It’s Going To Be a Very Firing Hot Week

Coming up this week…Exposing Crown Heights Jewish Community’s very own Arsonist

Each year arsonists destroy nearly a billion dollars worth of property resulting in the death of more than 400 civilians and injuring another 1,500. Annually, at least three firefighters are killed at arson fires with another seven thousand firefighters injured.

Arson for profit is insurance fraud, a criminal method of obtaining money from a fire loss policy. The losses for arson are staggering! Arson for profit affects everyone through the loss of life, increased insurance premiums and needless expenses for fire and law enforcement professionals. Please join us to focus attention on the crime of arson during Arson Awareness Week. You can help prevent arson by following these tips. Have sufficient lighting outside your home and business. Get involved with community awareness and watch programs. Remove trash, debris, and other combustibles outside your business or home. And lock and secure your vehicle. Please visit or for Arson Awareness Week.


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4 Responses to “It’s Going To Be a Very Firing Hot Week”

  1. Blah Says:

    Blah blah blah
    Back to this again? Either put up or shut up

    You have this going on for months. If you have anything let’s see it

  2. shmira Says:

    WIS is full of S***, you have been posting this crap for over a year and have not produced anything.

    This is pure propaganda.

  3. The Arsonist Says:

    “There are two crimes that are more than just felonies—they are treason.
    One is the importation, distribution, and sale of heroin. The other is arson for profit.

    These are not crimes of passion or desperation. They are crimes of organized greed. They cause the deaths of innocent citizens and brave firefighters. They kill blocks, ruin neighborhoods, and destroy cities. Ultimately, these are crimes that annul hope and diminish humanity.

    Arson breaks up families, frightens away investment and jobs, and deprives the poor of housing. Every arsonist is potentially a mass murderer.”

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