HaRav Yossef Yeshaya Braun: Show Me The Money!!!

HaRav Yossef Y. Braun, newly elected Rabbi to Crown Heights, Husband and Father to eleven children has made his demands.

1. A Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars a Year.

2. A House (paid for by the community of course)

3. Tuition For All His Children Education.

Hay, a Rabbis got to eat, right?

Please copy and paste the above and send to all your neighbors and friends who voted for HaRav Braun (and even those who didn’t) and ask them, Whose going to pay for this and how?


19 Responses to “HaRav Yossef Yeshaya Braun: Show Me The Money!!!”

  1. me2 Says:

    Wow, I’m quitting my job and going back to Yeshiva to study hard, this is surly worth the investment in the long run.

    In a few years CH will need a new Rabbi (the current ones should live until 120 in good health and “great WEALTH”), and I’ll be ready by then, with Dayimice and Shimush of course.

    Where do i sign up?

  2. A Thinking Person Says:

    Well, he can ask for whatever he wants – doesn’t mean the community has to agree. He is the new junior member of the Beis Din, and as such should receive initially a salary that is some percentage – say, 60-75% – of what the senior members receive. As far as the “perks” – these should also be in line with the arrangements that the community has with the other two Rabbonim.

    Logically, if he comes with a particularly high demand – make a particularly LOW counter-offer. If he does not like the offer, let him revise his request and try again. If he remains dissatisfied with the community’s offer after some number of rounds, he should surely be free to decline the position.

    Presumably, the next biggest vote-getter would then be offered the job. I’m sure Rabbi Bogamilsky would be quite reasonable in negotiating a fair agreement with the community.

    If Yossi Braun is in this for the business, that’s his business – and it is certainly fair to deal with him as you would in business…

  3. reasonable Says:

    it is a normal salary
    life is expensive and he has a position of great responsability
    Any rabbi in a main shul gets from 180k and up, plus bennefits and tuition etc

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Sure agreed, BUT…

      Does the community have this money?
      Where is the money going to come from?

      AND isn’t this something that was to be discussed mouths before the elections, before he decided to run?
      Wait, that’s right he was only a candidate for two in-half weeks and only remembered to ask about his salary three days before the elections (that’s what they want us to believe).

      Find me one person who takes up a job and no less a life time job without knowing his situation regarding his place of living, salary etc…

      Something smells here and sounds very fishy.
      He could not have gotten on a plain (last minute) without knowing what he’s getting in to, unless he was promised by someone something.
      Let’s not forget, he was (and is) “very successful” in Sydney.

    • An experienced rov Says:

      “Any rabbi in a main shul” makes 180K plus benefits and tuition? Hardly. In the Reform movement, perhaps, but in the frum world it simply isn’t financially feasible except in the most affluent communities – where such a salary simply puts the rov within reasonable shooting distance of his congregants financially. Even in comfortable Modern Orthodox communities, a rov who makes $100K is doing quite well.

      And generally, he would be employed in other capacities – which, btw, will no doubt happen here as well. May we expect that there will no longer be fees for the rabbonim to sit for a Din Torah? Halacha permits S’char Beteilah – what the rov would be making were he doing whatever else he is trained for – and as far as I know the rabbonim here do not forego theirs…

      So his earning opportunities increase when he moves here, even without excessive salary in relation to the generally modest community he’s ostensibly coming to serve.

  4. awacs Says:

    Suppose the kahal didn’t agree; or couldn’t get the money together. Would there be a do-over of the election? Would we pick the next guy in line? A din torah between YYB and CHJCC? Something else?

  5. CH Resident Says:

    Why not, let’s already throw in for our new great Rabbi some…

    Full house of new furniture -(What? We can’t give him an empty house).

    Health care.

    A leased car – with credit card for free gas, maybe even a driver (Ok, well discuss the driver).

    All bills paid – including and not excluding: Electric, Water and Gas.

    Plain Tickets for him and his large family, including the cost of transferring all or any property from Sydney to New York.

    Paid mobile service for the Rabbi and his wife.
    Paid internet service.

    To name a few.
    If I missed anything please make mention here.

  6. chexposed@gmail.com Says:

    shmu569 writes me in an email regarding the above post:

    “I am surprised, even in the midst of the Ten Days of Tshuva you can’t hold it in and you have to say things that aren’t true. Even in the middle of the Ten Days and before Yom Kippur when Hashem judges each and every one of us, you decided to Judge someone else in the way you will be judges?”

    Chexposed responded:

    I know this to be a matter of fact.
    I trust my source 100%.

    All WIS essentially did (and the email I forwarded to you) was state the facts as it is, there is no opinion positive or negative regarding the matter, just pure facts. So why so jumpy.

    Also, last year this time (Ten days of Tshuva) seven members of our wonderful community were getting “deals” from the district attorneys regarding a blood libel against them.

    Last year this time, 7 Mossrim were getting prepped to testify against 7 Jews, what did you tell them?

    Almost a year since a six weeks trial to lock up six of your fellow Jews for 15+ years, what were you doing last year this time?

    Question to you my friend: How do YOU know its not true?

  7. ch member who voted Says:

    there will not be any change in ch. The machlokes will only get worse. We know how he won. we also know that mendel hendel is smart. all along he said that mangel is yes running, not running, yes running not running, can’t be reached for comment etc. etc. this all, so that the last minute he comes up with braun who is an unknown and there is not enough time to check him out. then there is a blitz campaign to elect him. Who in their right mind votes for an unknown for life. a person who is a total stranger. The letters coming from sydny do not speak positive of him.
    i voted for rabbi bogomilsky. it is our loss and australia’s gain. the hendel teams gain. the machlokes peoples gain.
    i think at first it will be quiet and then it will start. osdoba will never go under braun’s thum.
    ch normal people will either leave and leave ch to these kinds or we will split and have two different lubavitch and never will the twine meet.
    gmar chasima tova and hashem yerachem

  8. $$$$ Says:

    it could cost about 20K just to get his family to the US.

    This is crazy, its like we had the lottery (with Rabbi Bogomilsky) in our hands and we shredded it to pieces for what?

  9. reasonable Says:

    most problably that a fund for this salary is going to be opened and a few millionaires are going to support it. 150 k is low and fair for this position.

    • antimesira Says:

      That my friend is a big problem.
      If the Rabbi will be receiving his salary from a few millionaires (directly or indirectly) he will have taken Shochat from them and he now “owes” them, that is just the nature.

      This leaves us with another political Rov who can’t judge according to Shulchan Aruch.

      How long do you think these millionaires will be able to pay his salary, a year, two years? This is a Rabbi for life and hes under 40.

      Nobody answered the questions that were addressed on WIS before the elections and they are….


      Lets look at the facts: For one thing he came to Crown Heights in a rush. The decision to be a candidate was made in the course of three days. The questions still remain….

      Who Spoke to him; who convinced him to come?
      Was it not the Schwie camp which is ran by Mendle Hendel?

      What did they tell him or promise him that enticed him to quit his current position and move his whole family across the world?

      Who payed for his flight? How will he pay to get his family here?

      In the week plus that he has been in Crown Heights has he not had any meetings with the people who brought him here?

      What did they discuss at these meetings? Was the issue of whose paying him and how much brought up at all?

      How is it that the people who clearly brought him here; rushed him here (from the other side of the world) don’t have a plan what to do with him?

      Why did he all of a sudden remember about his salary now (three days before the election)?

      If the Mosrim have to lie on his behalf, this in itself proves how hes already their puppet.

      The Realty: The community has no money to pay him, so what now, whose going to pay him?

      Three days before the elections and coming all the way from Sydney, Australia (the other side of the world a.k.a. down under), all of a sudden our candidate (who is a “successful Rabbi” in Sydney and a father to eleven children with more on the way) who decided to run within three days after the deadline remembers to ask, “hay, whose going to pay my salary?”

  10. kosher pots Says:

    this is rubbish. braun wouldn’t know 150k if it hit him in the face. he is not a demanding money hungry guy. he is a ehrliche yid and will do a good job servcing his new community

  11. bo Says:

    What is the source for this demand?

  12. antimesira Says:

    What are the other Rabonim getting paid?
    Who paid for their homes and tuition?

    Did Marlow get paid this much?

    If I remember correctly, Marlow lived (and to some still lives) in a section 8 apartment belonging to Harav Dovid Fisher.

  13. me Says:

    So the community has no money and must likely have to go raise the money.
    This is very sad, many families can’t pay their tuition or can’t send their children to camp.
    Many struggle to have a proper Yom Tov.

    150K for charity would have gone a long way to improving many lives instead money will be raised to pay one mans salary.

    We had a choice of a candidate who did not need a salary or the very least would have asked for the minimum (we will never really know) and we blow it.

  14. Rice man Shechter Says:

    You know whose very rice and lives in Section 8 who publicly endorsed Rabbi Bruan on the account of knocking down the other Rov Running in a must disgusting manner?



  15. awacs Says:

    “What are the other Rabonim getting paid?
    Who paid for their homes and tuition?

    “Did Marlow get paid this much?

    “If I remember correctly, Marlow lived (and to some still lives) in a section 8 apartment belonging to Harav Dovid Fisher.”

    As I recall, Rav YKM O.B.M. died a creditor of CHBD. I’m given to understand that Rabbi AYS is now in the same unenviable position.

  16. zalman Says:

    If the 2000 people who voted will pay the mas hakohol like the rebbe did , it wouldn’t be a problem.

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