In Regards to:
Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Do Nothing As Crown Heights Youth Die Physically and Spiritually

For Fiscal Year 2009-2010 and Fiscal Year 2010-2011, The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Received each year from ‘NYS Office Of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse’ the amount of $219,933

Total amount for two years: $439,866

“Plug The Damn Hole”


4 Responses to “WHERE IS THE DRUG MONEY?”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Notice: What WIS has exposed until now has only been the amount of one years grants (this being the first post including two years). WIS has much much more (including more numbers from previous years in regards to above grant).

    When WIS started this investigation we initially thought that we would discover a few thousand dollars of grants that have been stolen from the Crown Heights Community, boy were we surprised to see the harsh realty of millions of dollars (gone missing).

    Braun ye, Braun no? Irrelevant! The Din Torah? Irrelevant! Osdoba and Schwei? Irrelevant! Shomrim Shmira? Irrelevant! Aguch & 770? Irrelevant! The Rebbe ZT”L is Moshiach, is not Moshiach? Irrelevant! All these things were just a distraction to keep us busy, focused away from the real problem in Crown Heights, as WIS already wrote.

    Don’t be fooled (I don’t blame you if you were until now, who wasn’t), we see now that there was never was any ideological difference between us (the good guys and the bad guys). This was always about the money. All the ‘machlokesim’ [fights] created by those people stealing our money were created for the sole purpose of keeping us busy with stupidity, all the while we get robbed blind.

    It’s time we wake up, get mad and stop this insanity now!

  2. shuky Says:

    where is the money?
    what kind of chiddush you are going to reveal?
    it’s in their pockets!

  3. Elie Poltorak Says:

    I am one of those who benefited from this drug money, the chjcc helped me with rehab, they found a good place and paid all the bills.

    They did the same for my best friend Paul Huebner and his children as-well.

    Thank You CHJCC.

  4. alect@gmail.com Says:

    i just gotta say for the best drugs in crown heights they can be found at 712 crown street, it’s also by chance? a yossi popack owned building.

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