Crowning a Nobody: Braun a Danger To Crown Heights

They say if you want to know who a person is just look at who his friends are.

Braun claims not to know who campaigned for him. I believe that’s a lie. The same people who campaigned for him were the ones that paid his ticket to the states.

For arguments sake we will say that Braun didn’t know. So now we will take the liberty of telling him. Judging from those who “celebrated” his win we know exactly what Crown Heights is getting. The people who brought Braun to Crown Heights are Mossrim, Ganovim and hate mongers, what does that make Braun?

Come the 19th of Kislev 5762 (Thursday, November 25, 2010) despite his Simicha not being confirmed, Zaki Tamer and Mendle Hendel will be “crowning” Braun as the new Rov of Crown Heights. This is being done as a plow in-order to convince you that all that is being said about Braun is not true. We are on to this and we won’t fall for this, we will demand the truth no matter how many parties are thrown for him.

Associations are important and WIS was the only site which talked about Braun association with Mossrim and Ganovim before the elections. Sadly the “main stream” Chabad or Crown Heights sites did not pick this up. Even if Braun was to have Simcha, this problem of who he’s working for would always exists.

This is not new for Mr. Braun, these are the people who campaigned for you.

Let’s not forget about the all star committee raising money for Braun…

According to our source, the committee will include: Shlomo Drimmer, Yossi Malamud, Gadi Blizinsky, Mendel Shneerson, Oren Popper, and Zev Cadaner.

EXIT QUESTION: How many of you who voted for Braun would not vote for him today with all the information/facts you now know about Braun? In other words: Had you known then what we know now, would you have voted for Braun?

For more coverage on Bruan visit:


5 Responses to “Crowning a Nobody: Braun a Danger To Crown Heights”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:


    Crown Heights Community Deceived

    Joke Of the Day Not So Funny

    HaRav Yossef Yeshaya Braun Robs Crown Heights

    HaRav Yossef Yeshaya Braun: Show Me The Money!!!

    Crown Heights Loses – Mosrim Win

    Elections Canceled: Rabbi Marlow Lives


    40 – 40 = Zero: 40 Zeros Endorse Bruan. UPDATE: Some Say they Were Duped

    EXCLUSIVE: Rabbi Schwei To Vote For Rabbi Bogomilsky

    Vote For Braun Is A Vote For More Machlokes

  2. Anon Says:

    One question I would really like Rabbi Braun to answer is…

    What would you have done, had you been a Rov here in crown heights exactly one year ago regarding the shomrim six trial, what would you have done, what course of action would you take as a Rov to stop that vicious mesira?

  3. Shocking: Despite His Own Psak -Rabbi Rosenberg feels Smicha not a necessity! Says:

    During a conference call today between the five Rabbonim, Rabbi Rosenberg seemed to make the argument that Rabbi Braun doesn’t necessarily need Smicha. Rabbis Havlin and Kuperman are disappointed.

    Asimovrants brings to you the latest letter from Rabbi Osdoba to the Beis Din. Note: the letter was written before the recent development.

    What a disgrace, what a joke, this whole process was one big joke.


  4. Lubavitcher Rebbe: Braun the Holyman Must Stay Home! Says:

    When Yossef Yeshaya Braun, made the switch to Lubavitch, his worried grandfather, the author of Shearim Mitzuyonim Bihalacha, went to the Rebbe zt”l to receive a Bracha that his Einikel should keep up with his learning (Er zol bleiben bym lernen). The response he got from the Rebbe was: Kedusha doesn’t leave its place (Kedusha eina zaza mimkoma), especially the Kedusha of Torah.
    The Rebbes very clear instructions to the Holy Tzaddik Braun to stay in or not to leave (eina zaza) Sydney (mimkoma), especially since the Holy Tzaddik was involved with Kedusha of Torah [in Sydney].

    What else can the Rebbe have meant if not this?

    Is Braun going against a direct order from the Rebbe?

  5. shochad master Says:

    shochad works even if the rov doesnt know about it. check all the stories in the gemorrah

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