Zaki b.Tamir Why Haven’t You Resigned Yet?

It has been two days since has posted asking for a full resignation or full explanation from Mr. Zaki Isaac B. Tamir. The request was in response to his communist way of thinking letter Zaki had the Rabbonim, whom he pays, sign. Yet, its as if it fell on deaf ears. The man who ran and got the most votes, to become chairman, is just missing. The man who walked from shul to shul to gather support is gone. It’s almost like he forfeit his position and gave it to others. The man who got in on a anti-mesira anti-Chanina Sperlin, Eli Polotrak vote goes in their footsteps?

Zaki Isaac b. Tamir you think putting everything under the rug will help you? Today we have learnt something important, you approve with the Shmira and Yitzchok Shuchat on his criminal behavior. In fact, you have told the daily news that its a community issue. Here at we were not sure this was a communal matter. But now that such a high and respected member of the Vaad says it is, we say why not?!

Zaki Isaac b. Tamir you think Jewish blood is a joke, you think its all “political” fun games. “I watch his a$$, he watches mine”. Don’t you understand what Yitschok Shuchat, under direct orders from Shmira, did to Crown Heights? You think having another riot on the streets of Crown Heights is a good “political” move. Yes, we know the publicity and media you can get in front of in order to raise more money, for you and your buddy’s Chanina Sperlin and Elli Cohen to pocket. “Oww  he’s such a victim of the media” is he? really?! Your a defense lawyer you know well what he did and the consequences. How many pictures with Peter  Simmonetti do you need, and how many Jewish children have to get mugged for it?

Zaki Isaac b. Tamir where do you live? Are you not aware of the complaints made to your neighbor next door? Are you not aware of the over 200 complaints made by Shmira and its members? When did you know about those complaints being made and what have you done to stop them? Where will you stand when the whole Crown Heights will see the evidence? Because it is a communal matter, isn’t it?? What will you say then?

Zaki Isaac b. Tamir is the problem that to many people are asking for assistance, and your response is “no money no resources”, so they ask how are these Shomrim guys doing it without any resources, without any money? So you like your predecessors come up with this brilliant idea “if I shut down Shomrim, if I shut down anyone else who is doing good, ill be the supreme leader”.

Zaki Isaac b. Tamir you say that the only people who can handle the police is you. Zaki your a lawyer, no? You know the law if its legal its legal for everyone if its illegal it’s illegal for everyone. Where do you get this idea that you are the decision maker in everyones private life?

Where exactly have you gotten the idea that protecting the police from criticism makes us safer? What have you done for the community? We know you stood by and watched the Shomrim command post being towed by Simmonetti’s men. So your idea was to have the police move all its vehicles onto Kingston Ave., to fool us in to feeling safe, sure! Because instead of being around to protecting against crime, you had them protect against Shomrim.

I know you like to live in denial about crime. This weeks death was non-racial, Mr. Mervyn Johnson is a good man, it was over money. How many Jewish kids got mugged over the last few weeks at gun-point. What would you have done if a kid denied the mugger his $10 and would have G-d forbid gotten shot? Yes I know, it would be a perfect time for a photo shoot, it would be perfect time to collect more money (another opportunity to bring up the riots and make the issue about race). You and that man-child Chanina Sperlin don’t give a shi** about the community.

Yes, its not for no reason you had no choice but to let Chanina Sperlin and that Eli Cohen guy remain in the community. It’s not for no reason Yossi Hackner does not want to involved. We know you are running away with the pot, while the people of this great community are starving.

Zaki Issac B. Tamir we are awaiting your response.


2 Responses to “Zaki b.Tamir Why Haven’t You Resigned Yet?”

  1. sam Says:

    Youare all forgeting who Zaki is. Zaki is the brother in law of Deitch – the Lioshna Rebbe. He and his family have always defended Deitch. Sad that CH didn’t even Vet him out before they voted for him. More the reason he should resign. He ran really as a covert operative to clean his brother-in-law’s name

  2. representitive no Says:

    the reason zacki hasn’t resigned is because he is incapable of figuring out the proper procedure to do so….

    someone give him some help

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