CHJCC Responds To Number One Website

Whether you like or Hate or love to hate, one thing we all can agree on is that WIS is the number one website for real Crown Heights news. So much so that time and time again the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. has responded directly to what is being posted on

Here are some examples from these past three weeks….

To begin:
For one thing we all know that the very first CHJCC newsletter to go out to the public was on December 10th, 2010 six months after Crown Heights voted in the new/old Vaad. Why after six month did the Vaad feel it necessary to publish a newsletter? The answer is simple, the “Amateur”, web sites like, and have been making a lot of noise. The above web sites have been at the forefront of exposing the fraud that is the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

Information is Power:

From experience we have learned that everything the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. does is always secret, the CHJCC does everything in its power to either keep us totally uninformed or informed just enough (as they would like us to be).

All this [secrecy] has changed with the creation of all this new media. Every move the Mossrim take, every step they make, we are watching them and reporting back to you, the good people of Crown Heights.

Of-course they hate us for that, but that’s ok, if we are getting these Mossrim upset then we are doing exactly what we set out to do. As WIS wrote on December 13, 2010

If truth is hate then keep on complaining, because WIS ain’t sitting down and WIS ain’t shutting up.

Once something is already exposed to the public the Mossrim have no chose but to attempt to do some damage control. Notice that every time a letter comes out of the CHJCC office it’s always about damage control, it’s always about explaining something they did or didn’t do in the past, never will you find what they plan to do.

So when WIS exposed the fact that The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. awarded the police for absolutely no reason (other than the fact that the police spent most of their time fighting and targeting Shomrim), the CHJCC found it necessary to respond.

Funny thing, only when they are put on the spot do they come out explaining to the people. Now that’s power.

This week: Only after WIS  started to expose the theft and fraud taking place at the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. does the CHJCC respond in their newsletter with the following.

Guess what my dear community members. The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. has received hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years (for this program) and millions for others, the Crown Heights Community has not seen a penny of it until now and you wont see a penny of it ever. All this is, is a responds, nothing more.

The best responds ever is this…
Can anything me a more direct responds?

Let WIS now take the opportunity to annualize above responds from CHJCC.


When was the first or last time that anybody (out of the gang of thefts) ever get to see those books?

Didn’t the CHJCC just spend the last three weeks telling us all to shot up?

Great, finally after all these years anybody who wants to see the books will have full access.

Oh wait not sooo fast…

On the other hand, only a select few will have said access to books.

Yes, Only through

Come to to find out, no registrations or submissions here, come one come all.  All will be exposed right here for everybody to see.

Wow, I just got a brain storm, why gee gale  the CHJCC can post everything on-line for all to see, wouldn’t that be cool, that sure would take a load off of WIS hands, post it all on-line!


4 Responses to “CHJCC Responds To Number One Website”

  1. antimesira Says:


    Well, is the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. just going to ask the question or are they going to answer it as-well.

    I like WIS idea of putting everything on-line, the State Government does so, the Federal Government does so, So should the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc.

    The CHJCC has a web site let them put it ALL up (everything for at least the past 10 years).


    Where has OUR money been allocated until today?
    The government gives the CHJCC our tax money to allocate it for specific project or needs of the community, just us the money as it was intended.

    Example 1: If the CHJCC was given HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF TAX PAYER MONEY to help families with addiction (drugs or alcohol problem), USE THAT MONEY FOR THAT PURPOSE. Sadly the money would go to good us, there are plenty of drug problem in Crown Heights.

    Example2: If the CHJCC was given HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF TAX PAYER MONEY to help people worm their homes in the winter, by providing them with new windows etc… Then thats where the money given for that purpose should be spent.
    If money is given to help poor families pay there heating bills, then thats where that money should be spent.

    Where has all these hundreds of thousands of dollars been spent until today?

    The CHJCC has no right to decide how to allocate our money for anything other for what it was given for.

    The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. has no right to pay Rabbi’s (Rabbonim) with Government grants meant for poor families.

    The Crown Heights Jewish community Council Inc. has no right to give our tax payer dollars to Mendle Hendel to feed and house guest, when there are local families which have no food on their tables and can’t pay tuition and rent.


    This is nothing but a ploy, nobody is going to see any books. There have been Niztigim (representatives) from every Shul for years now, has anybody seen the books ever?

    The answer is NO! Why not?

    Why not post it all for ALL to see?

    On the other hand, Like WIS points out, who needs this, WIS and will be doing all the posting, they are doing a wonderful job those far. Here on the web there is no signing up and everybody is welcome.

    The CHJCC is attempting to play Chicken and trying to fool the people by saying, “we don’t have anything to hide.”

    Who do they think they are playing with?

  2. A Fellow Blogger Says:

    The result of Zaki Tamir and Eli Cohens stupidity was legitimizing all the web sites like and the rest.

    Now people are not afraid to say that they read on WIS that so and so etc…

    What Zaki Tamir and the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Essentially did was give the “blog” more power and turned the “blogs” in to full blown web-sites.

  3. grainom Says:

    Who silenced asimovrants blogspot com

  4. Queen Says:

    Give the enough rope and they’ll hang themselves

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