I Represent Crown Heights, DO YOU?

“No one should represent themselves as speaking on behalf of Crown Heights as a whole” (Zaki B. Tamir in his edict to the community).

Who does represent the Crown Heights community? How does one come about being a representative of the community? Does one have to be elected? Does one get this position with force? How come there are those we did not elect to represent us who are doing so nevertheless? Who are these “representatives” and what is their true agenda? Are they here to serve and protect the Jewish community at all cost or are they using this self created position to help themselves? Let’s find out…

You hear about the Community Council, and you hear how they are the only ones who can speak on behalf of the Community. You ask why? Why is it, that this Non-profit Organizations 501(c)(3), a social service organization, establishing itself as the spokesman for the community?

Is it because the Non-for-Profit runs the name Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. does that make it the spokesman? Because here at WIS we where thinking if we were to open a 501-3c non-for-profit under the name Council Of Jewish Organizations OfCrown Heights and register at our home address at 1427 President Street and name ourselves officer/director would we be allowed to speak in the name of the community? (and no, OF and CROWN being attached is not is a mistake, just trying to make the organization undetectable).

Or, how about we get more creative and name our 501-3c VAAD Hakol Crown Heights Inc.
and put it on our home address 1276 President Street. Would we then have a write to speak in the name of the community?

Or, how about we at WIS open a Political Action Committee (PAC) and we name it, Umm how about Crown Heights Political Action Committee. Also where thinking, maybe we should just register it on our home at 26 BALFOUR PLACE and call it legally Crown Heights P.A.C. And then I can put my name down Chanina Sperlin as the chairman and once again kiss political a$$ in the name of the community.

So, bottom line any resident can open a 501-3c non-for-profit charitable organization have the name CROWN HEIGHTS creatively mixed in and “walla” he is officially a Representative of the community. He can meet politicians, walk in and out of the 71st pct. tell people how to behave, who they may talk too and with whom not. And best of yet HE is a REPRESENTATIVE of Something….Crown Heights…. Something Inc.


The unfortunate reality is that all those pretending to represent the community as a whole are doing so for there own personal selfish reasons. Our so called representatives are lining their pockets with major cash, all on our backs, all in our name.

Those who make nice to the police at the expense of the Jewish community are doing so only for their own selfish reason. They think that they will gain some respect with a piece of plastic that says ‘police liaison’. They are willing to give up on the rights of our community just so they can get a $60 ticket pulled. Some of these “representatives” use the police to target other Jews as evident to what is taking place with Shomrim.

It goes even further and deeper, all these so called representatives are protecting each other, they got each other back. Notice how every time there is an election you have the same group of people coming out in support of their “friends”. An example of this would be when there is an election for Vaad, there is always this group of either past Vaad members and some others which come out to support of only a select few, the people which are in it with them, the people which are shearing our money together. These past Vaad members and their friends will never endorse an outsider, they will never support a person who is not form their circle of thefts.

It turns out that the only people representing the community (at all cost) with no personal agenda, with no strings attached, no money to take, no special IDs, is the good people of the Crown Heights Shomrim.

Crown Heights Shomrim is self funded (and not held back by anyone). Crown Heights Shomrim has the greatest connection an organization can ask for and that is the Crown Heights Jewish residents. Time and time again we have seen the good volunteers of the Jewish community who joined Shomrim going above and beyond for their fellow Jews.

This is the reason our so called “representatives”, who represent only themselves have been targeting Shomrim. The threat to them is simple. Shomrim is self funded, they have so little money (they survive with money from their own pockets), yet they do so much, how is it that an organization going by the name ‘Crown Heights Jewish Community Council’, which is government funded and brings in literally millions of dollars (soon to be exposed right here on WIS), can’t seem to get anything done. The solution for the thefts is simple, get rid of Shomrim and nobody with notice what we are or are not doing.

Coming Up….

1) How much supplies does an office need?
2) Rent is too damn High in the Crown Heights Community Council!
3) Unelected Yingy Bitzrisky and his “Connections” representing Crown Heights.
4) Why the Shmira must not die?

All this and much much more coming up. We have not even begun to scratch the surface.


7 Responses to “I Represent Crown Heights, DO YOU?”

  1. $2,468,935 From WAP, Where is it? Says:

    The CHJCC received from the WAP (Weatherization Assistance Program) $2,468,935.

    Now to upgrade a small house to use better energy would cost about $10,000. At average a (fair size) home has no more than 15 windows at $200.00, plus installation at $100.00, we are holding at $4,500.00 a home.

    With a good boiler upgrade at $5000.00 including labor we should see in Crown Heights no less than 240 homes with new windows.

    Where are they?

    But this is only one example that everyone can see on the web at:


    We can find plenty more (CHJCC Scams) and we will .

    Remember the Internet is a great tool and we will use it.

  2. Money talks Says:

    It’s very depressing the thought of Yidden locking up other Yidden because of money. Bottom line is it’s always about the money.

  3. true, true,true Says:

    As a former member of the Vaad i, did not want to be part of this thievery.
    time and time again i would try to bring up about the fact that we where trying to destroy rather than build the community. With me being the minority in a majority rule setting, I decided that politics was not for me. Time for the people to take back what is rightfully theirs.

    WIS, do not stop exposing them until they straighten up or walk away.

  4. 320 Jay Street Says:


  5. In Box Says:

    I have no way of knowing if the Jewish car was targeted on Sunday night.

    But I have a very strong suspicion that the Jewish car was targeted. Yes I can agree that the Jewish car was not the first target but from what I saw there were 3 Bullets flying at the car and Thank God only one made its way to get stuck at the liner of the car roof. But from the positions of the Jewish car and the shooters I can say that even though the Jewish car was not the first target but it can be that it was added benefit.

    Still I would not label it as anti Jewish crime. But some rookies at the CHJCC were very fast to declare it as “The Jewish car was not the target” in such situations I think one should employ the tactic HAMASKIL YIDOM BOEIS HAHEE .at that moment the wise men would hold his speech. Now after a few weeks of violent in Crown Heights rather than looking to find ways to improve security. what we see is just more hot air the Zaki Isaac B. Tamir go public with a 20 minute speech of lies. Elie Cohen contradicts himself in an email. And an old woman is robed just a few feet from the 71 Pct. Mr Zaki Isaac B. Tamir we elected you to bring ACHDUS to Crown Heights. but you are bringing more Sinas Chinom. you Promised to bring more Government programs and you spend 2.5 million dollars and not one home in Crown Heights have one red cent from it you employ a hate monger Elie Cohen who is busy with suing in court other JEWS (who gave permission to you or elie cohen to go to court against the Lubavitcher Rebbe?)

    You see zaki you had very good chance but you just made an effort to be a looser. And history will judge you. We are sure that you will not get a second term we not sure the situation will let you get away with destroying the community for another 2.5 years. You can create as many Hate Blogs As you want. But guess what the community is smarter than you we want news not mica Hate Blog. I never saw a man full with hate as you on Sunday video on the Hate Blog we will judge you. You had six months and you did nothing for us the people. Now the 180 days past and reality is here. Instead of going out to the community and tell us how much money you got invested in Crown Heights and what are the plans for the next 180 days we here you wine like a little girl. You are killing us. Wow sitting in front of the people who spread so much hate in crown heights reading all the comments THEY write yes Mr Zaki Isaac B. Tamir ( I am writing your full name so the search engines will pick it up and everyone in the world will know who you are) this machashaifa created of hate attacking people for no other reason than hate and it is all your fault. If you want something to be known to the community you have to call a press conference and talk. But by paying the machashaifa to bring the news as you want it to look will not work in 2010. Even in 1920 this practices didn’t work as well as you like it to work in 2010 Zaki you are going in the same crookest ways as you best friend Peter Simonetti he had the same desire that news will be written as he wants it and as he sees it. And used the same tactics as you try and he failed miserably so are you just another failure.

    As a close I would ask you publically WHAT SHOMRIM DID RONG TO YOU? WHAT SHOMRIM DID RONG TO THE COMMUNITY? Mr Zaki Isaac B. Tamir take a calculator and start adding shomrim are about 40 volunteers that is from 40 families in Crown Heights in the extended family it would translate to at least 400 families add to that the shomrim friends and supporters that is how We got rid of the old vaad.

    You can’t win a fight against half of Crown Heights. And one more for the road enemies are much more expansive that friends.

    I have to conclude and tell you in the Yiddish language DU BIST A SCHMOCK

    And I will send it to all blogs of crown heights.

  6. Old Vaad Memeber Says:

    Abba Paltial was also once in the Vaad, it’s no wounder that he is one of those individuals who supports the mossrim and thefts, he must be part of that group.

  7. representitive no Says:

    Zaki the double dribbler does not represent you, when he was in small claims court the other day he couldent even represent himself against an old lady he took advantage of. Shame on you double dribbler.

    Ps you’ve got somthing on your chin.

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