Bringing Down the House

This Braun thing (not even going to call it an issue) is a distraction. Focus on the money. We are talking about this while the Mossrim (Chanina Sperlin and family, CHJCC and gang) have been robbing the community by the millions.

The Money, the Money the Money, everything else is irrelevant, don’t fall for the trap. You take down the house and all this goes down with it. It’s the same people behind Braun who are robbing us blind. They want us, they need us distracted, Like throwing a stick and telling us to fetch like we are dogs. They had/have us talking/arguing  about whether the Rebbe is Moshicha or not, Shmira Shomrim, Tzvatim 770, Osdoba Schwei and now Braun and Rosenberg, all IRRELEVANT!!!

$601,121 – What Can You Get For This Much Cash?

$2,019,685.00 Spent For Weatherization For Low Income Individuals, Where Is the Money?

$106,643 Worth Of Conferences? How Come We Haven’t Heard Of Them?

$601,121: How Much Office Supplies and Office Material Does CHJCC Need?

Flash Back 1997: Shomrim Ask, “Where Is The Money?”

The Money Trail <the BIG money < Coming Up!

To Serve the Residents Of Crown Heights OR to Serve the Mendle Hendel?

$2,468,935 From WAP, Where is it?

As far as WIS is concerned (Unless someone submits a ready to post article about the subject), WIS is leaving this Braun stuff to the other blog web-sites. The money, thats the root of all the problems, thats what makes the Mossrim tick. The money is why the Mossrim find it so easy to put other Jews in jail!



8 Responses to “Bringing Down the House”

  1. Cunfused Rosenberg Says:

    Page two, foot notes:

    I didn’t know that it was a requirement in the first Psak the the candidate for Rov must get along with both current Rabonim.

    Rabbi Rosenbergs logic is so upside-down.

    If Rabbi Bogomolsky would have won (which by the way he did), even if people would complain that Rabbi Bogmilsky as a fact does not get along with Schwei (which he does), so what, that was never a requirement.

    About the mesira thing. Also twisted logic.

    If the Beth Din said they can’t run because of the claims of mesira and then we find out they are not mossrim then they have a claim. But the Beth Din didn’t say anything (yes or no), they were allowed to run and they lost (for what reason they lost is irrelevant).
    In the Vaads case, the people were presented with all the facts and they decided.

    With Bruan the people were not presented with all the facts (they were fooled).



  2. Inside-Man Says:

    Let’s see…

    The Beth Din never had an effect on my life.

    The Beth Din will never have an effect on my life.

    I have my Rov and so does a good 85% of Crown Heights has their own Rov.

    Ye Bruan, No Bruan, it makes no difference to me, to my kids and all the people around me.

    This is what is going to happen, I am not a Prophet, I’m just smart, learning from the past.

    Just like in the past, it was the so called “Koved HaRabonim” people (the people we know as the Mossrim today) who destroyed the Beth Din and the Rabbi’s on the Beth Din. They got rid of Rabbi Heller, they killed Rabbi Marlow, they lynched Rabbi Osdoba. Now they have Bruan, they will get rid of Schwei and it won’t be long until they fight with Braun.

    The fact of the matter: there is no money to pay the other Rabbi’s, they are still owed, there is no money to pay Braun.

    The question is:
    How did the Mossrim pay Rabbi Rosenberg, did they steal (like they do everything else), from the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. funds, which comes from government grants?

    How did they pay the Rabbi’s all these years, is it from the CHJCC, grant money? How will they pay Braun, grant money?

    In any case, the house is coming down. Braun is irrelevant or better yet, hes as relevant as the Beth Din was all along.

  3. Bribery Blinds Says:

    … and you shall not take bribery, for bribery blinds the eyes of the wise, and twists the words of the righteous.” [16:19]

    $250,000 is a lot of money.

    Rosenberg making a mistake means giving up some of that money and once money gets warm in the pocket, its very hard to give up.

    This matter should have been taken in front of another Zabla (with Rosenberg as a Defendant).

  4. Rabbi Yadin Yadin Says:

    It is inconceivable that a shakran (liar) in public can be a dayan. Rabbi Rosenberg knows that, and he knows that he cannot alter the halacha.

    So what is this all about?

    He may call the “paper” a smicha, even though the author says it was not an empowering document (which is what smicha is all about.)
    That would be acceptable (if nauseating) provided it was accompanied by at least a majority of the Zabla signing onto such a psak.

    However, what does he do with the known fact in Sydney, that he didn’t have smicha? That he promoted himself here as a mushmach in order to be elected? That he gave smicha to others – which is a truly audacious fraud (playing with other peoples credentials)?

    There must be more to this.

    Furthermore, Rabbi Rosneberg surely knows the concept and the halacha of kinyan beto’uss, as very well applied in a case in Siman 25 (at the end) of Hilchos Dayanim in Shulchan Aruch (as Rabbi Kantor pointed out in his psak.). Rosenberg is no fool. If he did not know beforehand, then Reb Yoel and his cosigners informed him that many people voted on false pretenses.

    He is also ignoring the fact that the Rebbe wanted everyone to have smicha before marrying, and now we will have a Dayan in the Rebbes daled amos who is a meikal bedivrey Rabeinu? For a Vizhnitzer chosid “eyn hanezek shoyveh”, It is no serious matter even ignoring the Vizhnitzer Rebbe in his backyard, his hoif. It happens. So Rosenberg is no rogue. An “oihev ess hakessef”? Yes. (See Hilchos Dayanim 8:1, at the end, interesting).

    So what is this “psak”? How does it make sense for an erlicher yid (lefi erech) to ignore this fraud business? (O.K. so in Rumania where Vizhnitz is rooted “fraud business” is … but in a Beis Din or a Zabla?)

    My theory is something else. We need time to see.

    Meanwhile, the Alter Rebbe left prison, chassidim were absolutely and hysterically elated, So he wrote the Igeress Kotointi (#2 in Tanya.) So what did he write? First of all, he demanded humility towards the misnagdim (who would endanger a yiddishe life, let alone that of a Gaon and a Tzaddik.) Do not go poking them in the nose and laughing. Secondly, he demanded “emess la’amitoy”, which lost him thousands of chassidim.

    There are those who are beseeching an atmosphere of sholom. All the way from Melbourne (Australia),where it is said of the Lubavitcher community there that “ein bayiss asher eyn sham…” with kids leaving the derech, even they proffer their wise advice, “Emess vesholom”.
    My sentiments exactly. But NOT “sheker veshalom”. Their fellow travellers will be stirring up “didan natzach” victory slurs. (Would this have happened if the shoe fell on the other foot?) Sheker can not lead to emess vesholom, and all the other beautiful phrases and slogans commanded so well by the “flower generation” of Chabad.

    My suspicion is, that there is a private “deal” between Rosenberg and Braun.
    He will clear his name, pasken that he is Kosher; and Braun should exit by asking an exhorbitant amount which will not be met. The issue will thus be resolvd. Lechatchileh Arunter. Who knows, maybe Rabbi Rosenberg offered a taste of the loot? Just to resolve the debacle he may have shown generosity. Vizhnitz is known as the chassiduss of ahava vochessed.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      All very nice but irrelevant.

      Remember is all and only about the money!

      Stop the flow of stolen money and we get rid of all the trouble makers, starting with Braun going up the ladder, Sperlin Family, Hendel, Spritzer etc… the whole gang.

      Money is the paper that fouls the fire of pure hate in this town, sometimes to stop a fire a bomb must be dropped on top.

  5. Daniel Says:

    Paying Rabbi Rosenberg $250.000 for his “services” is disgusting by any standard!

  6. ashamed to live here Says:

    I think he got Smicha online or maybe one of these correspondence courses. Sydney is laughing like hyenas at our stupidity, they are delighted he’s going. They despise him & blame him for all the machloykes over there.

    Who decided this Rosenberg was going to pasken on his own decisions? L’havdil it’s like that witch Judge Reade deciding if she was biased during SMR’s trial. Why is this the end of the road? Go back to the Beis din & demand they paskern on WHEN this guy got Smicha. Remove Rosenberg, sue him for the money (report him to the IRS, make him declare it as salary) He has a hell of a nerve saying there was no time to investigate the candidates. LIES!

    Well, this is ONE PERSON who definitely won’t listen to a thing braun says. If he says its sunny I’m packing an umbrella. No Crown Heights Beis din for me, I don’t trust any of them.

    We’re finished. get me the hell out of here.

  7. Appealing a Case Says:


    How was Rabbi Rosenberg allowed to appeal or not appeal his own decision/Psak in the first place?

    Where is it heard of that a Judge decides on appealing his own decision?

    There is a reason that an ‘APPEALS COURT‘ was put in to place.

    Most of the complaints against Bruan were based on Rabbi Rosenbergs original ‘Psak’, which would also make these complaint be against Rabbi Rosenberg himself, so how was it that he was allowed to decide his own case?

    This matter (all the complaints against Braun and Rosenberg) should have been taken to a different Beth Din or Zabla.

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