$106,643 Worth Of Conferences? How Come We Haven't Heard Of Them?

In fiscal year 2008-2009 the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Under Chanina Sperlin, Eli Poltorak, Zev Cadaner and Fishel Brownstein, with Executive director Eli Cohen (who Zaki b. Tamir does not have the cojones to fire)  spent $106,643 on “Conferences”.

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So much money spent on so called conferences yet so little spent on advertisements and promotion?  The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. reported for fiscal year 2008-2009 spending a mere $1,803 on advertisement and promotions.

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Was the money used perhaps to fund Mendle Handels “Kinnus”?
We know what the money was not used for, and that is to help the poor families of Crown Heights.
Exactly what kind of conferences do they need anyways?

“Plug The Damn Hole”


7 Responses to “$106,643 Worth Of Conferences? How Come We Haven't Heard Of Them?”

  1. Great Job! Says:

    The mossrim and thefts are getting nervous they attempt to respond to these claims of stealing in their newsletter.

    Now thats what I call power.

  2. WIS ROCKS! Says:

  3. Where did you find Says:

    Where on the web (besides “hate blogs”) can i find the entire list of their spendings?

  4. Pigford Breeds Internal USDA Corruption Says:

    The Pigford debacle combines billions of dollars, easy, repeatable methods to commit fraud and no internal oversight so it really comes as no surprise that some of the people inside the USDA would try to get their own slide of the Pigford Pie.

    Pigford researcher, author and Hoover Institute fellow Peter Schweizer has spoken to multiple sources who claim that not onlly has at least one individual inside the USDA been responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraud but that that person is actually still working at the USDA.

    This is just one more reason at USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack needs to consider a career change. It seems like it’s going to take Congressional hearings to allow the whistleblowers to speak openly.

  5. Herbert Spencer Says:

    “The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.”

    Herbert Spencer

  6. awacs Says:

    It’s from CHJCC’s IRS form 990, viewable (for example) on http://nccsdataweb.urban.org/PubApps/990search.php/

    Do I get a prize now?

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