Asimov Rants Lives On

In the Internet age anything you write on the world wide web, whether it be on a web-site or email is now out of your control and is saved forever.

We are sad to see our friends at Isaac Asimov Rants go. Whomever you are, you did a great job exposing the truth and took a lot of work away from WIS and WIS thanks you for that. I’m sure the Crown Heights Community thanks you as-well.

It is always easier (in the short run) to stand by quit and not take action or speak up when needed. We must implore anybody who does stand up and speak up for whats right and takes action.

Like WIS wrote: Whatever is put on-line stays on-line. For those of you who miss Isaac Asimov, have no fear, Isaac still lives on, you can all go visit the web-sites posting here at, Category IsaacAsimovRants or Braun.

You can run but you can’t hide.


7 Responses to “Asimov Rants Lives On”

  1. Braun Gets a Lawyer Says:

    Braun hired a lawyer!

    Someone asked him last week why he needs this mess, why is he putting his family through this garbage?

    To which Braun replied: I was instructed by my lawyer not discuss this case with anyone and not to comment on this subject anymore!


    • john doe Says:

      I’m sure he has “hired” the most outstanding, upstanding, and best lawyers in NYC, Paul Huebner and Elie Poltorak to represent him, with these two he can do all the messiras he wants and nobody (except those getting masserd) cares.

  2. Victim Says:

    Maybe Braun lawyered up to deal with those accusing him of molestation.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What did Rabbi Braun ever do to you that you don’t like him already. Give the man a chance!

  4. I Don’t Give a Braun About Braun Says:

    I don’t give a Braun about Braun, do you?

    If you step in Braun your going to smell like Braun.

    Braun all those who brought Braun!

    I once Brauned in my pants it wasn’t pleasant, I don’t suggest anybody do the same.

    I was walking down the streets of Crown heights and this thug wanted to mug me and I told him “kiss my Braun and Bruan you!”.

    Ok, I got to watch my language, I guess that means I can’t talk about Braun anymore!

  5. Disgusted Says:

    Let them have Braun, let them drown in Braun.

    This Braun has nothing to do with me you or anybody I know.

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