EXCLUSIVE: Exposing The Shmira/COP and NYPD [Part Two]

Part One: EXCLUSIVE: Intro – Expose – Shmira Mesira and The NYPD-COP Program

Special Investigation:
October 12, 2010:  Shmira Mesira member Paul Huebner is recorded pulling up to his home in Crown Heights Brooklyn, with the NYPD C.O.P. Vehicle.

On November 28, 2010 WhoIsShmira.com, presented three questions to the general public…

1. Where was Paul Huebner coming from at 1:30am?
2. Who’s that with Him?
Most Importantly:
3. Did the 71st Precinct know where their official NYPD marked Vehicle was that night and who had it?

The answers exposed only on WIS, the Number one Web-Site For Real Crown Heights News.

October 12, 2010 at 5:30pm, N.Y.P.D COP Vehicle Number 8201 was spotted on Coney Island Ave. between Ave.L and M.
The N.Y.P.D. COP Vehicle was followed (on Oct 13,2010 at 1:15)  all the way from Coney Island Ave. to Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Where was Huebner coming from?
The Beth Din Rabbinical Board
Located at : 1575 Coney Island Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11230-4715.

Paul Huebner and his Son in-law Efraim Setton left Crown Heights, Brooklyn at about 5:30pm that evening (Oct 12) to take part of a Din Torah (arbitration), between Setton and the people who own and operate the local Matzoh Bakery.

The Bakery claimed Setton stole over 200 pounds of Matzohs (which he later sold), Setton claimed he only stole 117 pounds.

Who is that entering and exiting the COP/NYPD vehicle with Huebner?
At this point, does it really matter? But if you  must know. At the conclusion of the Din Torah, Huebner needed to pay his Toyin (Jewish Lawyer). Huebner then drove his lawyer to his home to sign a check.

Did the Precinct know where the vehicle was and who was driving it?
At or around 11:30pm, two phone calls were made to the 71st Precinct. The caller tried to acquire as to where car 8201 was located and who had it.

Nobody at the Precinct knew where and who was driving an official marked NYPD city owned vehicle.

The phone calls were recorded…Coming Up Next…


6 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Exposing The Shmira/COP and NYPD [Part Two]”

  1. person Says:

    keep it up! rock solid stuff! evidence, that what we want to see and you are delivering! We cant wait to hear the recordings!

  2. mendy Says:

    I actually over heard two people having a conversation in 770 a few months back, in which they were saying to one another that they should join the COP for the benefits they can have from it! they were saying that many a time they need a car to do shopping with etc or just wanna go to BP or Flatbush to grab a bite, but they cant since they don’t have a car! they were making a joke about all this and they never actually did join the COP. The point is how many times have we seen those COP cars being used for people own private use paid for by the city of NY! WIS is at the fore front for uncovering corruption and your doing it again! good job!

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      how many times have we seen those COP cars being used for people own private use paid for by the city of NY!


  3. curious Says:

    as far as i remember hearing it was 200 pounds not 20 pounds

  4. antimesira Says:

    I like the song of choice.

  5. Truth and Justice Says:

    There is an Eye that sees and an Ear that hears, and everything is written in a book.

    WIS, you are hot on their trail, and they can run but they can’t hide.

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