Quote of The Day: Despite All Odds

It’s a modern day David versus Goliath” said another Shomrim coordinator, “the police being Goliath, and the community being David left without the services it demands.”


Despite all Odds wrote:

It seems to me that Shomrim is like Israel – a small piece of land that everyone wants to rule over and all think it doesn’t have the right to exist, yet they continue to live on despite all odds! Go Shomrim! Continue doing your work LeShem Shamayim and Hashem will protect you and us!


Watch Out Shmira wrote:

if the shmira use the police to help them fight a fellow Jew what will stop them from respecting us as a family. this is what happened back in Germany. shmirah watch out before its to late.


Call 311 wrote:

Remember you are the boss of the Police. u pay their checks every Friday.

Call the city and tell them…

1. You are upset the police moved a safety command that has been their for 15 years, that is placed to make it easier for police if something to were go wrong.

2. You are upset that the 71pct has spend too much time on community politics and not enough time fighting crime.

3. You are upset the 71pct has caused MORE community infighting then ever before.

4. You are upset that the “blue” community affairs officers have added a new meaning to “community” and what we stand for.

Take down the report number and follow up on the status 48 hours later to see what was done and pass the information to ch.info the only site willing to stand up for what it right…

Don’t sit back and read this, saying this is a good idea, ill let someone else do it.

The more calls the higher chance for a internal investigation of the 71pct. something that sure is to restore the true blue honesty and justice that our community needs to have.

Do we all need to be reminded of Klien o.b.m… how about the recent killing on Eastern Parkway and Utica

Need I say more, make the call, its your right, and duty.


One Response to “Quote of The Day: Despite All Odds”

  1. antimesira Says:

    Yesterday And Today The Story Always Remains The Same

    …When Mordechai, a proud Jew, refused to bow down, Haman was infuriated. He resolved to take revenge against all the Jews and throw lots to determine the “lucky” day when he would implement his plan. The lot fell on the 13th day of the Hebrew month of Adar…

    …Haman left the party a happy and proud man. Oh the honor he was being accorded! But standing at the king’s gate was Mordechai – who still refused to bow to Haman – and Haman was enraged. When he arrived home, his wife and wise advisors counseled him to erect a gallows, and then to go to the king and request permission to hang Mordechai. Haman excitedly went ahead and put up the gallows…

    …The king was greatly angered. When he was then informed that Haman had built a gallows for Mordechai, he ordered that Haman be hanged on that very gallows…

    …And the Jews in Shushan were oh so happy. Celebrations abounded!…

    …On the 13th of Adar that year, the Jews throughout the Persian Empire mobilized and killed the enemies who had wanted to kill them. In Shushan, among the dead were Haman’s ten sons…

    Our enemies have appeared throughout history and have representatives in every class and society. They are distinguished by their irrational, undisguised malice and never miss an opportunity to cause harm.

    The reason we can’t fulfill this commandment to destroy Amalek today is because Sancharive dispersed all the nations and mixed everybody up, and we don’t know who Amalek is. Chances are that the Jewish nation has some from the nation of Amalek. Well they are finally coming out of the closet and reveling themselves to use. Yes, right here in crown Heights.

    May the end of the Amalek’s/Mossrim of this generations be as their forefathers. May we merit to see very soon, the Mosrim hanging from the very same gallows they prepared for the others; the righteous Jews.

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