Zaki Issac B. Tamir Its Day 5 -You Still Havent Resigned, Why?

Zaki Isaac Tamir and Eli Cohen Talk Hate

Zaki Issac B. Tamir at what point will you stop and think, think about where you are and how you got there? Since the hate site leaked your letter you have been trying to do damage control. Zaki Issac B. Tamir you think attempting to change the subject will help you? As a courtesy, and especially that here at WIS we see how determined you are to bring an end to all the Hate Sites, we thought we will help you see where you went wrong. Because, after all we are here for the same reason, root out the Hate.

Zaki Issac B. Tamir you think we are stupid, or are you simply lying? You tried to make a group (committee) representing each group?! You think if you say it, it will make it true?

Zaki why where you elected? Why has Crown Heights come out to vote in such numbers?. You think its because of your charm? The modern guy with the trimmed beard? Zaki people where sick and tired of Chanina Sperlin Mesira, people where sick and tired of this unelected Eli Cohen guy lining his pockets with all the community’s money. Yet, you win and what do you do you keep them in, you think we are stupid?! You think no one sees? “If I tell them Chanina Sperlin is the only one who can do intergovernmental work, they’ll believe me”.

Who went in the name of the community and had four residents arrested? You think its a joke? Oww you get false Mesira on you day in day out “but your better then that, sit down and shut up” “turn the page”.

Zaki Issac B. Tamir have you ever met Ralph Sperlin? Yes a man who cared deeply about his tenets, a man who made sure they had a warm (overheated) home to sleep in. Yes, this man gave Chanina Sperlin his son a life lesson “Step on anyone, to make a buck”. And you Zaki Issac B. Tamir want to tell me that he cares deeply about the community, hes the only one who can communicate with Simmonatti. This man goes to the police as a member of the Vaad unembarrassed and locks up Jews and you Zaki have no issue with it, none whats so ever? So hes talking in the name of the community to have Jews locked up is fine, but others protecting their lives from constant persecution are haters.

Zaki Issac B. Tamir one year ago who was the executive of the Council? Who where members of the Vaad? If you could not remember let me help you. Eli Cohen do you know him? How about former chairman and current member Fishel Brownstien? Oww and lets not forget your employee Chanina Sperlin. Zaki Tamir can you point to one letter of the previous Vaad and your current partners condemning the Mesira? Not even one?! In fact, we know that they where actively perusing the fullest prosecution. Not one condemnation, not one letter. So now you are crying foul play, go fire these Mossrim, go fire these Schmucks, you don’t have the gulls to do it, resign!. Don’t sit there playing victim, you are a victim of your own stupidity.

Zaki Issac B. Tamir Shmira/COP is dead! there has not been movement for a while. They died with Yitzchok Shuchat fleeing to Israel. You think making a non-issue an issue will work? Shmira/COP under Chanina Sperlins orders devised a plan to beat Andrew Charles so that we can get some media for Chanina Sperlin. Zaki what you don’t understand Yitzchak Shuchat had JEWISH blood on his hands, I’m not talking about Charles, I’m talking about every single beating of a Jew as a consequence of his irresponsibility. Gavin Cato was hit by mistake which led to three day’s riots, Yitzchak Shuchat DELIBERATELY beat Andrew Charles, do you know what could have happened here on the streets.

Yes, its all alleged Six Shomrim members where found not guilty yet in the minds of your partner “no, no matter what they are guilty”. And all this WIS is not even getting into the two years Shmira/COP and Yitzchak Shuchat made 331 calls causing financial damage to members of Shomrim.

So Zaki Issac B. Tamir while to you it might seem like the trial ended a year ago, the daily Messiros did not. So, as a lawyer before you start running your mouth why don’t you first get the facts. No, you want to sit around and cry on how “everyone is fighting, and I cant do my job” your job was written in your election, instead you betrayed the WHOLE community so now that the chickens have come home to roust, you don’t know what to do.

Zaki Issac B. Tamir as long as there is Mesira we will be here, call it hate, call it justice, if you support or advocate this we will let everyone know. And WIS  will not rest until justice is served. If you can’t handle being exposed don’t do the crime in the first place.

If truth is hate then keep on complaining, because WIS ain’t sitting down and WIS ain’t shutting up.

Oww and by the way, your doing good sticking around COLLIVE on you mission to end hate. And nice try throwing the Rabbonim under the bus, we know the Rabbonim don’t write in English especially not that style, SO GOOD JOB DESTROYING THE RABBONIM.

Zaki Issac B. Tamir, time to resign!


10 Responses to “Zaki Issac B. Tamir Its Day 5 -You Still Havent Resigned, Why?”

  1. quote of the day Says:

    they chjcc don’t feel bad for us, they feel bad that they failed!!

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Thats right, these idiots stepped in their own Sh** and now are trying to point fingers at Shomrim Shmira.
      This is Obama who still blames everything (all his failures and stupidity) on President Bush.

      Shmira is dead! the Shomrim Shmira Issue is dead! There is nothing to talk about!

      Zaki b. Tamir is like a RAT on a trap!

  2. Oy Gevald!!! Says:

    We’re very disturbed by those allegations mount last night by the duo lairs and demand answers asap . not more lies . and how much did mica receive for the favorite reporting ? hint more than $10,000.

    make no mistake as we see allways there is one news site who report the news with 100 % acuracy and let the people of the community voice thier feelings and opinions as a free country we live in . and than there is a hate blog that gets paid by individuals and private interest groups to report so called news as the payers orders and is very evident from the letter here.

    this letter proved again that without the real news sites and the low class blogers we would get the “news” as some payers order it to be.

    like the accountant story how much would you like it to be.

    and the criminals who run the CHJCC will go home very soon .

    Mr Zaki Isaac B. Tamir or in short KAKER after six months of doing nothing for the community it is time to go home.

  3. Oy Gevald!!! Says:

    Mr. Eli Cohen found the solution to Crown Heights the blogs are at fault.

    just a few minutes after the duo went on the hate blog name micalive who received a nice some of money to air this sack of lies a shooting happened on Lefferts ave. and Thank God the people escaped. now this is the safe place created by Eli Cohen and Insp. Simonetti.

    let me just tell you Mr Cohen the community did support shomrim all the way including Hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    and the community did support shomrim by voting your bosses out of office but your new boss Mr Zaki Isaac B. Tamir is a Ganif and a lier

    he was elected to get rid of YOU Mr. Cohen and the rest of your old cronies .

    we the people of the community elected new people to lead in a new achdus in crown heights but your new boss stold the mandate and went the same old same old so we the bloggers will not stop and we are bringing the community the real news not the news you pay mica to publish.

    WE the bloggers are delivering real news and you pathetic people think you can lie and get away with that so very soon we will ask you more questions and will expose all your corruptions to the public . and yes if you don’t steel we can say you did but we have the evidence.

    all your shomrim stories are the snow of last year that will not work again we have now a very informed community and will stay this way.

  4. From the Mailbox: Says:

    From the Mailbag :
    Apparently Zaki didn’t read his own letter.

    The letter reads “No one shall…” “No one may…” “It is forbidden…”
    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like they are telling us what to do, not suggesting for our own good.

    Why use this language, you only make yourselves look like control freaks, not like people who want to help the community, you are unpopular enough, why add to it?

    I suggest that you stop treating the community as irrelevant subjects and engage them and keep them ALL of us in the know with regards to the community councils activities, plans, accomplishments etc.
    And by the way, why isn’t the community informed about what is going on in this Zabla, why don’t you inform us with the same vigor that you informed us about this decree?

  5. zaidy Says:

    Mr.Tamir, instead of saying one was found guilty, why didn’t you say that the other five were acquitted or are you part of the shmira conspiracy. By the way it was third degree misdemeanor, in other words a slap on the wrist.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      You make a very good point.

      Why did Zaki have to mention that fact, was it really important to the message (whatever that may have been, he doesn’t even know) he was trying to give over?
      How was that fact that “one was found guilty” relevant?

      At a whole I still don’t get what Shomrim has to do with all of this.

  6. DISGUSTED!!!! Says:


  7. zaidy Says:

    i would also like to add,that if the chjcc would apologize not only to the shomrim six,but to the community at large that the court case was a chilul hashem,and that they are throwing out those that are irresponsible,especially a certain moser. then i think more people would have more respect for you mr. tamir.

  8. tamir, itsuckdik Says:

    I demand that new elections are held to remove all theives from the vad hakol (kol hashoyot)

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