Jihad.info Plays ‘CAN YOU SPOT A MOSSER?

It was so successful the first time that Jihad.info decided to play the game again.

There were many complaints the first time around, do to the fact that there were so many Mishichist Mossrim to point out.
It was decided to make it easier for the fans and just have them pick out a few Mossrim.


(L-R) Elkon M. Gurfinkel and Gavriel Brownstein

Chabad.Info – News: Discerning Chabad from mishichistim
Chabad.Info – News: Thousands Attend Annual Mishichist Mossrim Gathering


2 Responses to “Jihad.info Plays ‘CAN YOU SPOT A MOSSER?”

  1. same Says:

    all mossrim look the same, they all have yechi kippas and yellow pins.

  2. antimesira Says:

    why these scum are still allowed in 770; our community or anywhere where Jews may gather is beyond me.

    Any normal Jewish community would have gotten rid of this scum a long time ago.

    Also how is it that…
    1. the yeshiva lets these mossrim sleep in their dorm (749).
    2. Mendle Hendel has these mossrim working for him.

    No. 2 is not such a surprise.

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