Let Crown Heights Get Its Own Dov Hikind



Why won’t the Chanina Sperlin Picture PAC endorse one of their own?
It’s all about greed and lining up their own pockets, all this and more with full details  to come, after the elections. WIS will map it all out in a clear and simple manner.

Over $200,000 of our tax payers dollars given over to Chanina Sperlin, where is it?

With Raitport as Assemblyman there will be no need for the middle man and the money will go where it belongs, to the needy people of the community!

Just to throw something out there (which WIS will talk about later):

Days before the Vaad elections Chanina Sperlin opened another organization under his own name. All this and more to come.


3 Responses to “Let Crown Heights Get Its Own Dov Hikind”

  1. Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski Says:

    Emotion v. intellect

    By Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski

    A world-renowned psychiatrist answers: How can we know factual reality when our emotions distort our perception?

    “We were like grasshoppers in our eyes, and so we were in their eyes.”

    — Numbers 13:33

    This verse was the origin of all my writings and emphasis on self-esteem. In this unique syntax, the Torah (Bible) teaches us a psychological principle of the greatest importance: The way you feel about yourself is how you think others perceive you.

    The foremost commentator, Rashi, expands upon this concept. The spies said, ”We heard the Canaanites say, ‘Look! There are ants crawling in our vineyards.’ ” The Torah says that the spies felt as small as grasshoppers, which are still much larger than ants. Furthermore, how could the spies know what the Canaanites were saying? How could they understand their language?

    Rashi is teaching us that low self-esteem is progressive and self-reinforcing. If you have a distorted, negative self-concept, it is apt to further deteriorate. You may begin by feeling as small as grasshoppers, but your self-image will shrink and you will eventually think even less of yourself. In addition, you will assume that others are making negative comments about you, even if you are not privy to what they are saying. A distorted, negative self-concept can lead to paranoia.

    The Midrash on this verse expounds another important psychological principle. ”G-d said, ‘I forgive you for saying, ”We were like grasshoppers in our eyes.” But why did you say, ”and so we were in their eyes?” How do you know that I did not make you appear to them as mighty angels? For that I do not forgive you’ ” (Tanchuma).

  2. antimesira Says:

    I like the pun in this, very funny!

    Great point as-well.

  3. Hand The jew!!! Says:


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