Time For Inspector Peter Simonetti Of The 71st Precinct To Go!

Inspector Peter Simonetti Of The 71st Precinct

The only reason Inspector Peter Simonetti is still in Crown Heights, 71st Precinct despite  crime spiking high is only because the Mesira Machine (which also backs the Shmira Mesira) wants him here. As long as Simonetti is doing the  Mesira Machines will, he will be here.

The Machine (Chanina Sperlin, Eli Cohen with their Crown Heights Jewish community Council Inc.) has been giving direct orders to Simonetti to attack Shomrim and it’s volunteers in any way possible. Ever since the new inspector has arrived to Crown Heights thats all he has been focused on. Who has time to fight crime when you have to focus all your man power and energy on one individual and his organization from East New York Ave, who drive scooters.

When Inspector Frank Vega did not heed the Mesira Machines call to attack Shomrim and its volunteers he was given the boot. All of a sudden Crown Heights had “leaders” that knew how to stick up for the community. We know now that it was only self serving.

The realty of the matter is: Crime was very much down when Inspector Frank Vega was commander of the 71st precinct.
Crime has spiked since Inspector Peter Semonetti has become the commander of the 71st precinct.

Another important fact: It was in Inspectors Vegas tenner that Shmira member Yitzchok Shuchat deliberately beat Andrew Charles, which almost caused another riot in the streets of Crown Heights, which would have endangered every Crown heights resident and as a matter of fact as a result of Shmira member Yitzchok Shuchats reckless actions (shortly after) a few Jewish residents were ruthlessly attacked.


December 7, 2010: Murder on the Streets of Crown Heights, Man Shot Dead

December 9, 2010: Dead Body Found Inside Abandoned Construction Site

December 13, 2010: Gunfire Strikes Jewish Car, Shomrim Recover the Slug

December 20, 2010: Man Shot and Killed in Laundromat Robbery

December 15, 2010: Woman Robbed As She Was Entering Her House

Crime is Crime Heights

How It Came To This

Some People Honor the Police…Why?

The Mesira Machine has seen it’s last days!!!



3 Responses to “Time For Inspector Peter Simonetti Of The 71st Precinct To Go!”

  1. CH Resident Says:

    Nu, where Eli Poltorak to lead the community in protest, nu crime is much higher then with Vega, let’s get rolling?

    Where is Polotrak and Suger now?

  2. Lenny White Says:

    Simonetti is a fat Schmuck and must go!!!

  3. ZT Says:

    i hate that fat fu*king mafia prick ! he reminds me of jhon gotti. he could rub shit in his face. LET SHOMRIM DO WHAT THEY DO BEST! WATCH OUT FOR US AND HAVE THE POLICE BACK THEM UP THIS NUT FALLS FOR SHMIRA A CROWN HEIGHTS JEWISH MOB.

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