Whats Next? Perhaps Dictatorship?

Zaki Isaac b. Tamir Chairman of The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. States on his blog:

What’s Next?

Last night’s hachtorah was a tremendous source of chizuk, not only to Rabbi Braun, but to the Badatz as a whole. If anything, it shows that our community is hungry for the type of authoritative leadership that can only be provided through the rabbonim of the Beis Din.

Does Zaki Tamir mean that we are ready for more edicts like this one?
Tell us Zaki, how did that work out for you?

Is this why you need Braun so badly, you  going to use him as your rubber stamp to govern/Dictate peoples lives?

Newsflash: Thats not going to happen, neither you nor your office have any power to order anybody do to anything.

Newsflash: Using out the Beth Din, been there done that. The Beth Din has been caring out assassinations for The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. for far to long, those days are clearly over.

Newsflash: The good hard working people (you know, the ones that wake up every morning to go to their jobs), have already found their Rabonim/Rabbis in the course of these past 15+ years. The good normal honest people (menschem) are already settled with their Rabbis.

Those other people (the ones you have been hanging out with these past few month, you know, the people who didn’t vote for you, the people we all know as Mossrim, the people who are solely responsible for destroying the beth Din to begin with), who have never had a Rov, never cared for a Rov/Beth Din and never will, those people, well, who cares what they want. They definitely not going to dictate my life, they should all get job and make an honest days paycheck.

Newsflash: The Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. and the Crown Heights Beth Din (which get a salary from the CHJCC, making them employees of the CHJCC), are only relevant to those who have been stealing our government funds ever since the CHJCC was created. The Beth Din was only created as a back up, to knock out anybody who dared to try and use the money for the benefit of the people.


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One Response to “Whats Next? Perhaps Dictatorship?”

  1. Citizen Journalist Threatened Over Youtube Videos Says:

    Rebel Pundit has received the following threatening letter via our YouTube account message inbox, from a YouTube user known as stephaniepinta.
    Concerning one of your videos
    You have a video of a gentleman at the tea party rally in Chicago this past tax day (Monday). I am requesting that you please remove it from Youtube as well as your website “rebelpundit.com“. If nothing is to be done on your side to remove this material from the internet, actions will be taken to make sure this video is removed and negative repercussions may follow. It is quite evident that you were harassing this man, and there is no evidence of a video/photo release statement. If this video is not taken down in a timely manner, please be aware that you will be contacted again quite soon. If you have any questions or concerns, please send them to my email account: StephaniePinta@gmail.com.‬
    Please allow us to be very clear. At Rebel Pundit we do not appreciate threats against our First Amendment rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution or our right to publish freely under section 4 of the Illinois Constitution. Perhaps the “gentleman” in the interview should have thought a little bit harder about his own personal choice to show up at a public protest on public property with a large sign publicly voicing his opposition to the event.
    So going to a public place with a derogatory sign while shouting profanities isn’t harassment but politely asking a guy why he’s in public with a derogatory sign while shouting profanities is? Photo release statement? No. The man on the tape was engaging in public protest and by the very nature of such an act was asking for media coverage. No statement is needed, just like no statement was needed for the media when they covered the Madison protests, et al. Nice try, but no dice.
    The remedy to threats against free speech is more free speech. The remedy against incessant footage of ill-behaved progressives is to ask your fellow ideologues to stop acting in such a manner, at least publicly.

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