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5. Moe wrote:

D.A hyenas is a Jew but a self hating Jew a real anti semite


7. Beware! wrote:

D.A. Hynes, if you believe in justice, then why did you let the CHJCC pressure you in going forward with a bogus trial that was the laughing stock of your court and the justice system?!!! To advance your political agenda or theirs? Well, this edict falls in the same category, they want to advance their political agenda and they don’t care for anyone who stands in their way – one day is was the Shomrim, today it’s you, tomorrow there will be someone new. The CHJCC has one message, we are your friend as long as you do what WE want you to do, if not, we’ll do what we have to to get you out of our way! Beware!

13. To my dear, sad buddy, Moe wrote:

Moe, you are a real moron. Mr. Hynes is not Jewish, that’s #1. Secondly, he is more supportive and HELPFUL to Crown Heights than the CHJCC which supports meseira, thievery, violence etc.

I have not always agreed with Charles Hynes & I’ve stood up & said so. But if I had to choose who is there for us, I’d say he was, above & beyond the Vaad & as much as it pains me, the Rabbonim.

You see, my poor Moe, the Rabbonim are puppets of a corrupt system. Are you familiar with the expression “he who pays the piper, plays the tune”? The CHJCC controls their salaries, so they are the employers. Like good little employees, the Rabbonim do everything they’re told. Which is why it speaks in Pirkei Avos about the need for impartial judges.

Lastly, if we have a gag order not to speak ill of the police, don’t you think you should SHUT THE HECK UP about our DA? Surely he is part of the system & you can’t pick & choose what part of the Psak you decide to follow.

Me? I don’t follow ANYTHING they say. Any shailohs, I go outside Crown Heights. I’m not a stupid sheep.


16. antimesira wrote:

To Moe:

Last year when the Shomrim Six sat on trial Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes was only able to do what he does, which is prosecute people, only with the help of Jews, Jews who consider themselves frum/religious, Jews who came to testify with hats and jackets (Yechi Kippas and pins), Jews who pretended to need a hat when making blessing on the witness stand, Jews who even sat in the Mesira (witness) stand with a Davar Malchos.

These Seven Mossrim ( did what they did with the help – financially and emotionally- and encouragement of people -mossrim of Crown Heights.

Paul Huebner
Henna White
Chanina Sperlin
Mendle Hendel
Elie Poltorak
Yankle Spritzer
Yanky Prager
Yossi Stern
Leib Skoblo
The ULY 770 Yeshiva (let them stay in 749 until today).
And many many more individuals, all the above think themselves as frum Yiddin. All the above walk in 770 like heroes (walking in 770 is not saying much, but still).

In Short:
Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes did what the Mossrim leaders here in Crown Heights wanted him to do!

Since last years Mesira, there is NO more MESIRA!
Mossrim have no rights when it comes to Mesira!


21. an educated consumer wrote:

COLLIVE.COM Shutting themselves down

I have to agree with #18. I sent in TWO respectful, articulate posts to Mica’s Place & neither was posted. Why? Because I dared to disagree with all those calling for this site’s shutdown & the Hershkopfs’ blood in a calm & respectful manner.

I also (shock! gasp!) dared to disagree with this “psak,” WOW! A shanda! Someone relatively intelligent, educated, & capable of independent thought (a rarity round here!) actually opposes the establishment. Moreover, I spoke against the CHJCC (again, calmly, without rancor or name-calling.)

Mica’s Place is a euphemism for bias, hate, & divisiveness. It is NOT fair or balanced reporting, because it will not post anything that a) disagrees with the goose-step mentality of “it’s our way or the high way”; & b), it won’t publish anything written by someone with a good grasp of grammar & style (not to mention knowledge of the topic under discussion.) I know this because I have deliberately misspelled, used poor grammar, & portrayed myself as yet another illiterate Crown Heights peasant & lo & behold! My words of incomprehensible drivel were posted!

Don’t worry, the public knows that when we want to read all points of view we can get it from this site. You will even allow Shmira’s name to be mentioned!

Kol HaKovod for lively discussion!


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