in-charge of the Vaad Hatimimim . The two were peacefully distributing leaflets in 770 advertising their program when they were attacked by Shneur Rotem from Israel, and Menachem M. Amita from Hartzalia, Israel.

This was a clear act of terrorism which stems from a deep rooted hatred and  jealousy towards anything not Mishichist.
The beating was caught on tape, WIS hopes to obtain that footage.
UPDATE: The Mosser Shneur Rotem was one of the Mosrim who falsely testified in the Shomrim Six trial, he is  currently one of the Plaintiffs in the $144 million dollar lawsuit against Shomrim.
Need your help: Help WIS identify Menachem M. Amita, the other terrorist involved in the vicious beating, you can do so by CLICKING HERE. Save photo and send to whoisshmira@gmail.com or send a link.
UPDATE: Thanks for your help!

If you observe any acts of violence or vandalism first thing you do is take out your camera or phone and record the act, then send to WIS with a detailed description of what has taken place. If you see any act of Chillul Hashem please records and send here.

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