Making Away With the Cash

True Jew wrote:

All the trouble in Crown Heights comes from the buildings. The building owned by Yossi Popack, Dovi Sperlin and the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. GREED!! they have these building filled with trash, making them tons of money, leaving the rest of us to die. Popack thinks that he can buy the community with a few dollars, money that is really kickback for the weather/window program he gets from the CHJCC. The Sperlin family, gets their buildings from HPD meant for the poor people of the community. He too fills it with garbage in order to profit. “Jews have a hard time paying rent” or “Jews need renovated kitchens or appartments” say the building owners. We need to tell these landlords from hell, we don’t need you charity. Get rid of the garbage you instilled in the heart of the CROWN HEIGHTS COMMUNITY. THE BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS!!


3 Responses to “Making Away With the Cash”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    The CHJCC received from the WAP (Weatherization Assistance Program) $2,468,935.

    Now to upgrade a small house to use better energy would cost about $10,000. At average a (fair size) home has no more than 15 windows at $200.00, plus installation at $100.00, we are holding at $4,500.00 a home.

    With a good boiler upgrade at $5000.00 including labor we should see in Crown Heights no less than 240 homes with new windows.

    Where are they?

    But this is only one example that everyone can see on the web at:

    We can find plenty more (CHJCC Scams) and we will .

    Remember the Internet is a great tool and we will use it.

  2. shuky Says:

    where is this money
    who has it?

  3. bobo Says:

    yossi popack has been doing this for years, but in the last 5 years he has really sped up the low life factor in crown heights using the city housing programs from hpd and other city agencies as a front to house his buildings with undesirables, while he and isaac and zelmen and crew laugh to the bank getting the city garraunteed money, but we have to suffer, and read the little crumbs he throws out to the community, it’s a really a shame this type of corruption doesn’t get the real attention it deserves.

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