Finally finally someone in Crown Heights steps up to the plate to try to make a REAL difference by Running for a position that really matters and will really make a difference in our life’s  and COLLIVE a.k.a MOSSRIMLIVE uses this opportunity to screw the Jew once again with pure hate (comment 15).

This is not the first time that COLLIVE a.k.a MOSSRIMLIVE has used its position to hurt Jews.


The Sellout Mica Soffer


How much did Mica Soffer sell her soul for this time?
How much did Karim Camara (and the Chanina Sperlin Mesira team) pay Mica Soffer for her services (to betray one of our own)?

This is not the first time that Mica Soffer editor and owner of COLLIVE has sold out on her fellow Jews for a few bucks.

Mica Soffer claims to be a community web site but in realty is nothing more then a self serving money hungry machine.

Mica Soffer will do anything for a few dollars, WIS finds that sad and pathetic.


Collive Fueling Machlokes -Fighting

Glorifying Rats a.k.a. Mesira



  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Search Chanina Sperlin name on collive and you will not find one [negative/personal] comment like the ones Mica has approved or maybe has written herself about Chanina Sperlin or the other Mossrim [Elie Poltorak and gang] as you find in this post.

    Trust me, many comments were written on Chanina Sperlin post that were never approved. Why? Because Chanina Sperlin pays and Mica Soffer is a sell out whore!!!

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